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Hardware Reviews

Hardware Reviews

Oculus Go: The Way Forward for Mainstream VR

Virtual reality is amazing, but until now accessing it meant tethering yourself with a thick wire and a pricey startup kit. Cutting the cord was possible thanks to the Gear VR, but required and expensive smartphone to use as a display. All that has changed. Oculus is back again with the most accessible gateway to VR yet: the Oculus Go. It’s portable, has 1,000 apps and games, and doesn’t require a smartphone - all for $199.Posted Jun 13, 2018 by Christopher Coke

HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming Mouse: RGB Never Looked So Good

When most PC gaming enthusiasts see the HyperX name they associate it with some pretty kickass memory sticks and probably SSDs too. Not many people say “Oh, their peripherals are amazing”. But I’ll be surprised if the new HyperX Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse doesn’t make waves in the RGB peripheral community: it has great build quality, gorgeous RGB and a surprisingly robust software in its corner. This is our review of the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Gaming mouse.Posted Jun 7, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

Andaseat: Spirit King Gaming Chair: A True King?

When it comes to gaming chairs, most of us go somewhere local and grab a cheap office chair. It’s cost effective, gets the job done, game over... Until it breaks in six months and then we’re forced to buy another one. I had the chance to try the new Andaseat Spirit King and will be comparing it to my current gaming chair. Is it worth the $329.99?Posted Jun 4, 2018

BenQ Zowie Celeritas II: Tailor Made for E-Sports

E-Sports: it’s a wave taking over the PC gaming industry. Whether you’re an aspiring pro or a gamer who’s never watched a stream in his life, you’ve heard of the filled arenas and millions in prize money. Today, we’re looking at a new keyboard from BenQ Zowie, tailor made for e-Sports players and aspiring pros (and dropping the RGB). This is our review of the BenQ Zowie Celeritas II. Posted Jun 1, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Logitech C922 Pro Stream WebCam: To Stream or Not to Stream?

Webcams are great for connecting people. Whether it is connecting them through Skype or for a web conference, streaming cameras have taken root in society. As gamers, we do the same. The Logitech C922 is designed for connecting a streamer with their audience. Featuring easy syncing with XSplit and OBS for more connection power the C922 is definitely a webcam you should consider.Posted May 25, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

Cooler Master MP510 Mouse Pad and WR530 Wrist Rest - Accessories for Your Accessories

Usually, we think of peripherals as your mouse or your keyboard. There are, however, other pieces of equipment that are needed to take your gaming to the next level. Cooler Master is here to help with their WR530 Wrist Rest and MP510 Mouse Pad. What kind of difference can a mouse pad and desk mat make? Let’s find out.Posted May 23, 2018 by Christopher Bowman

HyperX Predator DDR4-2933 RGB (32GB) - An Infrared Lightshow

It’s never been so easy to build an eye-catching PC. Thanks to trends like tempered glass side panels and case designs that showcase your components like never before, building a showcase tower is within even the average builder’s reach. For the gamer who doesn’t want to sacrifice performance for bling, HyperX may just have the solution.This is our review of the HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB DRAM. Posted May 22, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Kingston A1000 480GB: Kingston’s latest SSD is Fast, Affordable, and Cheap

SSDs are all the rage these days as gamers crave faster loading times to get in the game faster. NVME drives are a highly competitive developing market, striving to give faster speeds and bigger storage capacities to consumers at a lower price. The Kingston A1000 is the latest budget friendly drive to come across our desk and we put it through its paces to discover if it’s pricing is consistent with its performance. Posted May 18, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

Roccat HORDE AIMO Keyboard Review: Membranical Mechanicals Can

We review a lot of keyboards here at Some are fantastic examples of function over form. Enter Roccat’s latest, the Roccat Horde AIMO may look just like any other, and in some ways that’s true. But the “membranical” keys, functionality, and the simple but extremely effective addition of the function dial make this $90 keyboard stand out.Posted May 17, 2018 by William Murphy

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse - HERO on a Budget

As gamers, we want the best peripherals. One bad accessory can spoil an entire game, but a full set of high-end peripherals can cost hundreds of dollars. Logitech is out to change that. Today, we’re looking at the G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse. It features their incredible HERO sensor, with excellent tracking and astounding 250 hour - 9 month battery life, compromise free wireless for only $59.99. What’s the catch? Posted May 15, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Edifier S730 2.1 Speaker System: A Serious Upgrade but Worth the Price?

