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Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse Review

Steven Weber Posted:
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Just over a year ago I had an opportunity to review the Lexip 3D dual joystick mouse, which was an interesting evolution in terms of what mice, as conventional gaming devices, are capable of. At that time, Lexip had an updated mouse in the works that improved on the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional marvel that made their original Kickstarter campaign so successful. Has Lexip improved on their Pu94 gaming mouse enough to find its way onto gamers’ desks everywhere, or should this mouse be kept in another dimension entirely?


  • MSRP: $129.00
  • Model: Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse
  • Laser sensor ADNS-9800 12000dpi, 150ips / 1.05oz
  • Ceramic feet for smoother sliding and better control of movements during highspeed use 
  • Colors Available:  Black
  • Programmable buttons 2 on the side, 2 above (index/major), 1 knob, 1 top backlit button.
  • Configurable RGB backlights
  • Button type: Omron.
  • Two-axis pivot points from the outer shell
  • Interchangeable USB Wire 1.6m long
  • Length 11.9cm, Width 5.1cm, Height 2.5cm
  • Weight 141g

Lovers of eccentric peripherals will definitely find a place in their hearts for Lexip’s Pu94 gaming mouse, but what about the broader gaming community at large. In terms of strange peripherals, we’re not talking about the Nintendo Power Glove here, when users purchase mice, they generally have expectations that their new hardware will reign supreme as the daily driver for all point and click related tasks. In many ways, the Pu94 excels at basic tasks such as browsing web pages and flipping between tabs.

The ceramic feet aid nicely in allowing the mouse to smoothly glide across my desktop and mousepad. The mouse is surprisingly light considering how large it feels in my hand. The laser is very accurate, and even at some of the lower DPI settings felt too sensitive for most daily tasks. The tactile joystick is a natural addition to daily activities, as you can set it as a tool to scroll and swap between tabs, or you can set it for more complex tasks with Lexips installable software, where you can use it to look around in your favorite games, or perform tasks similar to utilizing programmable buttons on comparable mice.

When it comes to gaming, the Lexip Pu94 is rather hit and miss. There are areas where the game excels, such as racing, simulation and flight games, where the joystick really comes in handy. I’ve even found use for it in 3rd person games where I can easily change my views and rotate angles on my character during movement, where before I would have to hold down the right mouse button for the same effect. In these real-world conditions, Lexip proves that the joystick design can be successful when given the right amount of preparation time.

But it Won’t Fall Down

There are some pretty big pitfalls in terms of the outer shell. I love the idea, and when I’m gaming in a simulator, multi-axis flight game, or when I’ve programmed the twin-axis shell to aid in navigation activities outside of gaming, it really feels like there are some definitive enthusiast applications to the twin-axis shell.  In just about every other case, I found the shell to be more of a hindrance than a savior. My feelings on this are similar to my previous criticisms of the Lexip 3D Joystick Mouse.  In practice, for the majority of daily activities, it’s just too cumbersome to do precise and accurate tasks when the shell of the mouse never ceases its Weeble impression.

Everything on the Pu94 is sensitive. The lightweight design makes playing FPS games tough, as sometimes the precise amount of glide you think you should have given your mouse, really only moves the shell of the mouse instead, throwing off the usual balance a player would strike with a more conventional mouse.  I found myself forcing an abnormal grip on the mouse in some situations to ensure I was getting the correct response to my intended actions. In so many ways, the beauty of this mouse is marred by the simple fact that you can’t turn off the twin-axis feature.

Final Thoughts

The Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse is certainly a step above the previous 3D Joystick Mouse in many ways. The software is mainly the same, but the DPI is better, RGB was added and the scroll wheel feels better too. There are some fantastic usage cases here for enthusiasts looking for the right balance between a daily productivity mouse and a joystick.  With enough time to program the mouse in the downloadable software, and patience to get use to the function of the two-axis tilt feature, some lucky enthusiasts could become very happy campers. For the rest of the gaming population, their time may be better spent keeping their mouse and controller habits separate.


  • A programmable Mini Joystick has a lot of potential functions
  • The new RGB Lighting is pretty and programmable too!
  • Multiple buttons, thumbstick and axis directions can also be programmed


  • The outer shell is very sensitive and wobbly
  • The software is kind of buggy at times and requires some patience

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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