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Flexispot E7 Plus Standing Desk Review

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Last year, we took a look at the Flexispot Odin, a four-legged standing desk, and were impressed by its excellent stability. That desk was quite expensive at $900, however, and was out of many people’s price range. Flexispot is back with an answer: the Flexispot E7 Plus. Like the Odin, it features a four-legged design and an impressive 540 pounds of lifting power. It also offers more customization options to help ensure it matches your space and surface area needs. At $629, it’s reasonably priced and overall good pick for your pricey computer components. 


  • Current Price: Starting at $629 with Desktop (Flexispot
  • Motor: Dual-motor
  • Adjustable Height: 26”-51.6”
  • Adjustable Width: 38.9”-62.6”
  • Applicable Desktop: 47.2-80” width
  • Loading Capacity: 540lbs static; 440lbs lifting
  • Product Weight: 53.9 lbs *2 (including packages)
  • Warranty: 15 Years

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time at your desk. For years, I didn’t think twice about how much I was sitting. Until one day, I had the opportunity to review a standing desk converter. It was a big, dual level tray that would sit upon your desk and had a lever to raise and lower it. At the time, I didn’t think much of it and chalked it up to an assignment. But that one accessory changed my working life. 

The thing that converter taught me is that even if you’re not dead-set on standing all the time, simply having the option to was freeing. Throughout my day, I have the urge to stretch my legs. This break would destroy my flow and when I sat down again, I could count on at least ten minutes to get back into the headspace I was in before. I’m also a teacher and often come to my desk to make notes on a document camera and then quickly circulate back amongst my students. Having to sit down to write, then stand back up again to circulate was cumbersome. 

Both of these things seem small. I didn’t even really notice them until that converter gave me the option of standing or not sitting for a quick pit-stop to the document camera. But that simple converter taught me that it’s nice to have the option to stand.

I share this because, at this point, I was the guy that thought standing desks and converters were for ergo-heads. Now, I couldn’t imagine going back to a normal desk. I have a standing desk at home and at work and routinely change position whether I’m working or playing games. 

And thanks to companies like Flexispot, it’s now possible to get a standing desk at a very reasonable price. It has entry-level desks for as low as $160. Desks that offer drawers and built-in phone chargers. And, of course, higher-end models with more powerful motors, better stability, and exceptionally long 15-year warranties. 

Flexispot E7 Plus - Design and Highlights

Enter the Flexispot E7 Plus. It’s a premium standing desk designed around stability. Like the Odin, it features a four-legged design that effectively decreases wobble at all heights. When you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars of components resting alongside snacks and drinks during a long gaming session, the last thing you want is wobble to cause a spill.

The four-legged design is inherently more stable than two but it goes farther than that. Each pair of legs connects to a long metal foot where screw-on feet or casters can be attached. Beneath the desk surface, each leg is attached to its same-side counterpart and the leg directly opposite with a long arm and locking extension bracket. These unifying bars create a rigid frame that minimizes wobble, even when extended to its full height of 51.6 inches. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The legs utilize a three-stage design that folds into itself when lowered. The surrounding metal allows for less movement back and forth and lateral movement beneath its max height. Cheaper standing desks often only have two-stage legs, which will still work fine, but definitely move more when pushed or bumped at standing height. 

One of the first differences I noticed between the E7 Plus and the Odin was with the leg system. While they’re similar in function, the E7 features external motors for its legs; the Odin’s are built right into the legs themselves. During assembly, you also have to slot a bar between each cylinder and its opposing leg so that it can control the height of both. It’s less “clean” than the Odin but doesn’t look bad and once the desk it built, you never actually see it.

The dual-motor design not only allows for excellent stability but it also sports tremendous lifting power. Flexispot rates it as being able to lift up to 440 pounds and to hold 540 pounds static. Go ahead and put your tower right on the desktop, as well as your washer, dryer, and oven and it would still have lifting power to spare most likely.

These features make the E7 Plus a good contender for other purposes as well. I could see using the frame to support a workbench in my garage. With a longer top, it could be used as a conference table or support multiple systems in a work environment. 

