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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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It can hard to find a fitting place to connect all of your devices. You want to have your gaming rig set up with your microphone, and speakers, and all of your other peripherals - and gamers have more than most. Arozzi is here to help with a gaming desk that gives you space, stability, and all-important cable management. What makes a gaming desk? Let’s find out in our review of the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk.


  • MSRP: $399.00
  • Dimensions: 27.9” – 31.9” (H) x 32.3” (L) x  63” (W) – Legs 48” width
  • Desktop Top Load Capacity: 176lb evenly distributed
  • Customized Full Desk Mouse Pad – Microfiber cloth surface, water-resistant and machine washable – 5mm thick – 7lb weight
  • All Metal Base
  • Desktop made of High Density, Solid Construction Materials
  • Five Colors (Leg Base) – Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White

Gaming desks seem to be all over the market right now, and you could certainly find one suited to your house or needs just by turning to Google, but that would be a mistake. A desk is one of the most fundamental pieces of your your setup, and there’s at least one company with the reputation to make a solid, stable desk tailor made for gaming: Arozzi. They’ve made their name on gaming chairs, so it’s fitting we’d see them take on the other half of the equation with a gaming desk.

When you look into buying a desk for your setup, you’ll be thinking about a few key areas: size, stability, and cable management. In all of these areas, Arozzi scores big. They also throw in a customized mouse pad with each desk that fits the desktop. Let’s take a closer look.

The Desktop

We all want to have a desktop that is large enough and sturdy enough to hold all of our monitors, peripherals, and desktops, and the size of this desk is perfect for just that. With the ability to hold up to 176 pounds evenly distributed, you can safely move your desktop from the floor and build your dream multi-monitor setup on top of that. That upper limit is enough for even the most extravagant of battlestations.

The Arena is also spacious. As you can tell from the picture above, I was able to fit two monitors and a tower with room to spare for a laptop on the right. You could fit three monitors if you like - that’s right boys and girls, welcome to the Bat Cave. To be quite honest, with three monitors on your desk and a set of RGB peripherals, you’ll probably feel a bit like Batman as you sit down and plug yourself in for a long gaming session.

Which leads to another feature of the Arena desk, the angles. The front of this particular desk is curved on the interior so that when you sit down you won’t immediately be hitting a hard edge. This is a good ergonomic feature for any gamers out there who may need a little extra space.

Another key feature that all computer enthusiasts and not just gamers should enjoy is the ability to easily manage your cables. Each desk comes with not one, not two, but three rounded holes cut into them. These holes make for the perfect way to route your cables so that they are hidden and out of the way. Well sure, routing holes are a neat addition on the top of the desk but what about all the draping underneath? My friends, kicking your cables is a thing of the past. Once those cables go through the holes they are immediately filter into a mesh that allows the cables to go where they need to while also keeping them out of site and away from your feet.

With traditional desks, you’ll be stuck buying cable clips and raceways for extra cost, so this is a nice feature for building a clean, flashy setup.

Full Surface Mouse Pad

One of the key things that the Swedish design team making the Arena included here was the full surface mouse pad. The pad is made up of a microfiber cloth surface which is water-resistant and machine washable, so if you spill water on it then you won’t have a problem cleaning it off. My daughter spilled milk on it, and I watched it bead up, allowing me to quickly wipe it off with no stain or wet spot. Being machine washable means that all the normal dust and dirt that builds up over time can easily be cleaned out, making the pad like new for a fresh gaming experience.

The mouse pad itself is relatively thin and is surprisingly easy on your wrists. I have used several mouse pads in the past and a lot of them tend to rough up your wrists after an eight-hour gaming session. After exhaustive testing, this mouse pad simply does not. It allows you to easily glide your mouse over top of its surface while having enough fabric there to keep devices like your keyboard in place.


One of the most important elements of any desk is that it’s rock solid. With the Arena, you have this stability. The base of each leg is secured safely into the desktop by four heavy-duty screws and another four into the base of the legs. If you do find any wiggle, the legs each have four rubber feet on them which can be unscrewed as well to offer a little more stability.

Each leg is adjustable, as well, and all it takes is a little elbow grease to raise or lower its height. I have two desks currently and I wanted them to be the same size, but the Arena was half an inch too short. The easy answer was to unscrew each side of the legs and push up on the bottom of the desk base. After a few tries, the height issue was gone and I was able to pair them for a nice “L” formation.

The Setup Process

I would be remiss if I went through this entire review without mentioning how easy the setup process is. From the moment I opened the box and found everything in its a specific slot, I took one look and knew I could do it. The instructions were very simple and were only about six pages long. From in the box to together and upright took a grand total of about thirty minutes. The Arena is one of the easiest desks I have ever put together.

Final Thoughts

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the perfect melding of materials and design to make an excellent gaming surface. The addition of the cable management holes and supporting mesh,  and the microfiber mouse pad with slits premade for those channels makings taking your setup to the next level as easy as can be. The ability to adjust its height, the curved inner edge, and the overall size of the desk, I was fully satisfied with the form and function of the desk and the clean look when it was done.

I have owned several desks in my day, and the Arena is the best yet. I used to be restricted to a very small space for my dual-monitor setup. Now, I have keep every single peripheral I have on its top just to have them there. Recommended.


  • Spacious
  • Full surface mouse pad is high quality and washable
  • Built-in cable management makes creating a professional looking setup easier than ever
  • Sturdy while also being height adjustable


  • Adjusting height can be cumbersome

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


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