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Elgato Green Screen Review

William Murphy Updated: Posted:
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As you know, we do a good amount of streaming and video work here at MMORPG.com, so when Elgato said they’d send us one of their pop-up Elgato Green Screens for review, we jumped at the chance. Simply put, there’s no better option for a portable and easily collapsible green screen to use for streaming and video work.

The Elgato Green Screen was out of the box and up and in an operational state in less than 5 minutes, tops. It’s that easy. The case is a super sturdy black aluminum with the Elgato branding on it. It closes with two small clasps keeping it locked, and has two swivel feet on either end to make it stable for standing mode. Setting it up is as simple as unlocking those feet, and opening the clasps and lid, then pulling the screen up to standing position. Voila done.

Back when I did MMOFTW in front of a green screen, it was always a pain in the ass to have this huge set up with a hanging green screen, bright lights, and everything taking up so much room in what would eventually be my first son’s nursery. Back then, I always wished for a better solution, and now that I have my own office back, having a collapsible and totally portable option to use for my streams is extremely welcome.

Not everyone cares about a green screen to use in streams. Some folks prefer backdrops, or even just their house’s background. But I love the fact that green screens allow you to obscure less of the gameplay on videos, while still putting that personal touch on your work. I’ve even toyed with using it for MMOFTW again.

But if there’s a downside, it’s that the green screen is only 5 feet wide, and 6 feet tall (thereabouts). It’s meant to be used from a sitting angle, not standing. So if the sort of content you’re making is standing presentations, or more complex chroma-key scenes, you’ll still want to use a less portable set up.

The Elgato Green Screen is simple the best thing available for streamers though, bar none. It’s not currently available on Amazon, as it seems it’s sold out, but when it’s back it’ll be roughly $150... a steep price unless you’re  a really dedicated streamer. Worth it if you are, but not if you’re only doing one day a week like me most of the time.

All things considered though, it’s hard to recommend literally any other green screen solution for streamers, as there just isn’t a better option. If it’s hard to find one, it’s because Elgato seems to be having trouble meeting the demand. This thing just works, and is well worth the price if you’re serious about streaming as a hobby or a job.


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