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Cooler Master MP510 Mouse Pad and WR530 Wrist Rest - Accessories for Your Accessories

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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Usually, we think of peripherals as your mouse or your keyboard. There are, however, other pieces of equipment that are needed to take your gaming to the next level. Cooler Master is here to help with their  WR530 Wrist Rest and MP510 Mouse Pad. What kind of difference can a mouse pad and desk mat make? Let’s find out.


WR530 Wrist Rest

  • Materials: Styrene-butadiene Rubber
  • Surface: Jersey Cloth
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Surface Color: Black
  • Base Color: Black
  • Dimensions
    • Small: 359x95x18mm (14.33 x 3.74 x0.71 inch)
    • Large: 439x95x18mm (17.28 x 3.74 x 0.71 inch)
    • Extra Large: 550x95x18mm (21.65 x 3.74 x 0.71 inch)
  • Pricing:
    • Small - $6.99
    • Large - $9.99
    • Extra Large - $14.99

MP510 Mouse Pad

  • Materials
    • Top: Cordura Fabric
    • Bottom: Rubber
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 250x210x3mm (EU Only)
    • Medium: 320x270x3mm
    • Large: 450x350x3mm
    • Extra Large: 900x400x3mm
  • Pricing:
    • Small - (Only available in EU)
    • Medium - $14.99
    • Large - $19.99
    • Extra Large – $34.99

As you can see by the specs above, there are many size options for both the wrist rest and the mouse pad. For this review, I’m looking at the large-size WR530 as well as the Extra Large MP510 mouse pad. The first thing I will tell you is that I have mild Carpal Tunnel in my wrists, so the addition of the WR530 was instrumental in my decision to review it. Let me expand on this a bit more.

I have used numerous wrist rests in the past and still have a halfway decent one at work, however, the WR530 is the first one that has actually given my wrists relief. The feeling of the rubber material in conjunction with the jersey cloth surface material, will give you a soft, almost gel-like feeling when you rest your wrists on it. With the way the grip on the bottom of the WR530 is designed, it provides a well-placed anti-slip base for gaming and general use. Aside from comfort, the wrist rest it is also splash-proof. I took my finger and dripped a bit of water onto the pad and it instantly beaded up. It was easily wiped off and it was completely dry. This is a great feature for anyone who ever had an accidental spill.

Now to the MP510 Mouse Pad. As I mentioned earlier, I have the extra large version of this mouse pad and, let me tell you, at over 35” long, this thing is huge. If you need something for a mouse only, or maybe only a mouse and keyboard, one of the smaller mats will fit the bill. If you want something that will fit your entire desk to provide protection and enhance your look, then go for the extra-large.

After many hours of gaming and working on assignments for school, I can tell you that its surface also makes it very easy to use. The Cordura Fabric surface is stitched very tightly together, increasing the strength and durability of the MP510. Like the wrist rest, the pad also features splash proofing making it very good against spills as well.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, the MP510 and the WR530 are two pieces that can definitely enhance your gaming setup. The combination of comfort and durability will keep them on your desk for a long time and provide you with hours of reliable, comfortable use.


  • Rubber material is comfortable and easy on your wrists
  • Fits the height of the keyboard for seamless work
  • Spill Proof Coating


  • Mouse pad material is durable but can feel rough on the skin after hours of use

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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