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Andaseat Kaiser 2 Series Review

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Recently released by AndaSeat, the Kaiser 2 is the update to its popular Kaiser gaming chair. Currently, it comes in all-black or a black/maroon design. The Kaiser 2 features DuraXtra AD+ Leather that is described by Andaseat as premium artificial leather. Coupled with the 4D armrest and luxurious head and lumbar pillow. Will Kaiser 2 prove itself among the vast chairs in the market? Here is our review of the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 premium gaming chair.


  • Current Price: $499.99 (Amazon)
    • AndaSeat is currently running a Back to School promotion with a steep discount, bringing the price down to $349.99 (there is a matching -$150 coupon on Amazon currently). Visit the Back to School promo site to find out more. 
  • Model: AndaSeat Kaiser II
  • Material: LeatherAD Plus PVC Leather
  • Framework: AD S+ framework
  • Base: XL Aluminium five star
  • Caster: XL universal casters PU covered
  • Foam: AD Mould Foam
  • Mechanism: XL heavy-duty Multi-functional tilt
  • Tilt Angel Locker: Yes
  • Piston: Heavy-duty Class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Chair/Seat: BackFull-length backrest
  • Recline: High-grade spring 90°-160°
  • Armrest: 4-Directional, soft PU covered
  • Head Pillow: AD Memory M size
  • Lumbar Pillow: AD Memory XL size
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Package size87(L)*66(W)*42(H)cm
  • Weight33.8kg
  • Warranty: 5-years AD Care* excl. wear and tear
  • Maximum Load: Static: 200kg
  • Maximum Load: Dynamic: 150kg
  • Maximum height: 210cm
  • Backrest Shoulder Width(cm): 60.5cm
  • Armrest to Armrest: 73-75.5cm
  • Seatbase Width inner: 42cm
  • Seatbase Width incl sides: 58cm
  • Armrest sideways adjustability: 2.5cm
  • Wheelbase Diametre: 76cm
  • Length of Backrest: 87cm
  • Armrest Height Adjustability: 9cm
  • Armrest lowest-Highest: 63.5-78cm
  • Seat Depth: 54cm
  • Floor to Seatbase: 49cm-56cm
  • Height Adjustment: 7cm

Chairs have had an interesting evolution. From stiff and ridge to crazy ergonomic designs. What sets them apart is not always the design but the quality of the chair as a whole. With each year different brands release new gaming chairs always claiming to be high-quality or ergonomic just to find they are a rehash of the same chair just with a fancy new look.The Kaiser 2 by AndaSeat breaks the mold and is an excellent new entry. This premium gaming chair features andaseat’s PVC leather known as DuraXtra AD+ Leather. This artificial material can perfectly emulate the feel and strength of real leather. The purpose of this bonded material is with comfort in mind while being strong and scratch-resistant. Supported by andaseat’s full tubular steel frame that is bent and shaped instead of being cut and welded. 

During long gaming sessions, the body is put under various amounts of stress and fatigue. This is why comfort and ergonomics play a huge factor when determining if a particular gaming chair is right for the job. While every user has a slightly different posture and seating style, the core requirements are the same. You need to have lumbar support to reduce fatigue and pain in the lower spine. Comfortable cushioning to support your body for short to long periods and needs to hold up to the abuse. Last but not least is a headrest to reduce stress and fatigue in the neck. If all of these needs are met then the user should experience increased productivity and performance. While reducing these elements the body can focus more precisely on the task at hand. A good example would be setting up a sniper camp. You may need to be very still for extended periods while searching for the target.

Let’s be honest, the gaming world is not the only market that benefits from these gaming chairs. More often they are now being found in the office scene for precisely the same reasons. With the body relaxed and supported the user can perform their duties at a more efficient rate. This can result in fewer needed breaks that will directly increase performance and efficiency. 

AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair - Assembly

Once the chair arrived, I started with my typical inspection of each piece to conclude if everything was present while simultaneously checking for damages that may have occurred during shipping. I was pleased to find that Andaseat did a wonderful job securely packing the parts in the box and keeping them well protected. I proceeded to continue with the assembly of the chair. 

The instructions provided are well detailed and provide adequate guidance on how to assemble it. The provided double-ended allen key meant that no additional tools were required. The screws themselves were threaded easily and everything lined up perfectly. Depending on previous experience your mileage may vary when it comes to assembly time.

AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair - Ergonomics and Comfort

First impressions of the chair were pleasant. I spent a few hours the first day just getting to know the chair. The molded foam cushions provide comfort due to how well the materials have been put together. Never once did the experience become uncomfortable. The material did provide enough breathing room and did not promote a hostile environment known as sweat. 

Hours of gameplay the chair is performing admirably. This gave me a thought, so the next day I took this to my office since I am at work more time I figured this would also be a good test. Not only is this beautiful chair out of the reach of my cat, but I was also finally able to ditch the expensive office chair that honestly did not provide enough lumbar support and was a short-back chair. The Kaiser 2 offered another thing I took for granted, the headrest. Working for long extended hours can cause a lot of fatigue. Often I am in need to get up and walk around. Though this is a healthy choice, it is nice to be able to sit and be comfortable for longer periods as this enables me to maintain my focus and complete my work without feeling like I just spent 24 hours on a 2-hour task. It did not take long before my co-workers became intrigued by the chair and have also now tested it. So it would seem it is a hit in the office in more ways than one.

I fully enjoyed the extra attention to the backrest as this provides lateral support as well, much as a real racing seat would. Posture is something that over time you pay less attention to. This results in odd sitting positions that could create stress and fatigue in your body far more than you realize. AndaSeat has you covered thanks in part to the contouring of the backrest and support pillows. This is a culmination of over a decade of research, the aim, of course, is to target supporting improved posture and comfort. 

The Kaiser 2 was well balanced while using the various degrees of reclines. Without a footrest, it was hard to find a suitable position to lay completely. With that being said it was a welcome addition to my day-to-day activities. The solid feel of this char is supported by the aluminum wheelbase and when needed gilded effortlessly. I would also urge players to check the lowest height specs before purchase. At the lowest height setting, it seemed taller and I was not able to fully plant my feet on the floor. The floor to seat base is 49cm-56cm.

As with most gaming chairs, the Kaiser 2 came with an included lumbar and neck support pillow. More often than not these are cheap inclusions that have zero thought put into them other than “let’s throw it in.” AndaSeat did a great job at providing cushions that not only function but look luxurious and fit the aesthetics of the chair. Even better is these two pillows are easily detachable via the quick connect clips and straps giving the user more options for adjustments and positioning.

I cannot even say this enough, the chair is rock solid. This is due to the build quality that AndaSeat has designed. Unlike cheaper methods that include cutting and welding metal together to make the frame, AndaSeat shapes the frame out of a solid piece of steel that is bent and rolled to shape it. This creates a more rugged structure that will not snap or warp over time. While it is hard to determine exactly what this chair will do in the years to come, I hope it will prove itself continuously.

Last but certainly not least, the 4D armrests. This feature is something that I had to get used to overtime. Now having a few chairs with this feature was of course much easier. I love how I can adjust them on the fly to whatever state I need. When I put my chair away I can lower them. When I am watching movies or even have my 6-year-old sit with me, I can make those fine adjustments from forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and even angle inward & outward. I would even go as far as to say, I would be slightly lost without the 4D armrests. In truth, AndaSeat is not the first or last to include such a design aspect. I will say their implantation is on point. The construction is solid and feels durable and is easy to actuate. My only suggestion would have been that they included more cushioning.

Final Thoughts

During my testing period, the Kaiser 2 smashed my expectations. The PVC leather is durable and breathable. No early signs of wear have been detected. The foam and upholstery have maintained shape and for and show no signs of early wear. Overall the chair has a pleasant comfy feel while maintaining posture. If you are in the market for a premium chair that can be used for gaming or even cubicle warfare at the office the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 is a great choice at a currently discounted price of $349.99 at Amazon or through AndaSeat's Back to School sale. It's a harder sell at the stock $499 Amazon price but for a high-quality XL chair, remains a satisfying purchase. 

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.
  • PVC Leather is strong and durable
  • 4D armrests are very adjustable
  • 100% bent steel frame for added durability
  • Solid and stable
  • Comfortable even over long gaming sessions (sans armrests)
  • Lacks good armrest cushioning
  • Limited color options
  • May be too tall for some


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