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Best of 2018: Hardware and Accessories

Christopher Coke Posted:
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It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time to look back on all of the amazing hardware and tech that’s released. We’ve already done our holiday gift guides but it’s officially time for the awards. This is MMORPG’s Best of 2018: Hardware and Accessories round-up!

Gaming Keyboard: Winner: Razer Huntsman Elite: The Razer Huntsman Elite is the premiere optical gaming keyboard on the market. Not only does it perform amazingly in games, we saw Razer include an amazing new feature with the multi-functional dial. It’s clacks are loud and its looks are glorious. If that sounds like a good mix to you, definitely give this keyboard a look!

Runner-up: Corsair K70 Mk.2 Special Edition: Corsair refreshed its keyboard lines with the new Mk. 2 line-up. The refresh looks great across the board but it’s the SE that really caught our eye. Featuring a brushed aluminum finishing and high-end PBT caps, it’s stunning to look at.

Enthusiast Keyboard: Winner: Input Club Kira: This keyboard has it all. It’s build to an impeccable standard, features a unique, compact layout perfect for gaming, has stunning RGB, and is completely programmable. Input Club topped themselves in every way. In our opinion, this isn’t just the best gaming keyboard but the best keyboard of the year.

Runner-up: Vortex Tab90: The Vortex Tab90 is a marvelous keyboard. It drops the RGB an instead focuses on easy on-board programmability and an awesome compact layout. The stock keycaps are DSA profile and great in their own right but we enjoyed swapping them out for a slick Carbon set to give it some unique flair.

Mouse - Winner: Logitech G Pro Wireless: The original G Pro mouse was beloved in the competitive community but Logitech went back to the drawing board this year and worked hand-in-hand with gaming pros to make this revision the best it could possibly be. It features the new HERO16K sensor for pristine tracking and excellent power efficiency, making worries about battery life and functionality a thing of the past and an exceptionally light weight for first-person shooters. The G Pro Wireless is simply an amazing mouse.

Runner-up: Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless: Keeping with the wireless trend, our runner up is the Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless. Steelseries has their own magic blend of technology to deliver a lag-free wireless experience. The Rival features complete programmability, excellent tracking, and a customizable weight system to tailor it to your taste.

Gaming Headset: Winner: Audeze Mobius: The most impressive headset we’ve looked at all year is, without question, the Audeze Mobius. It features planar magnetic drivers, which sound amazing for any kind of content, but is packed with features that push it ahead of any other gaming headset on the market. The most extraordinary features is the implementation of Waves NX head tracking technology. If you thought you knew surround sound, think again. This headset takes it to another level.

Runner-Up: Sennheiser GSP-550: It should come as no surprise that Sennheiser makes amazing gaming headsets but the GSP-550 is one of the best they’ve ever done. It’s extra comfy, open-backed for that wider soundstage, and features a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Dongle for immersive positional audio.

Headphones: Winner: Audio-Technica M50X BT: Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50Xs are some of the most well-known headphones around. This year, they refreshed that with a brand new bluetooth version. It brings everything we loved about the original - amazing sound, exceptional comfort, great build quality -  and lets you take it on the go. What more could you ask for? Stay tuned for our review this week!

Runner-up: V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition: When we reviewed the original Crossfade II Wireless’ in 2017, we walked away impressed. Not only were they super stylish, they’re built to a military specification, ready to go with you anywhere. The new Codex Edition takes all that and makes it even better new AptX support and a few key improvements to take things to the next level. Plus, add a BoomPro Mic and you have one of the best gaming headsets around! Review incoming in January.

Earbuds: Winner: RHA-MA750 Wireless: Before reviewing these at GameSpace, we hadn’t heard of RHA and are sorry we missed out. The RHA-MA750 wireless earbuds features pristine audiophile grade sound inside of a stainless steel package made to last. These quickly became Chris’ daily drivers after the review was over, holding firm through every single headphone review since.

Runner-up: Jaybird RUN: If True Wireless is more your style, it doesn’t get much better than the latest from market leaders Jaybird. The new RUN earbuds stay in place exceptionally well, sound great, and have a whole community of users creating custom EQs. Add to that great battery life and plentiful quick recharges with the included charge case and you have a real winner.

Gaming Speakers: Winner: Logitech G560: There’s only one winner here because so few companies make dedicated gaming speakers. Thankfully, Logitech’s G560 2.1 Gaming Speaker System is a powerhouse in its own right. It has volume and punch for immersive gameplay experiences and a game-integrated RGB backlight to give you realtime feedback - or just immersive bias lighting!

Microphone: Winner: Audio-Technica AT4040: Okay, we’re cheating here because the this microphone didn’t actually release in 2018 but good mics stand the test of time and this one definitely does. The Audio-Technica AT4040 is an incredibly well-respected microphone and for good reason: the sound quality it’s able to capture is out of this world. For streamers, podcasters, and content creators it sounds rich and natural thanks to its large diaphragm condenser capsule. If you’re looking for a professional quality microphone, this is the one you should be looking at.

Runner-up: Razer Seiren Elite: Looking toward the world of gaming, the Razer Serien series is always a solid bet for good quality without the need for an audio interface. The Seiren Elite is no exception, delivering great audio capture, an LED feedback ring to show when you’re clipping, zero latency feedback, and a great included mount.

Gaming Chair: Winner: Noblechairs HERO: Noblechairs makes good chairs, we all know that, but with the new HERO, they’ve topped themselves. It’s big, comfortable, and built to an impeccable standard. We loved the high quality stitching and supple real leather on our review model and the adjustable lumbar support eliminates the need for an extra pillow.

Runner-up: Arozzi Verona XL+: We’ve looked at lots of gaming chairs this year but the Verona XL+ definitely stands out. Our reviewer found it to be extra comfortable, stylish, and well-built!

Head over to page two for our component winners, best RGB gear, and specialized accessories!

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