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Creative Sound BlasterX SIEGE M04: Why Rule Just One Gaming Genre?

Paul Eno Posted:
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As a lifelong gamer, I have eagerly watched as competitive gaming has become a recognized sport and subsequently increased the variety of game types and challenges that thousands participate in. With the vastness of variety growing almost constantly, peripherals have become equally as diverse. But for many gamers, competing in one arena is not enough and our devices inevitably must be able to bridge the gap. The SIEGE M04 is one such device, and while it doesn't specialize specifically in one gaming arena, I found it to be more than adequate in the arenas I explored with it.

Technical Specifications

  • MSRP: $64.99
  • Sensor: PixArt PMW3360
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • DPI/Tracking: 12000/50G Acceleration/250 IPS Tracking Speed
  • Controller: 32-bit high speed MCU with low lift-off distance (2/3 mm)
  • Buttons: 7 fully programmable buttons with internal memory
  • Weight: 143g
  • Illumination: RGB, 16.8M colors, 6 built-in presets

While the SIEGE is touted as and performs well as a universal gaming mouse, the fact that the third thumb button is labeled "sniper" hints that First Person Shooters were strongly in mind during its development. And it does shine in these games. The M04’s adjustable DPI cycles and three-level DPI switch allow you to shift seamlessly in situations where your usual DPI speed isn't cutting it. The 1000 Hz polling rate also ensures point to point precision that is absolutely necessary for fast-paced games.

It’s edge in shooters doesn’t mean that it’s less capable in other gaming genres. My personal feeling for gaming peripherals is that simple is better. The Seige M04 features seven buttons that feel great to use. The mouse delivers a smooth functionality with an ease of customization, whether it be for personalizing the device's LED colors, assigning button functions, or enhancing DPI through the user-friendly customization software. 

The accompanying Sound Blaster Connect app allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the device, from lighting, to button functions/macros, to performance functions such as the DPI Cycle. Even lift-off distance has two options for you to choose from - low (3mm) and lower (2mm) - to better fit your preference. Along with the fully customizable native DPI settings, anywhere from 0 - 12000, the device's polling rates can also be adjusted between 0 and 1000 Hz. On top of that, the SIEGE employs the Aurora Reactive Lighting System that allows you to coordinate your lighting between other Aurora enabled Sound BlasterX products.

The SIEGE has an aggressive yet simple design highlighted by a fully customizable ambient/reactive LED ring around the base. This is accompanied by an illuminated logo that can match the ring’s color scheme or be customized all its own, each of which feature the full 16.8M RGB color range. The scroll wheel ring is also illuminated and, while not color customizable, can be made to pulse.

While Windows picks up the device immediately and does just fine (the LEDs default to a rainbow wave setting), the Sound Blaster Connect app is a must for customizing the lighting. The software is simple and self explanatory, effectively giving you the full range of customizability in three easy to maneuver tabs. Plus the default LED light coloring is a pulsing rainbow effect that might feel a bit much some users in day to day use.

Despite utilizing lightweight materials, they feel high quality. The SIEGE is solid with no pieces that feel easily breakable - not that I would be throwing it against a hard surface to test that theory. The ergonomics are also on target. Gripping the mouse feels natural and the buttons are placed in a natural, easily accessible range. A braided cord furthers the integrity and quality on display here, leading to a durable and dense connector where it meets the mouse. Size, however, may be an issue for some as it is a larger mouse; people with smaller hands may find it somewhat unwieldy at first.

Final Thoughts

To be certain, the SIEGE fulfilled its promise as an extremely capable gaming mouse. It upholds high quality and visual standards that, in my mind, definitely set it apart from more “common” gaming devices. It’s sleek, comfortable, and boasts the kind of high performance functionality that should satisfy gamers of any genre. 


  • Full button and lighting customization
  • Extremely accurate and ergonomic
  • Sound Blaster Connect app easy and effective to use
  • Fingerprint resistant and light, but sturdy materials


  • May not be suited for smaller hands
  • Mouse wheel LED color not customizable

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


Paul Eno