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Arozzi Verona XL+ Gaming Chair Review

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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Every once in a while, a company just does something right, and the funny thing about it is that they still want better. Arozzi is a big name in the world of gaming chairs and gaming desks, and now they want to take their chairs to the next level. The Verona XL+ is the highest quality chair they have built to date. How? Find out in our official review.


  • MSRP: $399.00 USD – (Available Here)
  • Materials: Reinforced & Durable Metal Frame, Solid Aluminum 5-star Base, Soft Pleather Cover, Backrest (Cutting Foam), Seat (Molded Foam)
  • Ergonomic Design Adjustable Headrest Pillow and Lower Back Lumbar Pillow
  • Extra Large Design
    • Dimensions: 22.8 IN (L) x 22.4 IN (W) x 54.3 IN (H)
    • Backrest Width (Shoulder Level): 58CM
    • Backrest Width (Point of Contact): 40CM
    • Seating Width (total): 57CM
    • Seating Depth (total): 50CM
    • Seat Height (with base): 65 – 81CM
    • Backrest Height: 84CM
    • Weight: 56.2 pounds
    • Holds up to 350 pounds
    • Adds 4cm extra width and 2cm height from the next comparable chair the Verona V2
    • Extra Spacious Seat and Backrest
  • Functionality
    • Tilt Feature to find a spot you like and lock it, or rock back and forth
    • Rocking Feature: 12 Degree Rock with an adjustable wheel to set resistance
    • Recline Feature: 4 Degree increments up to 165 Degree recline
    • Adjustable Arm Rests: 1-dimensional adjusting up and down
    • Gass Lift Class 4 allows you to raise and lower the chair at desired heights.


There are a lot of gaming chairs out there, and most of them have the traditional bucket racing seat. Little about that image changes with the Verona XL+ but Arozzi has made a couple of smart upgrades. The seat itself is still a bucket seat, however, it now adds extra width and height to the seat and backrest, and this gives you more room so that you don’t feel cramped into it. I used to own bucket racing seats for an old car and I can tell you first hand that this chair has that feel but gives you the extra space you need to be comfortable. You don’t need to be super tall for this chair to fit you perfectly either. I am 6’0” and I can reach the floor without a problem, the backrest adjusts for me so that I am sitting in a position which promotes excellent posture, and the lumbar support provided gives your back something to rest on.

Whether you use this chair for gaming or just wanted something nicer for yourself to work on, you’ll be in for a treat. I have had the misfortune to own only basic office chairs for the past eight years, and I can definitely tell you that the Verona XL+ is a breath of fresh air. It’s well made and comfortable beyond anything I’ve used. I now sit in the best chair I have ever owned and it feels like a throne. I don’t want any usurpers to try and take it from me especially with winter coming.

The day my chair was supposed to arrive I waited with bated breath, so imagine my surprise when the first I heard of the driver was when he closed his truck doors. If I had experienced it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it without experiencing it myself, and the reason is that the box was so large. When I opened up the packaging, I saw everything placed in the box was nice and neat. Nothing was freely moving about, which made me feel good that the shipping of these chairs is done with an amount of professionalism that protects it from damage.  Every piece of this chair was wrapped up nicely and I unwrapped them just as nicely.

Putting the chair together was not that difficult. The best thing about the instructions in the box was a little note card that came with it. It mentioned before doing anything else to remove the screws from the sides of the backrest. This is important because you need to connect the base of the chair to the backrest of the chair. Once you affix these two pieces together you can go about assembling the 5-star base. Made of a solid aluminum, you can be sure that this is a heavy, sturdy foundation. The wheels went into the base very easily and snapped in so that you knew they were secure. Next, you simply add the lift covers before attaching the lift itself to the base of the seating section. After you secure those few screws all that is left is to press the chair onto the base, attach the screw covers for the sides of the chair and the handles. With that being said, it took me a grand total of about twenty minutes to put this chair together.

Once you have it all together it looks amazing, but it isn’t until you take your first seat that you can decide how much you like it or not. The pleather upholstery works very well with the style of chair. I have sat in it with shorts, pants, pajamas, and have not had a single issue with slipping or moving in any way that I didn’t want to move or with sticking to it (at least in our current NY climate, we’ll see in the summer). The seat itself is wide enough for me to sit comfortably and is deep enough to make me feel like people of any size should be comfortable.

The backrest is key in the Verona XL+. It is tall enough for taller people, and it is good enough for shorter people as well. The movable back and headrest cushions have good movement with the elastic bands they are attached to, and this helps with many people of different heights to sit well. My wife and my father have both sat in the chair as well and both had no problems with anything we have just discussed. So far I have spent over twenty-four hours in the chair over the weekend doing work and playing games, and the foam seating has seen no movement. It definitely seems like the quality of the chair is where you would expect it to be for something designed for extended use.

The best part for me really is the lower back support. Having it attached to moveable elastic straps has been really good because I can adjust them perfectly, and then they stay where you put them. The biggest issue I’ve faced is sitting behind a desk for the past thirteen years working customer service without a proper chair. With the Verona XL+, I can truly say my back has never felt better.

Final Thoughts

I have only spent a couple of days with the Arozzi Verona XL+ but it has changed how I view chairs as a whole. I have already thrown out my old desk chair and installed this at my desk full-time. The way Arozzi continues to show their quality and stability astonishes me more every day. As you know I have had the opportunity to review the Arozzi Arena and Leggero gaming desks, and everything to this date has been on point. From my perspective the best gaming hardware as far as chairs and desks are coming from Arozzi right now.


  • Adjustable support cushions
  • Extra large space for every size person
  • Comfortable out of the box


  • The weight of the seat and backrest with the lift altogether made it awkward to assemble

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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