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Hardware Reviews

Hardware Reviews

Blue Yeti Blackout: The Reigning Champion

Even if you’ve never live streamed or recorded a single podcast, there’s a good chance you know about the Blue Yeti. Since 2009, the bullet-shaped microphone has become a staple of the gaming world. It appears on innumerable streams and let’s plays and is heard on even more podcasts. Before we expand into other streaming mics, we wanted to look at the gold standard. Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Steelseries Rival 310: True 1-to-1 Tracking?

Steelseries has unleashed their latest mouse on the world, the Rival 310. This revision of the original Rival 300 includes the company’s brand new TrueMove3 sensor that promises 1-to-1 tracking up to 3500 CPI. Our own Kasey Gilder took it for a test drive and is here to share exactly how it holds up. Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Kasey Gilder

Bloody B845R - A Light Powered Keyboard Not Just for Lefties

designs taking over the market, it’s easy for keyboards to start looking the same and blending together. We wanted something different, so we reached out to Bloody Gaming to try two of their models of optical keyboards. Today, we’re looking at the B845R, an infrared powered keyboard made for lefties and MMO players alike.Posted Aug 9, 2017 by Christopher Coke

WD Blue 3D NAND SSD: WD Goes 3D

Western Digital is one of the world’s most well known storage manufacturers. Over the years, they’ve developed a reputation for developing hard drives that not only perform well but offer one of the most competitive dollar-to-gigabyte ratios in the market. As the world of solid state drives has shifted to 3D memory cell technology, consumers have waited to see what WD would bring to the table. Now we have it.Posted Aug 7, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Ballistix Tactical 16GB DDR3 1866MHz Review

Memory: If you’re running an AMD processor other than Ryzen, the glorious world of DDR4 is blocked from you. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a meaningful upgrade. Our own Matthew Keith took the Ballistix Tactical 16GB DDR3 1866MHz kit for a spin in just such a pursuit. What did he find? Click through to see!Posted Aug 6, 2017 by Matthew Keith

ASUS ROG Pugio - Ambidextrousness Illuminated

Last week, ASUS sent us two of their new high end peripherals to share our thoughts with you.We’ve already reviewed the first of that pair, the ROG Claymore Core mechanical keyboard and came away impressed. Today, we’re digging into your right hand weapon with the ROG Pugio. Or left, as the case may be, because even if you’re a lefty, this flashy ambidextrous mouse has you covered.Posted Aug 4, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Acer Predator XB2: 240Hz of eSports Goodness

This week, our friends at NVidia sent us an exciting new piece of hardware: The Acer Predator XB252Q, a Full HD, G-Sync enabled monitor capable of a stunning 240Hz refresh rate. It’s a display targeted at eSports enthusiasts, when motion blur can make the difference between making that skill shot and losing the round for your team. We’ve used high refresh rate monitors before but never this fast. Posted Aug 2, 2017 by Christopher Coke

ASUS ROG Claymore Core – A Premium TKL With Tricks All Its Own

ASUS has a well-earned reputation. In the world of PC gaming peripherals, the Republic of Gamers started as a product line and expanded into a full on community of enthusiasts. Last week, we were sent two of ASUS' premiere products in ROG line. Today, we're looking at the company's flagship mechanical keyboard, the ROG Claymore Core. In an already crowded marketplace, does it have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?Posted Jul 31, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Cougar 700M - Heavy Duty and Adjustable

Today we’re taking a look at Cougar’s premiere gaming mouse, the aluminum framed, laser-driven 700M. With a replaceable palm rest an adjustable ergonomic design, it’s made fit the hand of any gamer. There’s only eight buttons including left and right clicks, so it’s not exactly what we would consider an MMO mouse. But if recent MMO releases have shown us anything, it’s that lengthy skill bars and the necessity for a full number pad on your thumb are on the way out. Posted Jul 25, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Razer Thresher Ultimate: The New Standard for Wireless Gaming Headsets

A wireless headset that verges on the cusp of commercial and professional. Gamers rejoice as Razer is looking to bridge that gap. The Razer Thresher Wireless Headset gives you audio quality both in headphone and microphone that make it one of the nicest headsets you’ll ever game with.Posted Jul 24, 2017 by Kasey Gilder

