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GT Omega Sport Gaming Chair

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As MMORPG.com’s new Hardware Editor, one of my missions coming in was to expand the scope and breadth of our hardware coverage: more content from more manufacturers brought to you by more writers. As PC gamers, the gear we game on is what makes our world go around. It not only makes it possible for us to play the games we love, but peripherals, lights, furniture and so many other categories of PC gaming gear elevate the experience to new levels. Today, we’re breaking new ground and bringing you our very first premium gaming chair review and it’s a doozy. Join us as we take look at the most luxurious computer chair I’ve ever had the pleasure of using: the GT Omega Sport.

GT Omega first came to notoriety in the racing sim scene where they established themselves as a maker of premium enthusiast products. Since their establishment in 2009, racing style gaming chairs have come into vogue, and if you’re not sure what we mean by “racing chair” all you have to do is check out your favorite streamer because there’s a good chance he’s probably sitting in one. These chairs are modeled after the bucket seats found in sport racers. If you’ll excuse the pun, it’s GT Omega’s wheelhouse.

Without being any kind of expert in race car seating, I can say that, by looks, they've pretty much nailed it. Since receiving ours, virtually every visitor I've had has commented on it. Today, a friend who’s not a PC gamer asked if it came with a seat belt and that pretty much sums it up. The Sport, like every other chair in GT Omega’s current lineup, looks like it was ripped from Gran Turismo and mounted on five casters. It draws the eye the same way a Lamborghini does when it passes you on the highway. It just looks good. See for yourself:

As you can see, the style here is made up of a mix of fine curves on the body and an angular shoulder and head. The sides rise out to hug your torso and legs, and promote good posture by keeping you centered in the chair. Two optional cushions are also included for a headrest and lumbar support and work very well for both. They’re quite adjustable, which is great for long gaming sessions where you might be changing positions. Height can be adjusted with one of two underside levers, while the other can lock the angle mid-rock. The tension of the rock is adjusted via a center knob between the two. In line with the backrest is a recline lever that can lay the seat back a full 160 degrees without fear of falling backward. The entire chair is well designed and ergonomic, and drastically more so than your standard $100 office chair from Target. It’s a step above, promoting good posture and great adjustability.

And it looks great. I’m in love with the aesthetics. We chose the white and black version, where white acts as the trim both prominently on the sides and also in the individual lines of stitching. The winged “GT” logo and prominent titling on the cushions and headrest also look fantastic with their red accents. It’s striking and well considered and, frankly, just looks premium.

Looking a little more closely, the Sport consists of a high quality synthetic leather that feels well made and durable. The quality of the stitching is fantastic with no loose threads of visible ties. I was surprised by how large it is, with the tall back causing it to essentially tower over my old “standard” office chair; full height ranges from 51.5 - 54.5 inches. The armrests can be adjusted for height, depth, and rotated for angle, which is a nice addition over other chairs in this category. The five armed base is entirely metal and quite heavy, while the casters are a combination of metal and plastic. They slide quite easily across the floor but the overall weight of the chair and your own body prevent most unintentional movement. Total load capacity is just over 330lbs, though I suspect larger users may have more trouble with the more narrow sitting area than the chair collapsing under them.

I was also impressed at how easy it was to assemble. Using the included guide, it took just over twenty minutes to put together. Everything needed was included in the package, including the proper allen wrench. The design here is simple and functional. There were no surprises, but since the chair it quite heavy (66 pounds!) having a second person to hold the different pieces in place is helpful if not completely necessary.

With all of that out of the way, we come to the big question. What is it like to actually sit in it? The foam used in the seat and body are on the firm side, and after coming from a softer chair, I was concerned that it might become uncomfortable over long sessions. I was wrong. With the lumbar and headrest cushions in place, the GT Omega Sport provides softness where it’s needed most and firm support everywhere else. There was no “sinking into the chair” that so often happens with soft cushioning and fatigue from long periods at the computer. I found myself more alert and minding my posture much more. It’s harder to get away with slouching when your back is properly supported from hip all the way to shoulder! In fact, the only issue I had is shared with all leather seating. If it’s hot, you find yourself sweating a bit - but you should know that before buying a synthetic leather chair.

The GT Omega Sport comes in at $369.95 USD. It’s a premium chair for a premium price. Of all parts of your PC setup, your chair is one of your most important investments. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize how important it was until finally stepping up. For years, I sat in the same cheap office chair I bought after college, had back pain and a terrible slouch. Since using the Sport, I feel better at my PC.  I’m more comfortable and alert, my work-related back pain has disappeared, and I have a piece of furniture that makes my whole setup look better. It’s expensive, but so is every racing chair. If you're in the market for a chair upgrade and want a product that looks and feels premium, the GT Omega Sport won't disappoint.

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The chair discussed in this article was provided by GT Omega for the purposes of review.


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