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Flexispot E5 Pro Standing Desk Review: Affordable and Customizable

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There’s more competition than ever in the world of standing desks, and the options just seem to be climbing in price. If you’ve considered buying one for yourself but have found them to be too expensive, the Flexispot E5 Pro may be for you. Starting at $299, it’s an affordable option that offers plenty of customization options and enough stability for even the most extensive gaming setups. 


  • Current Price: From $299 (Flexispot)
  • Desktop Materials: Chipboard, Bamboo, Fiberboard, Solid Wood Texture (Poplar/Eucalyptus), Solid Wood
  • Desktop Colors: 
    • Chipboard: Marble Grey, Walnut Veneer, Graphite, Oak Veneer
    • Bamboo: Bamboo, Dark Bamboo
    • Fiberboard: Oak, Gaming
    • Solid Wood Texture: Cherry Wood, Red Oak, Black Walnut
    • Solid Wood: Rubberwood, Cherry, Red Oak, Dark Walnut
  • Desktop Sizes: 
    • Chipboard: 48x24, 48x30, 60x24, 60x30, 72x30, 80x30
    • Bamboo: 48x24, 48x24 (Curved), 55x28, 60x30, 60x30 (Curved), 72x30, 72x30 (Curved) 78x30, 78x30 (Curved)
    • Fiberboard: 48x30 (Curved), 60x24 (Curved)
    • Solid Wood Texture: 48x24, 55x24, 60x30
    • Solid Wood: 48x24, 55x28, 60x30, 72x30
  • Frame Options: 
    • E5: Inverted 3-stage Frame
    • E3: 2-stage Frame
  • Frame Colors: 
    • E5: Black, White, Grey
    • E3: Grey
  • Frame Specifications (E5):
    • Motor: Dual-Motor
    • Adjustable Height: 24.4”-50”
    • Adjustable Width: 43.4”-66.9”
    • Applicable Desktop: 47.2-80” width
    • Loading Capacity: 287lbs
    • Product Weight: 62.4lbs
  • Frame Specifications (E3):
    • Motor: Dual-Motor
    • Adjustable Height: 27.2”-46.5”
    • Adjustable Width: 43.4”-66.9”
    • Applicable Desktop: 47.2-80” width
    • Loading Capacity: 220lbs
    • Product Weight: 63lbs

Flexispot E5 Pro - What Is It?

Flexispot is one of the premier brands making standing desks today. If you’ve explored the market, then you’ve almost certainly seen their products. Their goal is to balance quality with affordability, and if our prior reviews are any indication, it has achieved that. We’ve followed the brand since just before its third birthday, and have been able to see how it has grown and developed into one of the most competitive standing desk and standing desk accessory companies operating today.

Flexispot has a rich catalog that includes everything from affordable standing desk converters to premium 4-legged standing desks and even studio workstations. The E5 Pro falls right in the middle of the pack, starting at $299 for its most affordable desktop and ranging to more than $1,000 with its largest, premium solid wood versions. It offers enough configuration options, however, that most people will be able to design a cost-effective desk that meets their space and styling preferences. 

Using the online configurator, you can choose from five different desktop materials, two different frames (in three colors), nearly a dozen different size configurations, and nearly a dozen different colors and textures depending on the material you choose. There are two frames to choose from, the E3 or E5, though we would recommend the better-performing E5 since they’re the same price. 

We were sent the “gaming” desktop and a black E5 frame for this review. This desktop is made of fiberboard and is quite unique in Flexispot’s line-up. It has an angular cut on the front and the back and a carbon fiber finish that looks neat in full lighting but manages to catch and reflect light from your PC too. It’s 55x27 inches.

The other desktops offer more traditional but still quite varied looks. In chipboard, the most affordable option, you have two stone options, Graphite and Marble Grey, and two wood options with oak and walnut veneers. Stepping up to bamboo (real bamboo, not a veneer), you have traditional light bamboo or dark brown. The next step up is fiberboard, which is made with a more robust process than chipboard, is available in Oak or Gaming. Solid Wood Texture is made of a blend of poplar and eucalyptus and finished with a very convincing solid wood surface in Cherry, Red Oak, or Black Walnut. And finally, the most expensive option, real solid wood, is available in Rubberwood, Cherry, Red Oak, or Black Walnut. 

There are also many options to choose from with the size and cut of the desktop. There are small variations between materials, but sizes generally range from 48x24 inches to 80x30 inches. Bamboo and Fiberboard tops also provide the option for ergonomic curves in certain standard sizes as well, which are quite stylish, in my opinion. 

There are two frames available, the E5 and E3. The standard frame, and the one you should choose, is the E5. It has a greater height range, 24.4 to 50 inches versus the 27.2 to 46.5 inches of the E3, and can support more weight at 287 pounds versus 220 pounds on the E3. Both frames support desktops up to 80 inches wide and have anti-collision detection to protect the desk and anything that may find itself beneath it as it descends. The E5 is also slightly faster at 1.38 inches per second. In addition, the E5 features a 3-stage frame (the legs telescope out in three stages) for increased stability. 

The E5 makes for a good starting point for the world of standing desks. Its affordability and options make it an easier pill to swallow, especially if you’re considering spending money on it versus an upgrade for your computer. If, like me and many other fans of the design, you try it, you might just find that having the option to stand makes the desk feel much more versatile and adaptable to your needs versus a normal stationary desk.

