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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair – Becoming a Chair Snob

Steven Weber Posted:
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I’m not a chair snob. You know chair snobs, the ones that need cushioned seating, a molded frame, and all manner of style and stitching that makes other chair snobs jealous? I may be just as content sitting on an upturned bucket as I hunch over a milk crate and tap away with my mouse and keyboard.  At least, that was before I had the opportunity to try E-Wins Champion series ergonomic gaming chair. What follows is a comprehensive review from a born-again chair snob.

E-Win Racing was founded in 2016, and prior to that they were an OEM office chair manufacturer. The team at E-Win knows a thing or two about making chairs, but the gaming space is much different than an office space, as consumers are looking for more than just comfort and bland office styles.  In that vein, E-Win has several lines of gaming chairs: the Flash Series, Hero Series, Calling Series, and the Champion series.  With a wide array of chairs to choose from, here are the specifications of the Champion line.


  • SKU:  CP-BB3F
  • MSRP – $289.00 to 329.00 depending on style
  • 4D Adjustable Poly Urethane Arm Rests
  • PU Leather and Top Grain Leather options
  • Height Adjustable
  • 120MM Class 4 Gas Lift – good up to 330lbs (150 kg)
  • Cold Molding Foam
  • Aluminum 5-star wheelbase
  • Steel chair frame
  • Tilt Lock and Tilt Control Mechanism
  • Lever Operated Back Recliner
  • 16 Different Color/Style Options
  • 20.9in (53cm) wide by 22in (56cm) deep by 36.6in (93cm) high seating
  • Seating adjustable angle 85 degrees to 155 degrees
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Protective caster wheels
  • Neck and lumbar pillows

What surprised me about the Champion line just from my preliminary research was how many different colors and styles E-Win created.  There are a total of six different styles each with their own specific options for colors which makes this series one of the most unique even among E-Win’s gaming furniture peers.   The version of the Champion Series chair I had the opportunity to review was the all black, CP-BB3F version which comes with top grain leather stitching betwixt the PU leather outcropping. 

In terms of gaming chairs as a whole, it’s much less common to see top grain leather used in any part of these chairs.  E-Win utilized a diamond pattern of top grain leather for the back rest and seat which is a major upgrade in style, texture and durability.  Top grain leather is also very resistant to staining, but it isn’t without some faults.  Leather is well known for its ability to get hot quickly, which E-Win tried to mitigate by creating a crosshatched pattern that alleviates some of the heat by allowing the chair to breathe.  While I did experience more heat on my back than I did from my previous fabric chair, it’s important to note that experiences will vary, and we have hot weather in the southern US pretty much all year round, so it’s unlikely that even the PU leather would have staved off a critique about heat generation.

Sizing is also an area of concern for most chairs on the market. After assembling the chair, I personally felt like the it was much bigger than all of my previous chairs, so I decided to do a little research. I noticed upon perusing the E-Win gaming site that they had a few XL chairs in the Flash series, and while I’m not an XL person, I wanted to compare the Champion series of chairs in case I decided to grow a few extra feet, and I mean that height wise and not in the octopus tentacle way.   In comparison to the Flash XL chairs, the champion series is a couple inches shorter in all dimensions including height, width and depth. I still felt like the chair was larger than most so I compared it to other racing chair brands, and it did turn out that the seating was larger than several others.

The verdict on sizing is that the Champion isn’t specifically created for big and tall people, but it does have several features that cater to all sizes.  One such feature is the Class-4 gas lift, that can hold up to 330 pounds.  Another such feature is the 4-D armrests that I originally felt was just unnecessary armrest marketing, well known as the bane of all chair marketing, until I had the chance to try them and found that it was actually really convenient to be able to direct my armrests where I wanted them.  As I mention in the video review, I sit a bit lower in my chair, because I have 2 monitors with different stand sizes, so I’m very particular about positioning. 

Normally this required me to lay my wrists on the palm rest while I was typing like a sucker, like an adorable, non-4D-armrest having sucker.  With the 4D armrests I was able to raise, slide and angle my armrests so that I could keep my seat at the same height while allowing the armrests to become my newfangled palm rest. The best part about it, is with a click of a button I can slide the armrests in and out if I’m sitting closer or further away without having to expend all that energy of moving my keyboard.

Before I wrap things up, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention both the neck and lumbar pillows that coordinate exceptionally well with the 155 degree lever operated back recliner.  The lumbar pillow I’ve quickly come to find is a new necessity for me as I’m constantly wriggling around trying to get comfortable. After positioning it where I needed it most, the pillow becomes a shrewd taskmaster, vigilantly keeping my spine pert, while sweetly caressing my lower back with the firm pressure of a swarthy leather handed masseuse.  Just like any swarthy masseuse worth their weight in firmness, this too created a tension point that I found moistened very quickly in the southern heat. The trade-off for me is worth it, as I don’t feel as bad after several hours of sitting time as I used to.

Final Thoughts

E-Win is well known for creating comfortable, durable and stylish chairs, but the options on the Champion Series are just too numerous and unique to ignore. While you could hem and haw about leather being a little hot like I did, or argue that it may be too heavy of a chair for smaller gamers or those with back problems to assemble, I like to look at it more pragmatically. Most chairs come with PU leather options but the Champion series comes with a top grain leather option. Most chairs have 2-D armrests, E-Win has 4-D Most chairs recline to 130 degrees; the Champion line goes all the way to 155 degrees.  What most chairs do, E-Win’s Champion line does it better. Now is the time my friends: it’s okay to be a chair snob.


  • 4-D Armrests are very convenient
  • 16 color and style options including a top grain leather option
  • Neck and lumbar pillows for comfort
  • 155 degree lever recline feature


  • Very heavy, may be tough to assemble for some
  • Leather can get hot after hours of gaming
  • Seat tilt is nice, but not really usable for a chair of such heft

This product was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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