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EarFun Air Pro 3 Review: Game Mode and More

A Solid Evolution

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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EarFun is one of the budget earphone brands we pay close attention to at MMORPG. Not only do its products regularly offer low latency gaming modes, but they often deliver surprising audio quality for affordable prices. Today, we’re looking at its latest release, the AirPods-inspired EarFun Air Pro 3. Complete with solid active noise cancellation, customizable audio, long battery life, and, yes, gaming mode, they’re a particularly good choice for listeners on a budget.


  • Current Price: $79.99 (EarFun, Amazon
    • 15% Off Discount Code: AP315OFF
  • Key Features
    • Personalize Your Buds with EarFun Audio App
    • All-new Multi-device Connectivity
    • Build-in Qualcomm® QCC3071 SoC with aptX™ adaptive Audio Tech
    • QuietSmart™ 2.0 Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation up to 43dB
    • Enhanced 6-mic array + cVc™ 8.0 tech for Superior Clarity Call Quality
    • Bluetooth 5.3 + Next-gen LE Audio & LC3 codec, for ultra-low power consumption and stable transmission
    • Premium Immersive Sound with 11mm Wool Composite Drivers
    • <55ms Ultra Low Latency Mode for Better Video & Gaming Experience
    • IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistant
    • 45-hour Playtime: 9 Hours + 36 Hours with Charging Case
    • Fast Charging, 10 Min Charging = 2 Hours Playtime
    • Wireless Charging Compatible
    • Intuitive Touch Control 
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
  • Bluetooth Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Bluetooth Codec: aptX adaptive, AAC, LC3, SBC
  • Maximum Working Range: 15m
  • Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 54mAh x 2 (earbuds); 520mAh (charging case)
  • Charging Time: 1 hour (for earbuds); 2 hours (for charging case via USB-C); 3.5 hours (for charging case via wireless charger)
  • Playtime: ANC OFF - Up to 9 hours, Totally 45 hours with the charging case; ANC ON - Up to 7 hours, Totally 37 hours with the charging case;
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 50mm x 31mm
  • Weight: 52g

EarFun Air Pro 3 - What Is It?

The Air Pro 3 is the latest pair of true wireless earbuds from EarFun, a brand predicated on bringing premium features and sound quality to more affordable price points. The Air Pro 3 follows the AirPods bud-and-stem design, offering a comfortable fit, active noise cancellation, app control, and other premium features for an affordable $79.99 price point. 

Taking the Air Pro 3 out of the box for the first time, you’re greeted with the buds already inside a very pocketable travel case. It’s quite a bit smaller than the Air Pro 2 but holds a very capable battery that’s able to recharge the buds up to five times before needing to be plugged back in. While it supports wireless charging, it doesn’t fast charge the buds with the typical “15 minutes = 2 hours of playback.” Instead, the buds completely recharge in just one hour.

While we’re on the topic of battery life, the buds offer an impressive nine hours with ANC off. If you keep noise cancellation engaged, you can count on up to seven hours, which is slightly less than the most expensive earbuds you can buy today but a cut above most others under $150. 

The earbuds more than earn their cost of entry in features. They feature active noise cancellation, which does a good job of masking low droning sounds as well as some middle and high-frequency noise for office use. The transparency mode is also quite natural sounding. The buds won’t compete with the top-tier competitors in this space, like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2, but I found they worked well for commuting and getting work done in my office while the kids play downstairs. And if these buds can block out the sound of four rambunctious sub-nine-year-olds, then they’re outperforming their price point and then some. ANC is not bad at all. 

The buds support the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol and support high-res listening through the aptX Adaptive codec. Compared to traditional Bluetooth, aptX Adaptive offers a higher bandwidth with less compression, which means your music and games will sound much closer to wired listening. aptX Adaptive is also backward compatible with normal aptX, so any Android smartphone will be able to support a high-def listening experience. 

