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MMORPG Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Christmas is almost upon us, but there’s still time to pick up that perfect gift for your loved one. We’ve gathered some excellent options for the gamer in your life. Read on for our gift-giving choices of 2019!

Note that the links we’ve included are largely to our reviews so you can find out more. Pricing has been pulled from current Amazon listings and, only where the item wasn’t available, Newegg.


If the gamer in your life is looking for an upgrade that won’t break the bank but will make using his computer more fun, a mechanical gaming keyboard is the way to go.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition ($129.99): Our first recommendation comes in the form of the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. It’s a tenkeyless version of the popular Huntsman Ultimate we reviewed last year with some meaningful upgrades. It features a metal top plate, optical key switches for ultra low-latency actuation, PBT keycaps, and fully customizable RGB.

Steelseries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($190.00): Next up is the Steelseries Apex Pro. This keyboard features some of the showiest RGB we’ve seen and innovative Hall Effect key switches to customize your actuation point. Get this for the tinkerer in your life.

Ducky One 2 SF ($109.99): Finally, we have the Ducky One 2 SF. This is similar to the extremely popular One 2 Mini used by eSports giant Tfue, but includes a pair of navigation keys for extra utility in writing tasks. It features excellent PBT keycaps, customizable RGB, software free programming, and excellent build quality.


Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED ($149.99): When it comes to mice, one of the most popular at the MMORPG offices is the G502. The LIGHTSPEED version is Logitech’s latest and greatest, featuring the HERO 16K DPI sensor, 11 customizable inputs, hyper fast scrolling, and wireless that’s on par with and better than some wired gaming mice. It also features one of the best, most comfortable shapes in PC gaming.

Razer Viper Ultimate ($79.99 wired,  $149.99 wireless): The Razer Viper Ultimate is our hands-down favorite ultralight gaming mouse. Coming in at only 74g, it feels like you’re gaming on air. At the same time, it’s extremely accurate and reliable. There’s also a wired version with an excellent cable that almost feels wireless it’s so flexible. Either is a great choice.


Sennheiser GSP 670 ($359.95) and Sennheiser GSP 370 ($199.95) Wireless Gaming Headsets: Sennheiser knocked it out of the park with their gaming headsets this year. They started with their brand new flagship and first wireless gaming headset, the GSP 670. It took everything we loved about the GSP 600 and added simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. It also featured an excellent microphone and surround sound.

If the GSP 670’s $359.95 asking price is too much, consider its little brother the GSP 370 at $199.95. It sacrifices little from the GSP 670 (it’s 2.4GHz only) but adds a tremendous 100 hour battery life. It’s an outstanding choice for surround sound-loving gamers that also want to cut the cord.

PDP LVL 50 Wireless Headset ($79) These wireless headsets don’t break the bank, yet still pack some powerful sound for the buck. Couple this with a noise canceling microphone similar to the one seen on the more expensive Victrix Pro AF headset and you’ve got a comfortable gaming set up for long marathons, whether on PC or on console.


Gigabyte CV27F Tactical Gaming Monitor ($289.99): Our monitor coverage has been light here at MMORPG this year, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention. For gamers looking for an excellent 1080p gaming experience, it doesn’t get much better than the Gigabyte CV27F. At 27-inches and 165Hz and featuring HDR at 400-nits peak brightness, it’s easily a top choice in its class. Add in Gigabyte’s outstanding suite of gaming features and you have one of the most compelling 1080p monitors on the market period. There’s also a 1440p version of this monitor available for $409 if you’re interested in spending a little extra for the resolution bump.

Pixio PX7 Prime ($429.99 - plus $50 coupon at Amazon currently: $379.99): The name may not be the biggest in the market, but the Pixio PX7 Prime was one of our biggest surprises of the year. Featuring a 1440p IPS panel, it offers outstanding image quality and a tremendous gaming experience.


AMD Ryzen R7 3700X ($329, includes free game), Intel i7-9700K ($399): If the gamer in your life is also a PC builder, it’s a wonderful time to help upgrade their CPU. On the top end, we have the 3900X, though it’s still relatively scarce. Instead, we’d recommend the Ryzen R7 3700X. It features 8-cores and 16-threads of performance which is great for gaming, streaming, and content creation - potentially even all at once! If you’d rather go for Team Blue and get the extra few FPS in games, the Intel i7-9700K is also a good bet but at a substantial price increase.

