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OPSEAT Grandmaster Gaming Chair Review

Scott Jeslis Posted:
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I consider myself a “big” guy being 6'6" and tipping the scales at just over 300lbs. So when the opportunity came up to review OPSEAT’s Grandmaster Gaming Chair (Grandmaster) I quickly jumped out of my current seat for a chance to do the review. The Grandmaster is simplistic in setup but hefty in stability, big on comfort, includes some “big game” features and is reasonably priced.


  • MSRP: $299.99
  • Materials: Vegan PU Leather, Cold molded foam, Steel frame, High quality BIFMA certified parts
  • Optional Adjustable Lumbar Support (included)
  • Optional Headrest cushion (included)
  • Total Height (with base): 129.54 – 134.62cm / 51″ - 53” (seat at max height)
  • Backrest Height: 83.82cm / 33″
  • Seating Area Width (total): 53.34cm / 21″
  • Depth Seating Area (total): 50.8cm / 20″
  • Configurable 4-Dimensional Arm Rests
  • Full Reclining Back
  • 12 Degree Multi-Tilt Mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base
  • Class IV Pneumatics
  • Changeable Color Tips
  • Cold Molded Foam
  • Breathable Perforated PU Leather
  • Color Accent Stitching
  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Ergonomic Pillows
  • Strong Metal Frame
  • Recommended Maximum Weight: 136.078kg/300lbs
  • Warranty: 2 year

Packaging and Assembly

A “gaming chair” is something of a luxury in my life, especially being a large sized gamer. I’ve always opted for the “executive chair” type of seating, along with metal base at the cost of the non-breathable vinyl covering. This is the type of environment I transitioned from in order to write this review. OPSEAT prides themselves on “Engineered for lasting comfort”. As a work-from-home software developer who sits in a chair 9 – 12 hours a day I was prepared to put this theory to the test.

The Grandmaster arrived at my house in one large box. It was hefty but manageable to move. Unboxing the chair, I was surprised at how few individual pieces there actually were. I was also surprised, and not accustomed to, the instruction manual being only a single page! The installation page shows the steps in pictures with a few foot notes of detail. Going in I thought this would be a nightmare assembly, but installation took me around thirty minutes with no help. Smaller individuals might struggle trying to get the reasonably heavy backrest lined up with the seat’s connectors. Probably in most cases having a helper on this step is a good idea to make sure no screws become stripped.

Big Game Features

The chair itself is made of “PU Leather” which is a popular gaming chair material to use versus real leather. One of the many reasons is to keep the cost down and allow for more color choices. Sitting in the Grandmaster at long stretches of time I found the seat to be very “cool”, i.e. breathable. The stitching is color accented and uses perforated leather to create some strong, tight lines. I did not see any loose threads or scuffing. All the stitching had a very tight, neat look to them.

The Grandmaster boasts many useful features including the adjustable 4-dimensional arm rests. These can be tilted inwards and outwards as well as vertical and horizontal. Movement during adjustment of the arm rests took minimal effort and all settings “click” nicely into place. It was a pretty quick affair to get these to provide my elbows a resting place at keyboard height.

The chair’s durability was put to the test immediately out of the box as I was playing with the backrest reclining feature. I accidentally unlatched it into a full reclining position and never toppled over backwards.

They heavy duty 5-star (wheel) nylon base provided a sturdy foundation even for this tall, girthy gamer. My home office has laminated floorboards and the Grandmaster had no issue rolling me around from one terminal to another. Even as a person who tends to “flop” into a chair the Grandmaster showed no signs of flexing. The base even came with switchable black tips if I wanted to swap out the grey ones. There really was no need for swapping them as the current grey color design easily blends into a professional office environment.

Another “big game” feature is the 12 Degree Multi-Tilt Mechanism. As one would assume this allows for rocking. The nice feature is that it allows you to adjust the angle of your seat base up to 12 degrees from a flat position. This nice feature allows you to position yourself at the perfect reclining angle at your desk.

My lower back has always been an “Achilles heel” for me personally so the Grandmaster’s inclusion of an adjustable, well-shaped lumbar cushion is a welcome addition. I wasn’t quite sure how to attach it given the scant documentation included. I ended up resorting to their website and saw a picture and I’m glad I did. This optional lumbar cushion is easily adjustable up and down on the backrest and is a very welcome addition. The shape of the cushion is also shaped more ergonomically then most chairs that provide a “tubular” shaped cushion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, OPSEAT’s Grandmaster Gaming Chair provides sturdy support and comfort for a fraction of the cost of many gaming chairs. Add in some top-end seat and arm rest adjustment options and you’re getting an affordable “luxury” gaming chair. Even for larger framed gamers this chair is built to provide stability and comfort during marathon gaming, and office, sessions.


  • Large size - great for big and tall gamers
  • Sturdy design
  • 12-degree tilt seat locking feature
  • Configurable 4-dimensional arm rests
  • Comfortable cold molded foam
  • “Grown up” aesthetics, the grey or black could easily fit a professional office décor
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • Manual might be a tad too skimpy
  • Large adjustment screw under the seat is unreachable while sitting

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.


Scott Jeslis

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