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Patriot Viper Gaming Mousepad: It Satisfies Your Inner RGB Fiend

Robert Baddeley Posted:
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There aren’t a lot of requirements for what an RGB mousepad should do: Does it work as a mousepad, how many settings does it have, how do you change them, and are the lights bright and vibrant? In this review we seek to answer these fundamental questions and take a closer look at Patriot’s new addition to it’s Viper lineup: The Patriot Viper RGB Gaming Mousepad.


  • Seven selectable backlit LED colors (Rainbow, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple)
  • Three selectable LED effects (Static, Breathing, Strobe)
  • Rigid polymer surface
  • Large form factor
  • Non-slip rubber feet

If you’re picking this mousepad up the first thing you need to know is that it does not have software.  On the USB cable there is a small dongle with two buttons that you use to change the mode and color of the mousepad’s LEDs.  You have  rainbow, static, breaking, and a kind of rotating strobe mode.  In the static, strobe and breathing modes you can change between multiple preset colors.  The lack of software means that you are stuck with the colors provided out of the box so if you absolute must have the ‘sea foam mist’ color you crave, this might not be the best choice for your setup.

Despite the lack of software, I found that I enjoy using this mouse pad more than my Razer Firefly.  The LEDs are brighter, I actually like the static rainbow over the wave effect, and the colors are vibrant and saturated. The LEDs reflect off my desk and when it’s dark gives this great effect like the mousepad is floating on light, which I attribute to the slightly thicker LED border, and I love it.  The Patriot mousepad is also slightly smaller and features stylized corners that better suit my personal tastes.  It compliments my Patriot V570 Blackout RGB mouse (reviewed here) wonderfully and I can only assume this was by design. The USB is detachable, a plus in my book, and means the mousepad can be transported around to LAN parties or what-have-you without the extra cable clutter.

At this point you may be saying “Robert, that’s all great, but how well does it work as a mousepad!?’ Well, to be quite honest, as well as any other hard mousepad on the market.  There’s not a whole lot of innovation that can happen with regards to mouse surfaces, so don’t expect any here.  If you prefer cloth surfaces you’ll be disappointed, and I really hope Patriot releases a cloth version or a standalone pad that can fit the design, but only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you are in the market for an RGB mousepad and don’t mind the absence of software, the PATRIOT Viper Gaming Mousepad is a solid choice.


  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Sleek design
  • Large Surface Area


  • No software
  • Limited preset options

The item was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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