Of course, codecs don’t mean much if the drivers aren’t up to snuff, so let’s take a detour and talk about the tiny speakers driving the experience. The Air Pro 3 uses a larger-than-average 11mm dynamic driver. While most true wireless earbuds use 10mm or smaller drivers, the larger surface area means more air movement and volume. They’re composed of a wool composite diaphragm which EarFun says delivers extended high-frequency response. I’m not sure about that, but as I’ll talk more in the listening section, these buds are able to deliver a full-bodied, bass-rich sound that works with a variety of genres and content types. 

The buds are controlled through touch, but there’s room for improvement in responsiveness. The control scheme EarFun uses is a bit backward compared to many other earbuds I’ve tested where the first tap controls play and pause. Here, one tap on either earbud raises or lowers volume (tap the right to increase, the left to decrease). Tapping twice on the right bud plays or pauses tracks. Triple taps on either bud skips or repeats a track. There are also hold controls for entering low latency mode or adjusting noise cancellation. 

It takes a bit to learn, but the buds would sometimes miss one of my taps and adjust the volume when I needed them to pause. This can be a problem when someone is trying to speak with you because they also lack a wear sensor. If I was enjoying an audiobook and the pause functionality erred when a colleague came to my desk, I sometimes had to quickly remove them while the book continued to play, forcing me to skip backward to find where I had left off. 

For gamers and movie aficionados, the buds feature a low latency mode that can be accessed with a hold command. This mode drops latency below 55ms, which is nearly imperceptible, at the expense of range. This makes them viable for PC gaming, even in first-person shooters, which is rarely the case with true wireless earbuds. 

The Air Pro 3s are also a good fit to take on the go. They feature IPX5 water resistance, so you can wear them at the gym or in light rain without fear. They also feature a 6-mic array to deliver clear calls, which proved true in my testing. The buds do a good job of filtering background noise so your caller can hear you but do tend to sound a bit compressed when background noise threatens to invade the call.

Rounding out the feature list, the Air Pro 3 supports multipoint connectivity and in-app support for custom EQs. Multipoint worked well in my testing and didn’t offer any major headaches throughout. App support is a very welcome feature, as you can tune these earbuds to match your exact taste. 

Which brings us to listening impressions. 

EarFun Air Pro 3 - Listening Impressions

What matters most with any pair of true wireless earbuds is sound quality, and the Air Pro 3 impress. Out of the box, they deliver a warm, bass-rich sound that works well for a variety of genres, as well as for games. The sub-bass reaches deep, and while it’s not the fastest or more refined, it’s enjoyable. The mids are natural and emphasize vocals while the highs are more rounded, avoiding any sibilance or sharpness.

Inside the EarFun Audio app, you’re given access to a six band equalizer to tune the sound to your taste. There are also four presets to choose from: bass boost, bass reducer, treble boost, and treble reducer. I’m a fan of more detail in the mids and highs, but enjoyed the bass-centric sound of the buds so went with the V-shaped tuning you can see below.

For gaming, the buds worked surprisingly well. I wish more true wireless earbuds offered a low latency mode because being able to play games with high quality audio without resorting to headphones is a freeing experience. There was still a touch of latency in Battlefield 2042 but it wasn’t large enough to get in the way of gameplay, and it wasn’t as perceptible outside of first-person shooters. When I was done, I was able to get up from my PC, switch to a podcast, and walk away without having to put anything away. It’s a small improvement but convenient.

Final Thoughts

The EarFun Air Pro 3 offers a comfortable fit, high-res listening, tunable audio, impressive ANC, and good battery life at a budget price. The touch controls are a minor issue but don’t mar this otherwise great experience. If you’re looking for a solid pair of true wireless earbuds on a budget, this is well worth considering. 

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8.0 Great
  • Solid bass
  • High-res audio with aptX Adaptive Support
  • Very good battery life
  • In-app EQ and customization
  • Comfortable fit
  • Touch controls could be more responsive


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