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Felix Gray - Prescription PC and Gaming Glasses Review

William Murphy Posted:
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If you’ve been following me here on MMORPG for any amount of time, you probably know I wear glasses. My avatars always have them, and some of you have met me at shows and gatherings. I’ve been stuck with spectacles since age twelve, and they’ve become a part of my “look” over time. But as anyone who spends a load of time in front of screens can tell you, glasses only compound the eyestrain of being in front of a PC. Thankfully, Felix Gray has stepped into the PC gaming eyewear arena to help make glasses for people who like a more muted style but still want help warding off the screen-driven eye pain of daily PC gaming and browsing.

Eyeglasses for gamers are often tacky in style, but incredibly useful to the point where you put up with their faux “edgy” looks. The key to Felix Gray glasses is that they’re all intended to look more natural - both in terms of the lens color and the frames themselves. You may remember that my wife reviewed a reading pair a few months back. Megan has a MUCH smaller noggin than I, so I decided on the Jemison model in a Whiskey Tortoise color.

The Jemison is basically the Felix Gray version of Ray Bans’ Wayfarer, and as you can see in the picture below, they actually fit a face and head that has trouble finding a hat which doesn’t squeeze my skull like a vice. It’s also a nice little factoid that the frame is named after Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut who is now a professor at Cornell University. For someone like me, 6’3” and 250 pounds, finding anything that fits, including glasses, is always tough. (Mind the scraggly beard...)

Felix Grays are a lot like Gunnar Optiks - they filter blue light and eliminate glare - but unlike Gunnars, they’re all very classic in style. In addition, the yellow tint of the Felix Grays is way less noticeable, making these far superior in my view as they don’t always carry a lens that looks like a soft shade of urine. You can’t even see the tint in the above picture.

I’ve been using the Jemison’s daily now for a month, and they’ve yet to lose their shape or their effectiveness at keeping my eyes comfortable during 16 hours a day of PC/phone/tablet/Switch use. In short, they’re worth every penny of the roughly $200 they cost. For clarity’s sake, Felix Gray provided me this pair of RX glasses to use for this review. Ordinarily, the frames cost $95, and the RX lenses cost $145 - and they do take insurance (FSA and HSA). EDIT - I originally believed the RX frames were $95+$145, but that's not the case. They actually start at $145 total. 

I’d highly recommend the Felix Grays for anyone who uses computers and screens as often as I do, and let’s face it - that’s pretty much all of us here at MMORPG.com. I’ll be buying a new pair as soon as my RX changes, that’s for sure.


William Murphy

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