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noblechairs EPIC: High Class

Christopher Coke Posted:
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If you don’t know noblechairs, you should. When we began reviewing chairs earlier this year, our own Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer immediately spoke up that we should reach out, having been the proud owner of a real leather Noblechair for some time. Well, today is that day and my only regret is not getting in touch sooner. We’re looking at the noblechairs EPIC in black and gold, and what might be the classiest gaming chair we’ve tried yet.


  • MSRP: $339.90
  • Total height (with base): 131 – 141 cm
  • Backrest adjustability (recline): 90° – 135°
  • Rocking mechanism: max. 14°
  • Armrests adjustable: Yes (four-dimensional)
  • Maximum weight (user): 265 lbs
  • Net weight (chair): 60 lbs
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years


  • 100% vegan PU faux leather cover
  • Steel (frame)
  • Aluminium (five-star base, emblem)
  • Cold foam (upholstery)
  • Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)

Additional Features

  • Premium design
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam upholstery
  • 4D armrests with soft cushioning
  • Safety class 4 gas lift
  • 60-millimetre casters for both soft and hard floors
  • 2 pillows included (neck pillow + lumbar pillow)

Looking at the wider market, a casual observer might be forgiven for a dismissive glance at the growing mass of gaming chairs and assuming they’re all the same. The EPIC is the perfect case for not judging a book by its cover.The noblechairs Epic series follows the same basic design as most gaming chairs on the market today, yet is clearly on the upper end of what’s available in PU leather. And, if I can take the book metaphor just a touch further, the cover on the EPIC in black and gold is stunning and classy in a way that would look great in a gaming setup or in an office. Beyond looks, however, this is an excellent chair that deserves a closer look.

Assembly is fairly standard, coming in at about 25 minutes when done alone. If you’ve ever assembled one, you’ll be able to put the EPIC together without a hitch. For those new to the process, noblechairs includes a nice instruction manual, as well as all the hardware you’ll need to get the job done - including a combination allen wrench/phillips head multitool. With a second set of hands, I could easily assembly time cut to less than 15 minutes. The hardest part is aligning the backrest with brackets of the seat, but with a little patience, it’s not difficult. 

Make no mistake, even though the EPIC isn’t part of their highest-end “Real Leather” line, it’s a premium offering nonetheless. It comes in at $339, and that price buys you both quality and customizability not found on lesser budget chairs. The five-star base is a heavy duty aluminum with solid 60mm casters that easily glide on hard floors and carpet. The Class-4 hydraulic lift is fast and stable, capable of holding weights up to 265lbs. It leads to a rocking mechanism that can be locked at different levels of tilt and also adjusted to customize the level of tension behind its rocking motion. The armrests, too, are the popular “4D” style, meaning that they can adjust for angle, height, and width.

So far, these are all fairly standard features at this price range, but they really heighten the experience. In my desk at home, I prefer one level of tilt and recline. When gaming, I lower the armrests and kick back and lock the recline to put my feet up on the ottoman. Recently, taking the chair into my classroom (I’m a teacher by trade), I prefer a whole other set of customizations for computer work. It’s been up to whatever I can throw at it.

Where we really get into the meat, though, is the chair itself. The first thing I noticed upon unboxing it is how well upholstered it is. Oftentimes, gaming chairs feature cheaper vinyl upholstery. It’s thin and loose, leading to wrinkles and unsightly ripples. The PU leather on the EPIC is taut and finely stitched. The seat and back are also also perforated to allow heat to dissipate. It’s winter at the moment, but I have no doubt that it will be more breathable in the summer heat as a result. The PU leather also appears to be of a higher quality, feeling much more like actual leather to the touch than any other gaming chair I’ve used.

The EPIC is also exquisitely accented. Golden stitchwork stands out from the black with diamond patterns on the seat and back. This contrast is eye catching and frankly goes a long way to making this look like the impressive chair that it is. The sides of the chair are lined in a suede-like valour. The juxtaposition of materials is  extremely well done and adds to the overall classiness of the chair. Even the branding, of which there’s quite a bit, is done in such a way that somehow elevates the chair even further. This is a first in my experience with gaming chairs.

The chair uses a steel frame, expected at this price, for maximum durability. Noble makes use of open-cell cold foam with a density of 55% which allows it to breathe but also hold up well over time. It’s nice and thick, and, try as I might, I couldn’t press down to actually feel that frame anywhere. It’s a bit firm at first but softens up after a few days of use. 

Like many gaming chairs, it does make use of the angled “wings” on either side of the backrest but since the chair is wider than your average “racing” chair and the angles are gentler, they don’t hug you into place. Better, the angles on the seat at soft enough that it’s easy to sit cross-legged when you’re in the mood for a tuck. It also features the cut-outs on top, which the velour lumbar pillow straps through. This is functional design, as any chair I’ve used without those cutouts always has trouble with straps sliding and slipping.

And those pillows are nice. Please chair makers, take note. noblechairs and Secretlab have it figured out. No more of these vinyl pillows. The EPIC comes with two valour coated, soft pillows for neck and lumbar support. My only wish here is that the lumbar pillow was perhaps not so tight, as I’ve concerned the elastic strap might tear if I move it around too much. But they’re supportive and oh-so-comfy.

Final Thoughts

I’ve reviewed a good amount of gaming chairs now, and the noblechairs EPIC is absolutely one of the best. As much as I strive to find the good and bad, there’s really not much negative to be said about it. The Epic is right next to the Secretlab Omega, except where that chair went for unadulterated cool, the EPIC opts for the utmost in class. I use the EPIC at work because it actually fits in an office and it immediately got attention wheeling it in. It’s just that nice. That it’s also ergonomically supportive, adjustable, and well-built? That makes awarding it our Golden Hardware award even easier.


  • Very well upholstered
  • Looks great in an office or gaming setup
  • Excellent pillows
  • Very adjustable
  • Damn near royal in black and gold


  • The lumbar strap is a bit tight

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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