Ballistix Elite DDR4-3200: Blisteringly Fast

Ballistix is one of the most respected names in the memory world. For years, they’ve made identifying the right chip for your system easy and backed it up with reliable performance. As the demands of gamers rise, memory makers everyone are pushing to rise to the challenge, delivering blisteringly fast speeds with capacities to match any need. Today, we’re taking a look at top of the line DDR4 Elite series in a mega-sized 64GB kit clocked at an impressive 3200MHz.Posted Jul 21, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Cougar Attack X3 RGB Keyboard: Great Features for a Budget Price

The Cougar Attack X3 RGB is eye catching. As a tech enthusiast, I spend a piece of my downtime each night on YouTube and tech sites seeing what’s new from my favorite manufacturers. When I saw the Attack X3 RGB and its suite of features and customizations, I knew I needed a closer look. Featuring genuine Cherry keyswitches, bright per-key RGB illumination, floating keycaps, and a healthy amount of onboard storage, this keyboard represents a great value while still having room for improvement.Posted Jul 19, 2017 by Christopher Coke

HTC Vive Review: Awe Inspiring is finally entering the world of VR. This month, our own Chris Coke got his hands on the HTC Vive and is ready to share his thoughts. Read on for the official review of the HTC Vive from!Posted Jul 14, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Viper Gaming V770 Mechanical Keyboard - High Caliber, Highly Customizable

In the world of peripherals, there are so many companies bringing us gear. Most are overshadowed, or even unknown, by the big boys in the eSports world. These minor companies are making great gear, and cheaper prices, and you wouldn’t even know it. The Viper V770 Mechanical RGB Keyboard is one of those keyboards.Posted Jul 12, 2017 by Kasey Gilder

WD Black PCIe SSD: NVMe Speeds on a Budget

The world of solid state drives is expanding. What began as 2.5” drives running through SATA like your old mechanical drive has grown into NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), chips even smaller than your RAM and fast enough to run on the same bus as your $1000 graphics card. Today we’re looking at another major player in the storage world: Western Digital. The WD Black PCIe SSD is the company’s flagship solid state drive and comes in cheaper than almost every major competitor.Posted Jul 10, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Gigabyte Radeon RX 560: 1080p Ultra at a Budget Price

Ever wonder if you could get a solid video card at a decent price? Tired of trying collect spare change to get that gaming card you’ve always wanted? Look no further, because we’ve got answers (and science) for all of your GPU needs! Last week, I received the Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 Gaming OC 4GB graphics card to take for a test drive and put through its paces. Posted Jul 9, 2017

GT Omega Sport Gaming Chair: Sitting in the Lap of Luxury

Racing style chairs are all the rage these days. If you watch a major streamer, there’s a good chance they’re sitting in a racing style gaming chair. We decided to dig a little deeper. They look great, but is it form over function? We got in touch with our partners at GT Omega Racing to see for ourselves. Today, we’re taking a look at the GT Omega Sport, a premium gaming chair with the looks to match. Posted Jul 5, 2017 by Christopher Coke

The Next-Generation MMO Machine

It’s been over three years since I last built a gaming PC. At the time, my Angry Caretaker devoured every MMO on the market, delivering outstanding performance in World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I even splashed out for a new-fangled SSD, blessing my favourite games with ultra-fast load times.Posted Jun 27, 2017 by Gareth Harmer

MSI GTX 1080Ti DUKE OC - Cool, Quiet, and Only 2 Slots

Since Nvidia unleashed the GTX 1080Ti on the world, two things have become clear. First, that the card is just incredibly powerful. It is arguably the first consumer grade graphics platform able to pump out 4K resolutions at framerates the developers intended their games to be seen at. Second, it’s that the chip is hot. Open air cards are now pushing space boundaries to two and a half and three slot widths more than ever before. Enter MSI’s 1080 Ti DUKE OC. Posted Jun 25, 2017 by Christopher Coke

Aorus Geforce GTX 1060 Xtreme Edition Review

Released in August of 2016, The Gigabyte Aorus Geforce GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming graphics card comes from a long line of cards designed with gamers in mind. Boasting 6GB of GDDR5 with boost clock speeds of 1873 MHz, the Aorus 1060 comes VR ready. Sporting the Gigabyte Xtreme VR Link, a gamer can connect up to 4 monitors/devices using the provided 3 DisplayPort and 3 HDMI ports. Posted Jun 10, 2017