Flexispot E5 Pro - Assembly 

Assembling the E5 Pro is fairly straightforward, especially if you’ve built a standing desk in the past. For this review, a colleague and I approached it together and were able to get it done in about 30 minutes while also stopping to take pictures and chat in the middle. Flexispot provides a detailed instruction manual and all of the hardware and tools you’ll need clearly labeled and separated in the box. You can view the entire process in the video above. 

Flexispot has made strides with its assembly process over the years. This model had threaded holes already positioned to attach the frame, and they were consistent. In years past, and with cheaper desks, I would sometimes encounter slightly off-position holes or missing ones entirely. That wasn’t the case here — with one exception. 

As we assembled the desk, one step in the instruction manual mentioned using four screws to connect the desktop to the frame, centered under the desk surface. There were no holes and, indeed, no fasteners. Every other step was very clear. I believe this may have been a carryover from another model because, indeed, it didn’t really seem like the frame needed to be fastened there anyways on this model. 

Overall, assembly was fairly simple and could be done by one person if necessary.

Flexispot E5 Pro - Performance and Daily 

Our review is going to take a turn here. Usually, when we test standing desks, they go to use by a member of our staff or are given away/donated. Over the last year, I’ve developed a new friendship with a colleague and discovered that his son, Sam, was a gamer and very interested in tech. We went about building him a new gaming PC and outfitting him with some peripherals so he could enjoy the hobby to its fullest. 

Ahead of this review, it came to my attention that he was using a very small desk alongside an extra-wide computer tower, leaving him cramped. So, this desk was aimed to give him the space he needs to game, complete school work, and have an area that is uniquely his for whatever he would like to use it with. I would like to let him share his thoughts on the desk.

Before I do, let me remark on a couple of the fundamentals that I noticed. The E5 Pro is smooth and stable. It raises and lowers quickly and quietly. As a middle-tier desk in Flexispot’s line-up, it’s also middle-tier in these areas, so if you spend more on something like the E7 Pro, you’ll have an even more stable experience with a higher total weight (355 pounds), but I can confidently say that you could place a full, extensive, multi-monitor gaming setup on the E5 without fear of it toppling or wobbling enough to spill a drink (short of a very strong bump, which no desk can stand up to). You also lose some of the easy cable management of the higher-tier models, but it’s nothing that some cable clips can’t solve.

With that out of the way, take it away, Sam!

Previous to using the E5 Pro Standing Desk, I was using a tiny wooden desk that I found in my basement.  It was so small that I had to turn up my mouse sensitivity just to be able to aim in video games.  Plus, there was no option to change how high the desk was, so if the chair was too tall or short, I was out of luck.  Now, I have as much room as I need to move my arms and the ability to adjust my desk to any height necessary. 

There are a few features that really jumped out at me: the movement options, its very intuitive panel with a cool display that makes height settings very clear, a large surface area that helps me never run out of room during a crucial moment in a game, and it just looks absolutely stunning.  It has a beautiful carbon fiber pattern, which feels incredible and high quality [...] The desk works incredibly well with my setup and makes the room look complete.  I love that every time I walk into my room, I am greeted by my desk, which has really become the centerpiece of my room.  Also, there have been many instances where I have been noticing that I am playing better in FPS games due to the increased space to move my mouse.  I never run out of room and have been able to use the desk for other purposes (such as writing).  The desk is not limited to only gaming, it can be used for anything necessary.

Now, there is one drawback that I have noticed, but it is a very minor one.  I chose to get a drawer. (The S07LW 17.7”) I love the option to put cables in there, and it is a great add-on.  However, sometimes my chair’s armrest scrapes on the corner of it.  This is easily fixed by raising the desk up by a tenth of an inch.  This is not a big deal at all, and I struggled to find problems, despite looking very thoroughly.

Editor’s Note: This is actually a very common issue when adding drawers to standing desks and isn’t inherent to the drawer used here. It is definitely something all buyers should consider when shopping for under-desk accessories.

All in all, this desk would be something I recommend to others.  It is a breathtaking desk with many features and is very useful in everyday life, even if you aren’t using the computer.  The design is super modern and really grabs attention.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of using this desk so far, and am super excited to continue to use it.  The desk makes every gaming session feel like a premium experience with the high-quality wood and carbon fiber textured design.  I never worry about it falling over or collapsing due to a lack of stability.  For the aforementioned reasons, I consider the E5 Pro Standing Desk an incredible purchase for anyone who is looking for a great desk that can be used for a variety of things.   

Final Thoughts

The Flexispot E5 Pro is a cost-conscious standing desk that offers good stability, reliable performance, and plenty of customization options to fit your space. You do lose out on some small things, like built-in cable management and a higher total weight capacity, but they’re small trade-offs (and the former is very easy to address yourself for only a few dollars in cable clips). Overall, it’s a very solid option for gamers on a budget.

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes. Some articles may contain affiliate links and purchases made through this will result in a small commission for the site. Commissions are not directed to the author or related to compensation in any way.

8.0 Great
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Stable, smooth operation
  • Plentiful sizing and customization options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lower total weight capacity
  • Limited built-in cable management


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