In terms of specs, it can accommodate desktops up to 80 inches or as narrow as 47.2 inches. Its range of movement extends from 26 inches to 51.6 inches. It moves quickly, 1-inch per second is rated to only make 50dB of noise when doing so. It’s pretty standard for Flexispot and is both smooth and quiet. I was surprised to find that my much more expensive Uplift Desk was actually slightly louder!

One of the strengths the E7 Plus has over the Odin is that there are more customization options. The Odin is meant to be a large, executive-style desk and only comes in 72 x 30, 71 x 35, 79 x 35, and 80 x 30 inch sizes. The E7 Plus follows more traditional sizing and can be as small as 48 x 30 or as large as 78 x 30 inches with options for a curved edge.

There are also many more colors to choose from. The Odin featured a black frame only; the E7 Plus adds a  white frame option. You can pick it up in Chipboard, Bamboo, Solid Wood Texture (solid wood veneer), Solid Wood, and Bamboo with an integrated wireless charger. Solid Wood is limited to Rubberwood and Solid Wood Texture to Black Walnut currently. Bamboo can be either light or dark hue. Chipboard gives you ample choices: Maple, Mahogany, Black, Walnut, Graphite, Oak, and Rustic Brown. 

My sample came with the Solid Wood Texture Black Walnut finish and it looks very nice, though there is repetition in the pattern that is readily noticeable out of the box. Once you put peripherals and a computer in place, you don’t really notice it, but if this bothers you, you may want to choose another top option or buy the frame alone and source your own. 

Assembly was straightforward and took a friend and I about 45 minutes. There’s a detailed guide included, as well as most tools, but Flexispot doesn’t give you everything. Perhaps because the model is so new, the pre-drilled holes didn’t all line up with the E7 Plus frame. I was able to use a drill and drive the fasteners into place but it’s something that I hope Flexispot addresses in the future and will require extra time and effort from the user. 

I was glad to have an extra set of hands when putting it together. While it can be done by one person, the extra legs add extra weight which makes flipping it over more difficult. I would also recommend buying a set of casters to make moving it into place much easier. 

One thing to keep in mind about this frame design is that even though it is compatible with many accessories, it won’t support many aftermarket drawers. Because the frame crosses closer to the edge than a traditional standing desk, you’ll need one that hangs to avoid bumping into it. Flexispot sells one that will match, and there are others out there, but it’s important to consider ahead of time. There’s enough room for monitor arms and other clamp-on accessories, like the camera stands and key lights. 

Another thing that’s nice about it is the control pad. The included pad offers four memory slots to recall different heights. Two of these are marked with a standing and sitting icon while the other two are numbered one and two. I don’t use more than the first two but if you share your desk with someone else, this would allow them to have different settings too. There’s also a USB port on the right that’s able to fast charge (not super fast charge) my Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is great during the day.

Actually using it every day has been very nice and perfectly reliable. I have used it alongside my primary desk to create an “L” of sorts. I do paperwork and photography work on it, as well as use my laptop at times. The standing functionality is perfectly reliable, smooth, and quiet. While I wish I could install a traditional desk drawer on the bottom for some of my teacher’s desk supplies, the extra stability is great.

I often have kids come up to my desk. They’re young, so they’ll frequently push themselves up on the desk and hold their bodies off the floor with their arms. My own desk would wobble, making me worry that the screws may pull from their threads and leave it damaged. This desk barely moves at all. At full height, it takes actively trying to wobble it to make a drink even come close to spilling. The design is solid. 

Final Thoughts

With all of that in mind, the Flexispot E7 Plus is an easy recommendation to make if you’re looking for a high quality standing desk that will keep your gaming PC secure no matter how high you raise it. You don’t need to worry about raising or lowering it with open drinks left on a coaster. I would even consider this frame for other purposes, such as an adjustable workbench in a shop. I loved the Odin and still use it to this day, but for most people, the E7 Plus is going to be the better option: more colors, more sizes, more materials, less cost. 

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8.5 Great
  • Many customization options (size, color, frame)
  • Exceptionally stable, even at full height
  • Fast, quiet, and powerful lifting
  • Robust and well-made
  • Smart trade offs to reduce the price from the Odin
  • Desktop doesn’t have pre-drilled holes for all fasteners
  • Flexispot’s accessories will work but many aftermarket drawers will not
  • Flexispot’s accessories will work but many aftermarket drawers will not


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