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Choosing The Right Glasses For Your Gaming Lifestyle

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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As you get older, it becomes a hobby to look out for technology or medical advancement that will support aging well. Especially when you spend 10 plus hours per day on your computer. I cannot pretend I had my doubts. What helped me begin to be more optimistic toward this experience was the incredible variety of glasses Sports RX has to browse and how easy it is to do so. Having been to many optician retail stores in numerous countries throughout the world, I was blown away by the variety!   

It took well spent and enjoyed time to browse the perfect frames for my round, broad face. As I scanned the entire website I learned glasses that wrap the face are not suitable for certain prescriptions like mine though you can get further insertions should this be an absolute must. If you aren’t a prescription wearer you don’t have such restrictions so enjoy considering frames with Sports Rx BLUEDefense lens of any style! Cost is usually at the top of everyone’s priority list when buying gaming peripherals and I have to say Sports RX also  impressed me immensely on how many exceptional brands it supports so we can make the best choices for ourselves or perhaps even our children if we want to protect them early.

Short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other I needed a pair of computer friendly glasses I could wear anywhere, that aren’t too masculine or too feminine to match my casual style. Switching from the computer to use my iphoneX regularly, watching movies in 4K, working out on our cycle trainer or waterrower - glasses that are comfortable while being still or active are a must. Most importantly though I have two puppies. One is 10 weeks old so it is essential that I have glasses that can handle me grabbing them at all hours fumbling in the dark to tend to them or playing on the floor making my face prone to being loved by little teeth.

While I was deliberating, SportsRX themselves were working hard to help me include my prescription, face shape and lifestyle into any question or decision I made. I learned how to measure Pupil Distance. which was the only thing I had to do besides answer five questions. In two emails the prescription side of buying SportsRx BLUEdefense lenses was taken care of.

Price Considerations  

  • High Index Lens Material Upgrade - 167 (Prescription) $75.00
  • Vision Type  (Prescription) $125.00
  • Coating (BLUEdefense)   $120.00
  • Oakley Crosslink MNP Satin Black 55 $213.00

SportsRX glass frame prices start at $16.00

Excitedly settling on a frame from Oakley who are renowned internationally for durable yet lightweight pro-athlete glasses. The Crosslink MNP 55 Eyesize decision followed as Crosslinks are specifically named to identify with glass wearers that wish to transition from work to play seamlessly, exactly what I was after. Super light in weight with Oakleys specialized O Matter frame, I often forget I even have glasses on! MNP means Modular Nose Pad, made by TrueBridge available in  four sizes that you receive with your Oakleys to ensure the best fit which is so important to me as the rectangular wide glass shapes I prefer either don’t have them or don’t fit so glasses constantly slip. Along with your MNP’s you also receive a spare pair of black arms if you wish to change from the orange for any occasion that all fit within a heavy duty case. The 55 is the Eye Size. Crosslink MNP comes in four striking colors, being a huge fan of citrus colors I chose the Satin Black which is the orange pair but let’s get to the ultimate reason why we’re here.

What are SportRx BLUEdefense Gaming Glasses?

  • Promotes overall eye health, extending the longevity of an athlete’s gaming career
  • Filters harmful HEV blue light emitted from digital screens
  • Reduces glare and reflections from screens, fluorescent lights, and other light sources
  • Repels dirt, oil, moisture, and smudges, and is scratch resistant
  • Is offered in a variety of lens combinations that are tailored uniquely to specific games
  • Is available in prescription and can be placed into virtually any eyeglass frame

HEV (High-Energy Visible) blue light emitted from digital screens is harmful to our eyes especially in high, continuing doses. HEV light travels at 400 to 450 nanometers. Light becomes harmful to our eyes if it falls within 380 nanometers to 470 nanometers on the visible light spectrum. SportRx BLUEdefense blocks blue light within this range.

Having worn my initial prescription glasses for almost 3 months before I received my SportsRX glasses I had found marked improvement in everything but my intermediate vision which didn’t seem to be much different. My eyes were still feeling tired after long periods being on the computer and mild headaches were still occuring. By the time I was getting to actually play some games, focus needed was completely gone.

SportRX BLUEDefense lenses completely changed this for me. Wearing these now for three weeks I have noticed no strain and endured zero headaches with visible clarity being immediate. Even off screen, around my house and in the car my vision is clearer. More pronounced. Other health benefits will be more noticeable to me once my puppy is toilet trained knowing without a doubt sleep and clarity arrives much easier.

Out of pure curiosity I also purchased orange lensed safety glasses I could wear over my SportsRX BLUEdefense lenses to see if the color still made any difference and after a week of tests on my normal prescriptions then these ones I found it did not. Having studied the impact color properties have on our eyes visually as a design and natural element I was surprised with this finding 100% rounding out my faith again in glass lense technology. Something to also note for gaming is how comfortable my Oakley frames were under these safety glasses making me optimistic to wear these Oakley framed with Virtual Reality sets which I hope to test in the near future.

Final Thoughts

I am not only 100% in love with Sports Rx BLUEdefense but my faith in lense innovation for gaming glasses is restored again. BLUEdefense coating, considering frames that perfectly match your needs and getting prescriptions done regularly is so vitally important. I highly recommend not only blue light blocker Sports Rx BLUEDefense glasses but also Oakley as a great choice for sport orientated gamers. Most of all though, it’s Sports Rx themselves that make shopping for glasses online not only enjoyable but a positive learning experience. Summer is coming, maybe it is time to consider sunglasses that can also be worn at the computer? I know where I am going if I do!


  • Excellent selection of frame styles
  • User friendly site for navigation and research
  • Friendly and patient service experience
  • Easy forwarding prescriptions
  • Hassle free delivery
  • Bluedefense coating works legitimately improving quality of life dramatically making it worth $120 for something you will have for a long time


  • Other than brands no longer having  frames pictured that are no longer being manufactured prolonging choosing the perfect pair this is not really something that can be determined as a SportsRX issue but the brand itself. However it is the only con that I experienced.

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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