AMD Ryzen R5 3600X ($209.99): Beyond the top of the line CPUs, our biggest recommendation for most gamers would actually be the Ryzen R5 3600X. It’s 6-cores and 12-threads are still more than enough for gaming and streaming, and the hit to render times in programs like Premiere Pro are very reasonable at the massive savings it currently offers. In 2019, this is the value-leader and CPU to beat in its bracket.


ASRock Taichi RX 5700XT OC+ ($449.99, free router and game with purchase for a limited time): When it comes to GPUs, Nvidia still has the edge in sheer FPS but for the money, the 5700 XT is hard to beat. We’ve reviewed several here and it routinely trades blows with the RTX 2080, which is typically $300 more expensive. Combined with Radeon Image Sharpening, you can achieve a gaming experience that rivals 4K at a fraction of the cost. ASRock’s Taichi version also looks stunning and can add a nice highlight to any PC.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super ($539.99): If cost is less of an issue, we’d recommend the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super. It’s a good rival for the 5700 XT and is still able to eek out those few extra frames in many games. At the same time, this Gigabyte version is one of the more cost-effective options out there while still staying nice and cool under most overclocks.


G.Skill TridentZ Royal DDR4 ($99.99 - 789.99): Memory prices have finally declined, which means it’s a great time to buy. G.Skill’s TridentZ Royals are simply some of the most stunning memory sticks you can buy and are eminently eye-catching. They do cost a bit more, but you won’t find this look anywhere else and the warranty is top-notch.

ADATA Spectrix D60G DDR4 ($72.99 - 142.99): If the jeweled look isn’t your cup of tea, the ADATA Spectrix D60G just may be. This kit features some of the most spacious diffusers we’ve seen and takes RGB to the next level.


Gigabyte AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD ($129.99 - 409.99): When it comes to storage, PCIe Gen4 is the future. Right now, the Gigabyte AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD is one of the best drives available for the money, offering excellent speeds, thermals, and Gigabyte support.

Crucial MX500 SATA SSD ($63.35 - 213.48): We’re cheating a little bit here since this drive didn’t release in 2019. Still, it remains one of the best value SATA SSDs on the market. Its speed and reliability are top notch and the pricing is outstanding for what you’re getting. This is an excellent and affordable way to upgrade your system. If you’re looking for a drive that released this year, the SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB ($105.99) is another great option.

Computer Case

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic ($135.99): Ah, the case that holds it all. The clear winner among the MMORPG team is the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic. Its dual-chamber design and front/side tempered glass windows look absolutely tremendous. It’s designed for watercooling and when you mount a radiator with RGB fans to the inner wall, the aesthetic possibilities are huge.

Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB ($259.99): If you’re looking for something a little bigger or designed around airflow, the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB is a fantastic, albiet expensive, option. We loved how easy it was to build in (even easier than the PC-011 Dynamic), and it includes three LL120 RGB fans, a lighting controller, and a non-RGB fan set to exhaust. Together, the fans are valued around $120, which brings that price into perspective and leaves you with a stunning case to build your next PC in.

Other Gift Ideas

Astro C40 TR Wireless PS4 Controller ($179.99): If your gamer plays on PS4, the Astro C40 TR is an excellent choice for added customization. It features two programmable rear buttons, hair triggers with depth settings, and the ability to swap the D-pad and thumb sticks. It’s also one of the best built controllers we’ve ever come across.

PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System ($29.99) - I hate buying batteries for controllers - especially Xbox One controllers. While Dualshock 4 fans needn’t worry about that issue, they still also need a convenient way to charge their gamepads. The Ultra Slim Charge System from PDP really helps in this regard, and it works like other charge systems before it - simply plop your controller down when you’re not using it and the cradle will charge your pad so it’s ready for the next gaming marathon.

Your turn. Are you buying gifts for a gamer in your life or hoping to receive one of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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