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Eagle Eyes Supersight 4-in-1 Review

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For the last few months I’ve dealt with the reality that I stare too much at screens. I’ve become the last person in my family to require some corrective eye ware, though my prescription only requires me to wear my glasses at night while driving or to help reduce eye strain during the day. As a result, I’ve always been interested in whether or not specialty blue-light blocking eyewear really worked. Thankfully, the Eagle Eyes Supersight 4in1 System has provided some clarity on the subject. And while I’m not thoroughly sold on the Supersight system for a few reason, it has done enough to make me a believer in the idea.


  • Base Frame: Flexible TR-90, Shiny Black, Clear
  • Clip-On Frame: TR-90, Matte Black
  • Lens Technology: DigiTec™ Lens Technology, TriLenium® Polarized, Night-Lite® and StimuLight® lenses
  • Activity: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Included Accessories: Zipper Case and Microfiber pouch
  • Price: $119.95USD

The biggest feature of the Supersight 4in1 system is simply due to its versatility. The set comes with the frames and three clip on lenses each tasked with different use cases. The base frame includes the base DigiTec lenses designed specifically to reduce and block blue light emissions from computer, tablets and phones. This, in theory, is meant to reduce eye strain, fatigue, squiting and more during long work or gaming sessions staring at a screen.

Additionally, Eagle Eyes come with StimuLight lenses for extra clarity during low-light environments, TriLenium Polarized lenses for outdoors use blocking blue light and UVA/UVB rays, and the Night-Lite Anti-Glare lenses meant for driving at night.

After spending so many years staring at a PC screen for eight-ten hours a day, and before that spending five years professionally driving here in Vegas for a local company, eyestrain has always been a constant source of discomfort. The Eagle Eyes are definitely worth the asking price for the DigiTec lens frames alone in my opinion, as I could tell within a few days of wearing the glasses at work that I was squinting less and less and I just didn’t feel as tired as normal. While I typically run my main monitor on “Low Blue Light” mode, my other monitors don’t include this, so noticing a measurable difference I how I felt after using the glasses during the day was refreshing.

The major issue with the Eagle Eyes system is that they are not prescription. For someone who requires regular glasses on a daily basis, these would prove to be useless. Eagle Eyes does sell the FitOn and FitOn Sleek to fit over your prescription lenses, but I really wish that these frames could be customized to include this technology in a prescription lens.

In normal everyday life I typically don’t use electronics in low light since it can be damaging on its own, but I did notice a boost in clarity while testing out the StimuLight lenses in those situations (reading “The Fall of Gondolin” on my iPad at night for that one). However, I have taken these wherever I go now for the TriLenium lenses and Night-Lite lenses. However, while driving at night my prescription glasses provide anti-glare  and provide even more clarity than the coating on the Eagle Eyes can provide, so I typically don’t use the SuperSight in that instance. However, I can see how someone who maybe doesn’t have a night-time prescription can find the NightLite lenses beneficial as it does a great job of diffusing the glare from oncoming headlights, keeping your vision clear.

The Supersight 4in1 System is comfortable to wear as well, though they are a little bulky for my personal style preference. The fit the thick frames style seen throughout the wild today, but personally I like thin, sleek frames overall and would love the option to choose your frame style to suit your needs. All in all though, the Eagle Eyes accomplish their goals. Since starting using these daily at work or during gaming sessions, I have truly noticed less eye strain and fatigue throughout and after the a long work day. The immediate use case, for me at least, has helped me to maintain focus and be more efficient during the day. This doesn’t mean I don’t feel tired or haven’t been getting strained while working - but it’s no longer something that creeps up early in the day - and I have noticed it’s no longer a daily occurance. Rather, The Eagle Eyes Supersight 4in1 accomplish their goals in each use case overall, and while I would like to see more variety in the frame build as well as the inclusion of prescription lenses, the result is a product I’d recommend to anyone looking for it.


  • Multiple lenses for different use cases
  • Blue Light blocking has helped reduce fatigue and strain
  • Comfortable to wear in long stretches


  • Not prescription
  • Zero customization on color style


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