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Andaseat: Spirit King Gaming Chair: A True King?

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When it comes to gaming chairs, most of us go somewhere local and grab a cheap office chair.  It’s cost effective, gets the job done, game over... Until it breaks in six months and then we’re forced to buy another one.  I had the chance to try the new Andaseat Spirit King and will be comparing it to my current gaming chair. Is it worth the $329.99?

As gamers we spend a lot of time sitting down at the computer.  It took me 15 years to realize that I wanted something “comfortable” to sit in that will last, instead of just something affordable.  My thoughts on comfort used to be “meh, this works!”  Yet it didn’t.  I’d have mad backaches, a sore rear end, and just no stamina to play.  That’s where these gaming chairs come into play.  Comfort and support give you everything you need to sit for long hours grinding your favorite game.  Let’s look at the specs of this Spirit King!


  • MSRP: $329.99
  • Andaseat Spirit King: AD4XL-05
  • Seat Height: 21.26 in
  • Seat Height: 18.90 in
  • Seat Depth: 23.03 in
  • Seat Width: 21.65 in 
  • Backrest Height: 34.17 in
  • Backrest Shoulder Width: 23.82 in
  • Weight Capacity: <441 lbs 
  • Recommended Weight: 397 lbs
  • Features High Density Mould Shaping Foam, with a density of 60-65 kg/m3
  • Steel Framework with PVC Covering
  • Adjustable 3D Armrests
  • 5-Star Aluminum Base

I listed the “must know” specs, plenty more listed here if you are interested!

Andaseat isn’t a newcomer to the chair business.  While you may not know the name, they’ve been making chairs since 2007.  In 2016 they created the company now known as Andaseat dedicated to creating the most comfortable gaming chair in the world.  But does it live up to that claim?

The AD4XL-05 “Spirit King” is a big boys’ (or girls’) chair.  It’s made for the larger crowd, and definitely something I needed.  I’m a large guy, I’m 6’4 and weigh in at 260 lbs.  When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to try this beast.  It’s a bit larger than my DXRacer, and has a lot more room in the backrest as it doesn’t jut sharply inwards towards you like the DXRacer does.  

The quality is there, yet lacking in at least one area in my opinion.  The seat.  Both of these chairs feature the same type of foam, yet the DXRacer has a density of 50 kg/m3 whereas the Spirit King has a density of 60-65 kg/m3, but the seat on the Spirit King doesn’t feel as “soft” and comfortable as the DXRacer. It may break in over time, however. 

When you’re talking about foam density, the higher the number, the more material is involved, and the more support is provided.  Higher density allows you to have more support, which in turn allows the foam to not “bottom out” under body weight.  But don’t mistake, higher density does not mean there is more comfort.  Foam can come in high density with a soft feel or firm feel to it, same with low density foam.  Firmness does not equate to density; they are independent of each other.  

So what’s different?  I’m not sure, but it may simply be Andaseat is newer and needs sit time to soften.  The DXRacer has a lower density count, but both being the same kind of foam, it should feel relatively the same -- which they do slightly.  I’ve noticed on longer sits the Spirit King starts to make my rear a bit more sore than it would have been in my DXRacer, but I hope that changes in time. 

The other option may be the material they used to cover each chair.  The upholstery used to cover your chair can impact comfort level a few different ways.  On the Spirit King, they’ve used a stretchy PVC leather.  I actually like this more than the DXRacer’s mesh cover as it’s far easier to clean.  That being said, the mesh is extremely soft in comparison to the PVC leather.  This could be why it feels so different to me. 

That rest of the chair bears absolutely no complaints.  In short intervals of an hour or so, the Spirit King is superior in every way.  As mentioned above, I think the PVC leather is the cause of the discomfort over time, but that’s literally the only thing I can complain about.

A feature I never use much, but I can see get a ton of use by some people, is the tilt mechanism.  You get 90 to 160 degrees of tilt on this bad boy.  You literally can lay down in it if you wanted to.  Pair that with the nice rocking lock bar, and you’re golden.  The rocker lock is pretty sweet.  Most chairs you have pre-cut areas where you have to lock into, this one doesn’t seem to be like that.  I literally can unlock it, put it exactly where I want it, and lock it down and it stays.  This was a huge bonus for me.

Ergonomics-wise it’s right there with the DXRacer, if not better.  Without having the wings on the chair biting into you at various spots, you can sit properly and utilize the chair to the fullest.  Unlike some companies that just throw stuff on it that looks cool, everything on the chair has a good practical use.  The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of in terms of ergonomics was the lumbar support.  It’s a rather large support cushion.  I love the neck pillow, but have not used the lumbar support.  I found myself having a hard time sitting straight with it. As I said I’m a large guy, felt like it was pushing me out of the chair. Each of the cushions were extremely easy to install and use.  They use a snap system to snap the two pieces together with a little clip.  Overall, I can honestly say I’ve had less back problems with this chair than I had with my DXRacer.  That’s a definite plus in my book!

Let's take a moment and talk about the base and wheels for a minute. Most won’t care, I know, but this is huge for me.  I don’t like having a plastic base for my chairs.  It feels cheap and not a great feel or look.  Andaseat went above and beyond to put a nice aluminum base on this Spirit King!  Pair that with the 65mm PU covered wheels, and man it just glides across the carpet!  I don’t know about you, but having a solid foundation with awesome wheels is just key to having a pleasing chair experience.

Putting it together was pretty simple.  After putting a few of these “racing chairs” together for not only myself, but work and friends, they’re almost all identical.  It’s straightforward and easy.  The directions were simple and I doubt anyone would have any issues putting it together.  I did it by myself, but it’s recommended to have at least an additional person to help you.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a chair to replace that old office chair you got, look no further!  Andaseat has done an outstanding job on the Spirit King series of chairs.  Just keep in mind that these are for the big and tall crowd.  If you’re looking for quality, comfort, and a chair that pleases the eyes, the  AD4XL-05 is definitely what you want!

The chair is available from Andaseat for $329.99


  • Full steel frame, high density foam
  • Amazing Adjustability - Tilt is Awesome!
  • Aluminum Base with awesome wheels
  • Simple Assembly


  • PVC Leather possibly causing discomfort
  • Huge Lumbar Cushion

The product discussed in this review was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review.


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