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Cooler Master MP750 RGB Mousepad Review

Christopher Coke Posted:
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One of the most overlooked parts of any gamer’s setup is their mousepad. We should know: we’ve done it. When you finally step up and use a nice one, it’s enough to make you wonder why you waited so long to upgrade. Today, we’re looking at the latest high-quality pad from Cooler Master, the MP750. It features a soft surface, comes in an array of sizes and features full RGB illumination. Spoiler alert: it’s good.


  • MSRP: $34.99 (M), $44.99 (L), $54.99 (XL)
  • Product Name: MP750
  • Materials: Cordura Fabric (Surface), Rubber (Base)
  • Color: Black & Purple Accent
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Number of LEDs: 2
  • Software Customization: Yes
  • Software Synchronization: Yes
  • On-the-fly Controls: Yes - Default Effect Switch
  • Surface: Finely textured microscopic mesh, Swift-RX identical surface with water resistant coating
  • Connectivity: Micro USB
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Dimensions: 370 x 270 x 3mm (M), 470 x 350 x 3mm (L), 940 x 380 x 3mm (XL)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

The MP750 has a lot going for it. We were sent the XL version which is enough for both the keyboard and mouse, so I find my hands on it quite a bit. Coming from a hard mouse pad, it’s quite a difference and feels much better against the hand. Hard mouse pads can feel a bit like sandpaper against the skin, and the MP750 feels downright nice to touch.

The surface is soft and slick. This makes it easy for the mouse to glide across it, making it a good fit for even high speed, twitch reaction shooters. I also like that it’s firm enough that the mouse doesn’t press into it like some cheaper mouse pads; too much give and it a mouse pad can actually get in the way, which just shouldn’t happen. I use a number of different mice for reviews and didn’t have an issue with any of them. Some mice, like those from Logitech or ASUS, even allow you to calibrate the sensor for your surface, which is nice if you’re making the transition from a hard surface to soft.

Accidents happen, ya’ll, and the last thing you want is a soggy mess on your desk. Any water here will bead up and wipe right off thanks to the water resistance.

The bottom is your typical rubber, so it doesn’t slide around. It’s pleasantly grippy, which I find especially important with the larger pads that hold multiple peripherals. Since my keyboard is on it, I don’t want it shifting every time I shift position. The rubber grip makes sure it doesn’t move unless you want it to and also helps it lie completely flat, even when you’re first unrolling it from the box.

This is an RGB mouse pad which takes shape in a flexible diffuser bar stitched around the edges. It’s thick enough to stand out and look good without being uncomfortable under your arm. Taking a close look at the bar shows just how well done the stitching is, too. The soft pads I’ve used always had a tendency to separate and curl over time but this looks extremely well made, so I’m not concerned that will ever be an issue.

The MP750 can be controlled with or without software. A controller box lives in the upper left-hand corner. Pressing the button will cycle through a handful of preset colors and also a spectrum mode which cycles in a wave of colors (though isn’t a complete rainbow.)

Inside the software, you’ll find a bit more choice. The entire rim is driven by two LEDs, however, so you won’t find the kind of customization on a pad a dozen or more lighting zones. I suspect this is one of the ways Cooler Master kept the cost down - the XL version costs less than Razer or Corsair’s standard size RGB mouse pads - which comes with the usual trade-offs. That said, while I miss the full-on rainbow effect seen on their keyboards, most users will probably set it to a single color and leave it, which this is great for.

The downside, however, is that using two extra-bright LEDs leads to some hot-spotting. I don’t think it looks bad on any of the settings, but the uniformity in the colors fades the farther you get from the LED. In the future, even bumping this to four RGBs would be a big help.

Final Thoughts

I have to say, I like the approach that Cooler Master has taken this year. They’ve pushed to release accessories that keep costs low while still delivering features usually only found on their highest end products. The MP750 reminds me a bit of the CK552 mechanical keyboard in that way. The MP750 is a great mouse pad that looks good. Two LEDs is a bit... light... but it doesn’t stop it from looking good. If you’re looking for performance and RGB on a budget, the MP750 is ready to deliver.


  • Great mousing surface
  • Water resistant
  • Large diffuser bar looks good
  • Hardware and software customization
  • Affordably priced


  • Only 2 LEDs to customize feels a bit limiting and leads to hot-spotting

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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