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Maxnomic Titanus Chair Review

Necessary or Extravagance?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Gaming chairs are a weird beast. For some they seem like an unnecessary extravagance, citing the $49 chair at IKEA as adequate. However, for many, a quality gaming chair can mean the difference between struggling to sit still during a late night gaming run or sitting in relative comfort for those long gaming sessions. Maxnomic recently sent us one of their gaming chairs to try out, The Titanus Black, and it’s got a lot going for it. However, the question remains – is the high price tag of $569 worth it in this case, or is it simply an unnecessary extravagance?


  • Seat Bottom: Flat Seat Cushion
  • Headrest Pillow Color: Orange/Silver
  • Lumbar Cushion Color: Orange/Silver
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Default Base: XL Base
  • Default Cylinder: Standard
  • 4D Armrests: Yes
  • Default Armrest: Standard
  • Reclinable Backrest: Yes
  • Inside Material: Durable cold cured foam
  • Cover Material: High quality PU-leather
  • Price: $569 USD
  • Cuistomization Options: Three colors – Black, Bue, Red; Custom logo embroidery optional at extra charge.


First off, I’ve not owned too many gaming chairs. I reviewed a Cougar racing chair a few years back and it’s been my main seat of choice for years, but I have owned plenty of durable and high-quality office chairs over the years. Benefits of working from home entirely, I guess. There are plenty of chairs that are a pain to assemble – the Cougar definitely included.

It was absolutely refreshing to see how easy the Titanus was to set up. The instruction manual is the best I’ve ever seen, with full color photos clearly showing you each step of the way. Additionally, only a small screwdriver/allen-wrench was needed to assemble the chair. Part of the chair had been preassembled in the box as well, allowing me to skip a few steps in the instructions.

The most trouble I had was attaching the back of the chair to the base, but even then, it wasn’t much trouble. It was outrageously refreshing to not struggle with a piece of furniture out of the box. I had the Titanus up and running within about fifteen minutes of unboxing it.

First thoughts and Impressions

Maxnomic’s Titanus is a good-looking chair as well. I chose the black trim on the side purely because it would match the motif in my office – and it definitely is sleek, despite it being a wider chair than I’m used to. In fact, the XL base is the perfect size for me as, while I’m not the largest mammal walking the Earth, I’m also not as skinny as I used to be. Many gaming chairs feel narrow and constricting, but the Maxnomic is spacious and gives me plenty of wiggle room.

The chair itself is rather comfortable, though that is with a few exceptions. While everything on the chair itself screams premium quality, from the PU Leather encapsulating the high-quality foam cushions, the arm rests are a bit of a drag. There is zero padding on them, and while its nice they can essentially rotate and extend in any direction you want them to in order to easily rest your arms. However, they can get incredibly tiresome during long use. I’ve found myself not using them after a few hours of sitting at my desk. For the cost of the chair, it seems like padded armrests could have been included.

The Titanus also comes with a lumbar and neck pillow to help aid in your comfort and support while sitting in the chair. Many racing/gaming chairs have these standard, and I’ve found other brands to be hard and cumbersome. The Maxnomic’s are incredibly plush and comfy, and I’ve never tired of using them during long stretches of work or gaming. I really appreciate that the lumbar pillow isn’t strapped to the chair, instead using the pressure from your back to keep it in place. I can easily move it around to exactly where I need it in a moment’s notice instead of fumbling with straps, and it’s incredibly comfortable to use.

I do wish, however, that there could be a way to choose the color of the embroidery on your pillows, specifically to match the color scheme either of your chair or the custom logo you have embroidered should you choose to do so. My chair is all black with a blue/purple logo, and the bright orange stitching on the pillows really sticks out in a bad way.

One major issue I’ve found while using the chair is that the back tends to move some when you lean back. Many chairs that back is locked in place so when I’ve leaned back it doesn’t move on me. However, I’ve noticed the Titanus has a little bit of give when you do so, and it always shocks me when the backrest slides a litter farther back than I want with just a little pressure. I’ve taken the chair apart and tried to ensure it’s tightened so it doesn’t move, but it still does. It’s not much, but it’s enough to be an annoyance when it happens.

Customize your chair

Maxnomic allows for you to have a custom name or logo embroidered on your chair at an extra cost, which is great for brands or streamers looking to make their purchase more their own. We opted to have the MMORPG logo embroidered on the Titanus, and it definitely pops on the black background. The front and back of the chair are both embroidered, and the stitching quality is actually quite good. I don’t feel like the logo will fray anytime soon, and it has attracted attention from those who pass by my office to take a second look.

The cost of the embroidery does add considerably to the overall cost of an already expensive chair, however. According to Maxnomic, a small logo typically runs about $79.99, while the back and cost you $129.99. For larger logos or more complicated designs, the team reviews them and sends a long a quote. So your cost could vary depending on the type of logo you request. It’s a nice feature, especially for those looking for a bit more exposure on their stream or a company buying these for their office. However, for the standard consumer, purchasing a logo that costs more than many spend on a chair alone may not be worth it in the end.

So is it worth the money?

This is the real kicker – is the Maxnomic Titanus worth the high price tag? It really depends on your use case. For me, since I spend easily 8-10 hours at my desk working, having the most comfortable chair I can matters. I’ve dealt with back issues brought on by poor quality chairs, coupled with bad posture and more. The Titanus feels incredibly comfortable over long periods of time. I’ve been using it now exclusively for the past few weeks and I can say my back hurts less and I’ve been able to focus more on my gig as I’m not continually adjusting myself to get comfy.

However, my use case is not everyone else’s. For those looking for a comfortable chair they’ll spend hundreds of hours in raiding or playing your favorite game, $569 over the course of a few years doesn’t seem so bad. It’s a lot of money upfront, but the end result is a high-quality chair that, while it has its drawbacks, will be serviceable for quite a long time.

Keep in mind, though, your mileage might vary. For someone like me who sits in one spot to both work and game, it makes perfect sense. $569 is a small amount – relatively speaking – when you consider how cheaper chairs can wear out and fall apart more quickly due to the inferior built quality. The Titanus, for the most part, feels premium and heavy duty. I don’t feel like this chair is going to break down any time soon – and for someone who needs a quality chair day in and day out, it feels worth the investment.

For me.


The Maxnomic Titanus is a great chair. It’s comfortable, wide enough for me to not feel cramped, and the back and neck support are superb. It’s got its faults – the armrests really need to have some padding, the stitching on the pillows could be in another color to match the theme of your chair. Most notably the fact that the backrest never feels locked in place can bother some more than others. But, for those who are looking for a comfortable chair to spend countless hours in, you can’t go wrong with the Titanus overall. It’s not cheap - $569 is unquestionably a lot of money, and that’s before you add a custom embroidery to the picture – but if you’re using the chair all day, day in and out like I will be, it’s a worthy investment.

  • XL Base is Wide
  • Extrememly comfortable
  • Refreshingly easy to assemble
  • Feels durable
  • Custom Logo really pops
  • Backrest moves slightly when leaning back
  • Armrests could be higher quality, with padding
  • Stitching on pillows could match the color scheme of your chair
  • Expensive - even before custom embroidery



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