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Arozzi Visione VX-800 Gaming Optics: Easy on the Eyes

Christopher Coke Posted:
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I have a confession to make: when Arozzi approached me about trying a new pair of their Visione VX-800 glasses, I was skeptical. Like many of you, I’ve sat on the sidelines as gaming glasses have become popular, assuming they weren’t any different than the yellow-tint glasses you can find at your local dollar store. I was wrong. Consider me a convert, because I’m now a nightly gaming glasses wearer.


  • MSRP: $59.90 (Current Amazon Price: $45.30)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel/ACETATE
  • Lens diameter: 55mm / 2.17in
  • Lens depth: 36.6mm / 1.44in
  • Nose bridge: 18mm / 0.71in
  • Arm length: 135mm / 5.31in
  • Weight: 33 g / 0.073lb

For years, we’ve heard about the negative effects of blue light. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, modern screens emit shortwave blue light. Many of us don’t notice the amount of blue light we’re taking in throughout the day. We’re so used to looking at screens that the consequences of eye strain and difficulty falling asleep are often missed. I’d heard about these effects and have even toyed with blue light filters on my test monitors and Galaxy Note 8 but never really stuck with it.

Being able to sample Arozzi’s Visione One gaming glasses have really changed my perception about why products like this and settings on smart devices are needed. I made a point to use them every time I was on my computer, especially in the evenings. I’m not kidding when I say it’s changed my work and gaming life.

When I first received my VX-800s, I was surprised by just how premium everything felt. They come in a nice display box, which is to be expected, but they also come with a very nice carbon fiber-styled case that’s far better than the one that came with my normal (and dramatically more expensive) glasses. Is also comes with a pair of replacement screws and nose clips, a nice microfiber cleaning cloth, and a microfiber carrying case to protect the lenses even further inside the case. The glasses are made of stainless steel and have nice snappy hinges. I’ve been a glasses wearer my whole adult life and these are well made specs.

Putting them on for the first time, I was surprised at just how effective they are. I’ve used the cheap blue light filter glasses you can pick up from the dollar store. I’ve used the night time driving glasses with their yellow lenses that I assumed were the same. The filter on the Visione’s is more effective than both. It’s not like looking through a plain yellow tinted lens (it’s still tinted, of course).

The other key part is that the lenses are crystal clear. Sunglasses, for example, can sometimes feature ripples that are imperceptible until you’re actually looking through them. It doesn’t take long for a headache to set in. For glasses like these, the goal is to be able to forget you’re wearing them and focus on your screen. They work perfectly for that. 

When I said they changed my work and gaming life, I wasn’t exaggerating. With two toddlers in the house and a demanding day job, I do a lot of my gaming and writing in the evening. I used to write off a lot of my eye strain to being tired after a long day. With these glasses, I can spend hours at my PC and walk away without the telltale sting in my eye. After all this time, it’s only now that I’m really realizing how much my PC was drying my eyes out and making me feel more tired after an already long day.

Blue light is also known to disrupt the circadian rhythm by making it harder to fall asleep at night. Between the Visione’s and my phone’s blue light filter, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of blue light I’m exposed to and am having a much easier time drifting off to sleep.

The only downsides have to do with the lenses themselves. First, reports circulating online say that the lenses are easy to scratch. I used the microfiber carrying case inside the hardshell case and haven’t had any issues at all, but it’s something to be aware of. What I have noticed is that I can sometimes catch the reflection of my eyes on the inside of the lenses. It’s not a major issue and doesn’t happen all the time, but can be a be distracting when you notice it.

Final Thoughts

This is one of those “of course” moments for me. This is what I’d been hearing about but never wanted to put up the money or effort to take care of myself. I can now get my work done and be able to spend more time with my wife without feeling quite so wiped out at the end of the day, and that’s more valuable than anything I’ve ever reviewed. For that reason alone, they’re worthwhile.


  • Well made
  • Come with a good assortment of accessories
  • Lots of styles to fit your taste
  • Affordable


  • Lenses can reflect your eyes back at you

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