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Cougar DH07 and DH10 USB-C Docking Stations Review

Convenience, style, and a fantastic solution for Steam Deck and PC owners

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No matter who you are or what you are gaming on, PC users will always need a few more USB connections. If you have a Steam Deck or are into content creation, you will also find that solutions either cost too much or are unwieldy. The Cougar DS10 and DH07 docking station hubs provide specific solutions, whether you are using a laptop, desktop, or even the Steam Deck.  However, are there enough features on the Cougar DS10 and DH07 to warrant the price tags? Let’s find out!


  • Current Price:
    • DH10: $139.99 
    • DH07: $69.99

Cougar DS10 and DH07 Docking Station Hubs - What sets these apart?

The Cougar DS10 and DH07 docking station hubs are very similar in many aspects. Both Hubs offer SD card readers, HDMI output, and the ability to provide a powered connection. There is a size difference between the DS10 and DH07 and that is where many of the differences are ultimately found.

The DH07 docking station hub is arguably built a little bit more around portability. The body is more streamlined and there are fewer connections. I found this to be much more useful in portable applications than hooked up to something like my PC.

The DH10 docking station hub is larger, fancier, and while portable like the DH07, seemed to be more of a central hub for my workspace. The RGB LED window that is built into the top most certainly added some extra pizzaz and the extra USB ports make it a much more permanent fixture to my workspace.

Both of the Cougar docking station hubs have similar features. Each model has gen 2 USB-A connections, HDMI out, SD card reader, and power delivery via USB-C. When I checked the data transfer speeds on the USB connections, I was pleased to find that they are passthrough. That means there is no bottleneck and everything is just as fast as it would be directly connected.

With two separate models, there have to be some differences. Right? The DS10 ends up being the big brother of the series with juiced-up options. Instead of two Gen 2 USB connections, the DS10 offers two Gen 1 and two Gen 2 connections. The SD card reader is faster and is a UHS-II reader, not the standard UHS-I in the DS07. The HDMI out supports 4K 60fps instead of the 30fps found in the DS07. Finally, the DH10 hub also supports a 4-pole audio connection, and an ethernet LAN connection as well.

How Do the Cougar DS10 and DH07 Stand Up 

Already at this point as an add-on to any computer desk space, I would highly recommend either the Couger DS10 and DH07 docking station hubs. Each unit offers more than enough hubs and connections that I will never have to fish behind my PC to plug in, or disconnect, a cable again. At this point, you already have two huge thumbs up from me. It gets better though.

The PC space is growing and with the introduction of Valve’s Steam Deck, it’s much more portable too. The Steam Deck’s biggest flaw at this point is the lack of any form of USB connection outside of the single USB-C on the device. The Cougar DS10 and DH07 are both perfectly suited to fill the role.

While rigorously testing both hubs, I was pleased to see that my Steam Deck would charge when plugged into either docking station. The DS10 was slightly faster on the charge, but both worked well. I could use the USB connections for keyboard and controller compatibility, while I was able to connect virtually any other device to the unit with the docking stations.

More importantly, both of the Cougar docking stations allowed the Steam Deck video to be transferred to a larger display or TV via USB-C or HDMI. These docking stations open a world of possibilities for the portable Steam Deck. Want to sit on your couch and play on a TV? Hook up some wireless accessories and plug an HDMI into the TV. Want to stream gameplay from the Steam Deck? Run video output through your preferred capture device and stream away! Want to play on a higher-definition monitor? You can do that using your computer but if you want an extra step, connect the USB-C to the docking station and then to the computer.

Cougar DS10 and DH07 Docking Stations - Final Thoughts

Both of the Cougar docking stations are nearly flawless additions to any active gaming setup. On top of that, they are absolutely must-haves for anyone that owns a Steam Deck. Personally, I turned the DS10 into a desk companion that allows easy connections to my ASUS Chakram X mouse to recharge, and easy access to connect my 3D printer media to download print files.

I keep the DH07 tucked away in my Steam Deck case, under the elastic band. I use it to play on my TVs and also have a keyboard hooked up so I can navigate Linux systems with minimal tears. It’s certainly upped my usage of the system by about three-fold.

The Cougar DS10 and DH07 Docking Station Hubs will be selling for $XXX.XX and $XXX.XX respectively but their performance is well above other models on the market. If you own a Steam Deck or just want some zero latency options to expand your desktop or laptop experience, Cougar has you covered.

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.

  • Connections are pass-through so they are as fast as your computer can provide
  • Both docking stations are lightweight, yet sturdy for any use
  • The flexibility of both docking stations doesn’t leave anything to be desired and was compatible with every device tested
  • The DH07 did sometimes take a little effort to recognize SD cards inserted into the port
  • The DS10 does get a little warm if you leave the LED lights on. Not enough to damage anything but enough to surprise you. I’m not sure how that will effect the longterm life of the unit


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