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Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case Review

An Upgrade with Minor Issues

Kevin Chick Posted:
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The Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case arrived in a box only slightly larger than the headset. There was no assembly required, except for attaching the Elite Strap to the headset. The box feels higher quality than the Elite Strap’s materials in some ways. It opens by simply lifting a well-fitted flap and has a nice image on the inside cover showing what your Quest 2 should look like once nestled in the carrying case with the strap attached and charger/cable stored.


  • MSRP: $129 USD
  • Elite Strap with Battery
    • Weight: 321 g
  • Case
    • Dimensions: 211(L) x 127(W) x 346 (H) mm
    • Material: Felt
    • Closure Type: Zipper
    • Weight: 500 g

The reason why I am going on about the box is because of the evident build quality. For the most part, the felt carrying case with a light grey exterior with a dark interior is well built. If it happened to fall a short distance, I wouldn’t worry too much about the headset inside getting damaged. Unfortunately, the elite strap itself suffers from the same cheap plastic feeling that the Quest 2 does when it comes to materials, especially for the arms that attach to the headset. The cheap plastic feel doesn’t mean it is flimsy, but the best way I can describe it is it feels a bit like old plastic that has turned yellow with age.  

The carrying case is very compact and fits all the Quest 2 components quite snugly. I have easily stored it around the house and can drop it in a standard backpack along with a few other items. Once closed, nothing moves or rattles inside the case. With a bit of work, I can even fit the controllers inside with accessory grips still on.

I like how the back of the strap cups the head making it much more comfortable than the default strap that comes with the Quest 2. It was easy to install onto the headset but a bit nerve-wracking to detach. The adjustment wheel to tighten the fit at the back works well, and I have had no issues while wearing it.

Once charged up, the battery works great. Depending on the apps, you get about two extra hours on top of the Quest 2 internal two-and-a-half-hour battery. One of the added benefits of the battery being at the back of the strap is the additional weight. This weight offsets the Quest 2 front heaviness that some users notice during play sessions, allowing for a more comfortable experience. I like that the charging cable also attaches at the back of the strap, making charging easier if I am still using the Quest 2 while sitting.

Most of the issues I have with this product are minor. Because of that cheap plastic feel, I am always concerned about breaking the strap, especially where the arms attach to the Quest 2 or if I happen to overtighten the wheel when putting it on. Even for this article, I was a bit nervous about detaching it for photos. I have read about some users having cracks appear in the arms but have not seen it myself. The adjustment wheel also tends to ratchet to a shorter setting depending on how you hold the headset when not wearing it. Even if I take it off for only a minute, I find myself having to lengthen the strap again and then tighten the fit once more when putting it back on.

I have two minor complaints about the carrying case. First, the zipper is a hidden one, and close it by pulling on the attached string. If you have anything rubbing or pushing against the side near the zipper, it gets stuck. If you look at it funny, the zipper gets stuck. Second, it is nice that I can store the Quest 2 components inside the case. For users that want a more comfortable VR experience, you likely are going to have additional accessories. Extra room in the carry case would have been nice. If I can eventually get my hands on a VR Cover Carrying Case, I would like to compare the two.

The only other item I will mention is that the battery has no quick charge capability or data passthrough. If you are like me and want to do some game development, transfer files, or play PC VR games with a link cable, then you will need to unplug the elite strap from the side of your Quest 2 headset a lot.

Final Thoughts

The Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case is a good buy just for the Elite Strap and Battery, though a bit pricey. The battery gives around 2 hours of extra battery life and adds a nice bit of weight to counterbalance the Quest 2 on the front end without having to rig something up yourself. The carrying case is sturdy and well built except for perhaps the hidden zipper, though other users may find it works just fine. You can find other options out there to replace each component in this kit for less, but it is convenient to get them all in one purchase. If Oculus can improve the function over form a bit more in the next iteration, I think they may have an almost perfect official accessory.    

Product purchased by reviewer.

  • Better weight distribution & comfort
  • More Battery Life
  • Compact and Sturdy Case
  • Cheap Feeling Plastic
  • Case Zipper & Size
  • Slow to Charge


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