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Gjemeni Adaptable Charging Couch

Christopher Coke Posted:
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So, you’re finally able to set up your own office. You have the desk and PC but it’s still a little empty. Or maybe it’s your game den, man cave, or even your living room. You need something to fill that space that will grow with you. Enter the Gjemeni Couch: it features built-in device charging, easy assembly, and adapts into more than a dozen different positions. Let’s see if it’s worth the $999 MSRP!


  • MSRP: $999 (official site)
  • Materials: Bonded Leather Upholstery, Stainless Steel Frame, Layered Memory Foam
  • Assembly Required: Yes - minor ("4 Clicks & a Flip)
  • Adjustability: More than a dozen positions
  • Key Features:
    • Easy to Clean: Leather upholstery only needs to be wiped down
    • Power and charge your devices with ease: x4 USB and x2 AC power ports
    • Adaptable: Use it as a lounger by day, sofa in the afternoon, and bed at night
    • Easy assembly: 4 clicks and a flip
    • Sofa Weight:137.5 lbs
    • Box Weight: 188.1 lbs
    • Box Dimensions: 81.5″ L x 51.2″ W x 15.2″ H
    • Sofa Dimensions: 78.7"L (81.5" leg to leg) x 40.9"W x 38.2"H
    • Load Capacity: 500 lbs
    • Power Connections (Each Side): x1 Power Outlet, x2 USB
    • Power-Strip Cord Dimension: 92.5"L x 1 power outlet
    • Financing: Yes ($84 a month through Affirm)

Discovering Gjemeni (pronounced “gemini”) was quite a welcome surprise. I didn’t realize that adaptable and modular furniture was a thing or, frankly, that you could even order a couch over the internet and have it shipped to your door in one gigantic box. As a new home owner, we’ve been living on mostly hand-me-down furniture up to this point, so this is all new territory for us. All I knew before going on the hunt for a new couch was that it was time for the flower-print couch in my office to go.

Shipping and delivery took about a week since Gjemeni contracts delivery couriers that can also assist with setup. I wanted to assemble the couch myself since one of the selling points is easy setup, but the truck arrived right when my son needed to be picked up from pre-school. They tried to get the box upstairs but as you can tell, it’s a massive rectangle that just wasn’t happening without unboxing it first and we didn’t have time, so it was left on the porch.

Getting up and running is just as easy as they describe. The couch is fully assembled inside the box. All you need to do is push the four steel feet into place until the locking pins click and flip it over. You’ll need at least two people, though, especially if you need to move it anywhere. Outside the box, the couch weighs just under 140 lbs and moving it can be an absolute pain even with two people.

Take my word on this, buy the White Glove delivery service if you can afford it, especially if you’re moving it up or down stairs. Imagine this, my cousin and I lugging this massive leather couch up a narrow flight of stairs as the adjustable backs shift back and forth as we’re trying to grip the leather. All the while, I’m hyper conscious of the big steel base and trying not to gouge my walls or hardwood floors. It scraped both, by the way, so watch those edges; the repairs were quick and have more to do with my house than anything, but darned if I didn’t wish I’d taken a half day off work to be home for the delivery company. In the end, we wound up needing to remove the steel base to get it upstairs.

Is any of this a negative against the Gjemeni? Not at all. Just something to be aware of when you’re looking at that extra “White Glove” cost. If you have help lifting, wide enough hallways for the box, or are unboxing it downstairs, I would go the other way and say don’t bother. If you can get it in the right room, setup truly is “four clicks and a flip.”

It turns out that there’s a good reason for all that weight: it’s made from quality materials. The Gjemeni couch has a steel frame inside, ensuring that it will stand up to years of use. It also uses layers of thick memory foam as well as a temperature shielding layer underneath the leather surface. On first sit, the foam is firm - a lot like some of the gaming chairs we’ve looked at. These foams tend to “break in” after a couple weeks and soften up, which has already begun to happen.

The bonded leather upholstery is also very nice. It’s soft to the touch and looks great. Most importantly, it’s easy to clean. I have two toddlers, two dogs, three cats, and a four month old. Spills and messes happen. Cleaning messes is as simple as wiping it down.

The adjustability is simply awesome, too. The back is split into two sides that can each be adjusted to sit straight up, lay down, or be angled anywhere in between. The left and right sides of the seat can also angle up to create armrests or just allow you to prop your head up. The Gjemeni can shift from “comfortable family couch” to “modern chic” in the blink of an eye before turning into a futon-style bed at night. It’s genuinely cool and adds a layer of versatility to this couch that opens my office up to becoming a guest bedroom when we have family over.

The other unique feature, and what really makes this cool for techies, is the built in USB and AC power ports. Each side features a single AC port and two USB 1.5A charging ports. Yes, this does make the Gjemeni a couch that needs to be plugged in, but it also means you won’t need to be stringing a power cable from the wall every time you need juice. It’s also convenient if you have other things that need to be plugged in, like lamps, a printer, or, in my case, a Vive lighthouse.

I have to admit to being a bit worried about safety risks having a power cable running through a piece of furniture designed to move. I emailed the company and they were kind enough to send me extensive details (and even demo videos) on how the cable is completely isolated from any movement whatsoever, so damage or exposed wiring is well considered and guarded against. I went from worried to reassured. If you share my concern, rest easy knowing that the Gjemeni Couch is safety certified and has a track record of more than 100K sales without a single safety issue on record.

Final Thoughts

Full disclosure, I didn’t buy this couch on my own. When I explained my situation, Gjemeni was kind enough to send one over so I could take a look and try it for myself. That said, even if they hadn’t, this is definitely a piece of furniture I could consider buying. It does cost a bit more than other convertible sofas, but it also offers substantially more thanks to the versatility of its many adjustments, USB, and AC ports. I love that it looks so modern and that it can change positions to match exactly what I’d like to use it for. The only downside here is that the USB ports are 1.5A instead of 2A. At the end of the day, however, this is a really solid piece of furniture that  should last for many comfortable years.


  • Well made with a steel frame and layered memory foam
  • Bonded leather is easy to clean
  • Dual back and side adjustments make it very versatile
  • Safely produced AC and USB ports on each side for up to six devices
  • Looks modern and chic


  • A bit pricier than other convertible sofas (see conclusion)
  • USB ports are 1.5A


Christopher Coke

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