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Mountain Makalu 67 Wired Mouse Review

A mouse to help you ascend the PC gaming mountain...

Jason Fanelli Posted:
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The non-PC gaming crowd sometimes downplays the importance of a proper gaming mouse, favoring the controller over the keyboard/mouse format. I was one of those people for a long time, until finally building a PC and seeing what all the fuss was about. My standard mouse was serviceable, but didn’t really get the job done as I’d have liked. The Mountain Makalu 67 has answered the call, bringing me a comfortable and super quick experience that has given me a whole new appreciation for what a gaming mouse can do.


  • Sensor : PixArt PAW3370 sensor
  • Encoder: ALPS
  • Max DPI: 19000
  • Lift Off Distance (LOD): 1-2mm
  • Tracking Speed: 50g
  • Buttons: 6
  • Color(s): White, Black
  • Grip: Claw / Palm
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz / 1ms
  • MCU: Cortex M0
  • Connector: USB Type-A
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 127×70.2×42.2mm
  • Product Weight: 67g
  • Onboard memory: Yes, 5 profiles
  • Material: ABS
  • Micro switches (L+R): Omron 50M
  • Software Support: Yes, Base Camp
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Included Accessories: Brand stickers, cable tie, manual

The Makalu 67’s ergonomic design is very comfortable in my hand, allowing me to grip it without contorting my fingers in any weird ways. Each button can be pressed naturally with little to no effort, and each one responds to my touch distinctly. This is actually one of the most comfortable mice I’ve ever used, providing me wrist and hand support unlike anything I’ve used previously.

I’m specifically appreciative of the ribcage design where my palm rests, considering how much heat my hands tend to give off while gaming. I’m thankful that this design keeps the mouse cool during long sessions, meaning my hands won’t sweat as much as I play. This is particularly important considering the mouse’s inner parts can be seen from outside the ribcage, meaning if it did heat up I’d sweat right into the circuitry and Lord knows what would happen then.

What worries me about the mouse, however, is how light it is. I know lightweight mice are important to a PC gamer, but this one feels almost like a child’s toy compared to some other mice I’ve used. Each time I’ve used it for gaming I’ve worried about dropping it, as it feels like it’ll crack significantly after a fall from the desk. As I mentioned before the inner workings of the mouse are visible, meaning that a crack in the ribcage could end up exposing the mouse’s parts to damage even more.

The weight of the mouse isn’t without its merits though, as the Makalu 67 zips during gameplay. Aiming and firing in a shooter is incredibly intuitive, with the mouse following even the slightest of my movements with little effort. Game speed has no effect on this mouse, as it can handle the fastest game of Doom Eternal or the slowest point-and-click adventure with relative ease. So long as it stays on my desk, it’s a definite powerhouse.

The biggest detriment I see in this mouse, and this is perhaps personal preference, is the wire. Wired mice are obviously a better choice for gaming and I understand that, but I wonder how much faster I could be with this mouse if I wasn’t constantly struggling with wire placement around my desk as I played. This is more of an annoyance than a true “problem,” but I’m curious how a wireless version of this mouse would perform.

The Makalu 67’s customization features are surprisingly robust, giving me plenty of ways to make the mouse my own. Each of the five profiles lets me adjust sensitivity to my exact liking, as well as the RGB light and its 16.7 million color choices at the center of the mouse. Saving the five different profiles requires the Base Camp software. Accessing each profile after they’ve been loaded onto the mouse is super easy too, with the button resting directly under the palm.

Final Thoughts

The Mountain Makalu 67 wired gaming mouse was clearly designed with the regular gamer in mind, as its infinite adaptability and comfortable form factor makes it an enticing option. Its light weight coupled with its unique ribcage design will cause some anxiety for those who play on a high desk, as one accidental drop could spell the end of it. This Makalu 67 is a device I see myself using for a long time to come...so long as it avoids long falls to the floor from the desk.

  • Ribcage design prevents overheating
  • Customization options are robust and simple to implement
  • Comfortable to grip and use, all natural hand movements
  • A little too light for my liking, I worry about breaking it with one drop
  • The wire, though necessary, is a nuisance


Jason Fanelli

Jason Fanelli is a tried-and-true Philadelphian, having lived in Delaware County for his entire life. He’s a veteran of the games industry, covering it for over a decade with bylines on The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, IGN, and more. He currently hosts the Cheesesteaks and Controllers podcast on iHeartRadio for Fox Sports Radio in Philadelphia.