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GameSir VX AimSwitch Review

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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GameSir’s VX AimSwitch looks to bring the precision and accuracy of a PC to your console, and do so in a compact and stylish way. Sporting only half a keyboard and wired mouse, the AimSwitch is relatively simple to set-up and use, however, it begs the question: is it required in a day and age where consoles are already starting to support keyboard and mouse natively?


  • Package content: 2.4GHz keypad+wired mouse+2.4GHz dongle
  • Supported platforms: Xbox One/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3/Switch/PC
  • Connection: 2.4GHz/Bluetooth
  • Connector: Micro-USB
  • Keys: 34 mechanical keys+4 Silicone keys
  • Product size: 9.65*7.17*1.57 in.
  • Gross weight: 0.76 lb.
  • Cost: $99.99 via Amazon

GameSir’s sales pitch is to create a stable wireless environment for your mouse/keyboard combo, and it largely works. It’s relatively easy to set up thanks to a USB wireless dongle to plug right into the back of your console (or the Switch dock for your Nintendo-based Fortnite enthusiasts). However, for the Xbox One/PS4 you will need to connect a controller to the back end of the dongle via a microUSB. Thankfully the Switch is simply plug and go - connect it wirelessly with your keyboard and plug the GameSir GM190 mouse in and you’re good to go.

The build quality is decent - the keyboard does feel solid, though it’s a bit disappointing to see it just made out of a high quality plastic as opposed to some metal for sturdiness. However, the mouse doesn’t feel up to par with the keyboard itself. It’s a bit big, and while I like larger mice, the GM190 mouse isn’t the most ergonomic mouse. Additionally, the mouse click feels like it has to travel a mile in order for it to fully actuate, which doesn’t help in some first-person shooter situations. The two mouse buttons on the left side do feel responsive, and while I wish more companies would use metal mouse feet, it does glide across my cloth mouse pad easily.

GameSir’s VX keyboard is a 34-key mechanical keyboard, though the switches aren’t anything like a Cherry MX Red, which are typically the preferred switches for gamers. GameSir’s website mentions they are “Blue” switches, but as of publication I still cannot find exactly what kind of switches they are actually using. However, they do feel responsive and have a satisfying click to them. Additionally, there are multiple macro keys on the left side of the keyboard which you can customize keybindings for certain games, which is a nice touch.

Using the VX AimSwitch is hit or miss, unfortunately. While the keyboard is fine - it’s comfortable to use and responsive - but the mouse is simply not great. No matter how I set up the sensitivity it never felt precise using the GM190. In some cases, the mouse would stutter across the screen, making me think the wireless capability of the AimSwitch left a lot to be desired. However, when I plugged in my BloodY V8 Headshot into the VX keyboard, those issues cleared up - it was smooth and responsive. Swapping back to the packaged mouse, I found it difficult to continue using thanks to these issues.

This issue begs the question, however: is the GameSir VX AimSwitch really necessary nowadays? On one hand, thanks to recent updates to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 you can natively hook a great keyboard and mouse up to your console and use it right away. However, that only works on the games that support the control scheme, such as Fortnite. The AimSwitch, since it operates under the assumption there is a regular controller set up - so you can actually use it with any game if it’s mapped correctly. Then again, not every game is really great on a mouse and keyboard-  even on PC. I tried Red Dead Redemption 2 using the GameSir and while it was cool to get into a gun fight using a mouse, controlling carriages and Arthur’s horse weren’t ideal.

Additionally, the wireless functionality of the GameSir make it an attractive option for couch console players. I’m a weird use-case: my consoles are hooked up in my office for easy streaming. So I’m always arms reach from my systems. This makes using a regular wired mouse and keyboard easy. However, if I wanted to play Fortnite on my Switch sitting on my couch, the GameSir is a lot more attractive. The issue for me though, is the mouse just doesn’t feel worth it as part of the package. I found myself swapping to my own mouse way too often, and if you’re a console player looking for a high quality mouse, at $99 the quality of half the package just isn’t there, especially when quality mice can be found at $50/$60 by themselves.


The GameSir VX AimSwitch is a nice product in theory, and the keyboard aspect of the package works like a charm. Set up is easy, and the package does work right away. However, the mouse is a major let down. As the portion of the package that is supposed to be the precision tool of the equation, it’s imprecise nature and less than ideal ergonomics makes using it a chore. And at $99.99, it’s a hard ask for anyone looking to step up their game. If you have your own mouse, using the AimSwitch is definitely a breeze, but it shouldn’t require an outside peripheral to make it work properly.


  • Keyboard feels solid and responsive
  • Wireless connectivity is easy to set up
  • Mappable making it work on any game practically


  • The mouse is a major disappointment
  • High price makes the mouse hurt even more

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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