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Razer Ifrit Review – The Streamer’s Headset?

William Murphy Posted:
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Razer’s got a long line of headsets, many of which we’ve reviewed here at MMORPG.com. But one thing they’ve never really done is create a solution geared towards streaming – and that’s just what the Razer Ifrit aims to fix. This low-profile headset is intended to be used while streaming, but truthfully, it’s a good fit for anyone that wants a low-weight and inobtrusive headset.

Whereas most headsets have large, bulky earcups, that also provide ample space for a company’s branding, the Ifrit ditches all of that in favor of streamlining the purpose of a headset. Instead of cups, the Ifrit uses Razer’s earbuds (very much akin to the Bluetooth Hammerhead), but they’re attached to a thin plastic piece that wraps around your head and sits just over your ears. The left side of the headpiece extends down into a high-quality boom mic.

There’s a USB Audio Enhancer included in the $99.99 price tag, which you need to use if you’re connecting the headset to a PS4, or a PC if you want to use USB there too. But what it’s really intended for is for plugging two 3.5mm headsets into the same PC. This way two broadcasters can share the same webcam, for example. I’m not one to need it for those sort of things, but what I found the Ifrit is ideal for? Skype, Discord, and Slack phone calls.

I’m constantly in interviews or meetings and the Ifrit is ideal to hook into the PC for those sorts of uses. The fact that it still has quality sound and a great professional-grade adjustable unidirectional mic. You can hear an audio samples below for an idea at how it compares to the mounted Yeti I usually use for MMOFTW.

Audio Sample

Another thing the Ifrit is going to be ideal for is the person who likes to stream on location, or IRL at events and cons. It’s not bulky in the least, can wrap up and go in your backpack easily, and quickly plugs into your phone (though iOS users will need the 3.5mm converter). It’s clear that Razer is targeting streamers, as they have with the Kiyo webcam, and it’s a bid they are likely to win as there doesn’t seem to be any competitor in this space on the market.

There are downsides though. Most full-size headsets or wireless headsets are easy to take with you, even if they’re bulky, because the wires can be wrapped up easily or there are no wires at all. The Ifrit is a mess of wires, with no easy way to organize or store them. It’s great to have the freedom of movement the extra-long wires allow, but when it comes to taking the Ifrit with you all over, you’d better be an ace at winding and wrapping the wires or you’re going to have some knots to untie.

Similarly, not everyone is going to love the earbuds, as I know more than a few people who don’t like things in their ears, even if it means less hardware on their head. It would be nice to have a small cup option, like those groovy old headsets from your 90s-era Walkman or Discman too. And no, I’m not kidding.

Still, if you’re really into streaming, especially on the go, the Ifrit isn’t just one of very few choices, it’s clearly the best one. I’d not recommend it to your general gaming user, but for anyone looking for a good low-profile streaming solution or a headset that’s ideal for private calls, it’s perfect. It’s now available worldwide at the price of $99.99. The USB converter, if you want just that part, can also be purchased for $19.99.

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