The Edifier S730 speakers, while great, are also somewhat of a mixed bag. On one hand, they provide a great level of sound quality over many other speakers at their price point. On the other hand, the Edifier speakers don’t provide the full range of sound you might expect from speakers at their price. However, the package on offer does make it an enticing option for the discerning PC gamer.Posted May 14, 2018 by Joseph Bradford

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset: Affordable eSports

Gaming peripherals are going the way of sneakers. Just like a pair of Nikes implies the promise that maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a little bit of the magic carried by the pros, accessory makers are tying themselves to eSports and professional gaming teams. Usually, “eSports grade” means “eSports premium” but with the Logitech G Pro gaming headset, Logitech is bucking the trend. Does it deliver? Read on for our official review.Posted May 12, 2018 by Christopher Coke

MSI Immerse GH60 Hi Res Gaming Headset: Worth $100?

MSI is one of the biggest names in PC building. This year, they’ve refreshed their line of accessories in a big way. We’ve looked at all three tiers of their gaming keyboards and were impressed. Today, we’re taking a close look the new GH60 Immerse Hi Res gaming headset. It promises high fidelity audio at only $99, but is it able to deliver? Let’s find out.Posted May 11, 2018 by Christopher Coke

CoolerMaster ML240R: Like Having a Custom Loop

Cooler Master has been a name in the All-In-One (AIO) water-cooling scene since… well, really since it became a thing. We had the chance to look at the latest 240mm cooler in their line up, the ML240 RGB. Boasting a dual chamber pump design that keeps heated coolant isolated, a low resistant radiator, and dual 120mm RGB fans, the Cooler Master ML240R is everything you could ask for - but does it delivery cool temps? Posted May 10, 2018 by Robert Baddeley

WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD Review - A Stunning Return to Form

Western Digital just released their latest SSD, updating last year’s WD Black with a brand new controller and a new 64-layer NAND design. Promising read speeds more than a full GB/s higher than last year’s drive, we put it through its paces to see just how it held up. This is our review of the WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD.Posted May 9, 2018 by Christopher Coke

HyperX Cloud Revolver Gunmetal - Locked and Loaded

HyperX is on a roll. Over the last year, we’ve reviewed two of their headsets, the best-in-its-bracket HyperX Cloud Alpha and their first impressive take on a wireless headset with the Cloud Flight. Today, we’re looking at the Cloud Revolver, re-released in the brand new gunmetal colorway. The original Revolver’s been out for a little over two years - does the new version hold up to the high standards of their latest and greatest? Posted May 8, 2018 by Christopher Coke

PowerColor RED DEVIL Radeon RX580 8GB: Devil in a Red Dress

AMD has had an interesting year with their GPU lineup. The Radeon RX500 series saw their release in mid-April of 2017 in the midst of slow dripping news about the forthcoming RX Vega. Does Team Red’s flagship RX500, the RX580, still have relevance in 2018’s GPU market? Posted May 7, 2018 by Damien Gula

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X Reviewed - Next Gen Zen

The launch of Zen in 2017 shook the PC building world. After massive anticipation, AMD’s latest CPU platform redefined expectation for core count and performance per dollar, reigniting progress in a processing space that had begun to stagnate. This year, they hope to do the same with launch of the R5 2600X and R7 2700X. Did they succeed? We’re here with the answer in our official review. Posted May 2, 2018 by Christopher Coke

Acer Predator XB241YU 1440p GSYNC Monitor - A Truly Transformative Experience

At some point in every gamer’s life there is a moment where a piece of tech transforms how they experience their games. For some it’s a simple as moving from a console to a powerful PC. Others it’s VR. For me, however, it was truly experiencing variable refresh with the Acer Predator XB241YU GSYNC monitor. However, even transformative experiences aren’t without their flaws.Posted May 1, 2018 by Joseph Bradford

Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Gaming Lifestyle

February 2018 I updated my glasses as I do regularly throughout the fifteen years I have worn prescriptions. Having tried many optic trends over the years I decided to skip the “extra benefits” offered because I had found no difference with previous pairs. Two months later, the kind folks at Sport RX generously offered the opportunity to try their BLUEdefense coated lenses. Do I tell them I’m sceptical or do I be a good sport and see if times have truly changed? I gratefully opted the latter.Posted Apr 30, 2018 by Kelley Kiwi