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1More Aero True Wireless Earbuds Review

Stellar Quality at an Affordable Price

Aaron Couture Posted:
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1More brings  “flagship”  quality earbuds at an affordable price. While the 1More EVO True Wireless earbuds is 1More’s flagship earbuds, the 1More Aero’s have raised the bar for the next generation of true wireless earbuds for the company. The 1More Aero’s appear to be replacing their ComfoBuds Pro Wireless earbuds that are normally $99.99. The Apple AirPod style earbuds come packed with new and upgraded features in comparison to the ComfoBuds while adding features from the 1More EVO earbuds. Find out what you can get from these “flagship” packed earbuds at a mid-tier price in our review!


  • Current Price:  $109.99 (1More)
  • Spatial Audio: Dynamic head-tracking technology via built-in gyroscope;
  • QuietMax active noise-canceling (ANC);
    • 5 ANC Modes: Strong, Mild, Wind Noise Resistant, Adaptive, Transparency
  • Smart Loudness Technology;
  • Wireless charging
  • Battery Life:
    • ANC off: 7 hours of battery life (up to 28 total with case);
    • ANC on: 5 hours of battery life (20 hours total with case)
    • 15 min Quick Charge for 3 hrs
  • Bluetooth 5.2;
    • Bluetooth protocol: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • 6 microphones for call clarity;
  • Dual-device connectivity; and
  • IPX5 Water Resistant

1More Aero - First Impressions and Key Features

One of the most important key features (besides sound quality) in true wireless headsets is, how much noise can be canceled with the ANC technology. The 1More earbuds are able to block up to 42dB of noise. SO what exactly is 42dB? 40dB is considered normal noise levels or “common” conversation. That might not sound that significant, but earplugs are commonly rated at 20-30dB of noise reduction. In terms of earbuds or headphones, Sony’s WH-1000XM4 over-the-ear ($350 flagship headphones) are considered the best for ANC at around 45dB. Most earbuds are rated closer to 20-30dB. Seeing how the 1More Aero earbuds are not even the flagship true wireless earbuds in 1More’s lineup, getting premium ANC is a wonderful feature to have at this price point. 

To test out the quality of the ANC in all five modes, I used my motorcycle that, at idle, is rated at 85dB. Alongside the 1More Aero’s, I tested the Jabra Elite 65t Active, PaMu Z1, and the Soundpeats H1.  While the Soundpeats’ and PaMu Z1’s are considerably lower in price, they were great in quantifying what 42dB’s of noise canceling meant. Normally I wear my Jabra Elite 65t's while riding because they do have  great ANC technology. The test between the earbuds did prove that the 1More ANC was stronger than the others. The amount of noise canceling was not subtle between the four earbuds. 1More made the exhaust noise just a dull pitter-patter. If ANC is just as important to you as it is to me, the 1More earbuds are a definite must for drowning out noise.

One feature I was interested in, but never tested in earbuds before was the Spatial Audio with dynamic head-tracking technology via built-in gyroscope. In perspective, in the early 1980’s Nissan (then known as Datsun) came out with “talking car” technology. Later Crystler ran with the idea by using the same synthesized voice used in Speak-and-Spell to pioneer the infamous “Your door is ajar” trend. I use trend lightly because we did not have memes back then. While having your car speak warnings to you was handy, it quickly became annoying. To this day some cars still talk, but not at the level Crystler brought to the industry. 

That said, I was giddy to hear how the Spatial audio worked. As I turned my head from side to side I could hear a light shift in the music I was listening to. It wasn’t as extreme as throwing the sound fully from one side to the next by almost shutting off the sound in one ear, it was more of a slight tickle to the eardrums. At first it brought a smile to my face. I thought, “what a cool new technology!” You can probably guess what I thought after spending two weeks with the Spatial Audio on everytime I went to the gym by the history lesson above. You guessed it, after a while it got me wondering why this instead of LDAC or aptX HD. I find LDAC and aptX HD coding more useful in true wireless earbuds than a gyroscope that makes me want to keep my head stationary. I can understand that a company needs to have clear differences between their products to entice consumers at each economic level, but I feel it is better to focus on premium sound features like the 1More EVO has instead of near pointless technological gimmicks. I turned off the Spatial audio and that is where that setting will stay for the life of the earbuds.

1More Aero’s Performance

Sound quality, comfort and performance is the main driver for wanting earbuds or headphones. People that buy earbuds generally prefer them over headphones because they are more discrete and easier to wear while performing intense exercise. Personally, I am not a fan of over-the-ear headphones because I quickly feel the weight of them on my head and ear lobes. It is never fun to pull headphones off after vigorously sweating. Just reminds me of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, the part where Jim Carry slides out of the fake rhinoceros. It is not a pleasant feeling! 

The sound quality of the 1More Aero’s are great and on par with other earbuds $20 or $30 more like the Apple AirPods or Sennheiser Sport. Unfortunately, they do not have the audiophile sound with hybrid dual drivers that the 1More EVO has. It is not to be expected at only $110, but it would have been nice. I put the earbuds through their paces by listening to the tumpiest bass, to the sweet treble of a classical violin. My only gripe with the sound was not the sound itself, but the lack of the ability to manually tweak the EQ. 

Note: After completing the review 1More threw a wrench in my one gripe by updating the app. The update included an EQ customization tool that lets you tweak the sound the way you want.

There are 12 settings in the app with quality grade settings from Sonarworks was adequate enough to fine tune the EQ to the music or game soundtracks.  

The Aero’s were super comfortable. I’m not a fan of the long boom style of earbuds like Apple AirPods because the boom gets caught on my helmet when I take it on and off. That and I’ve always thought people that wear long boom earbuds should be walking around in a cardigan sipping tea with their pinky out. Obviously, I understand this is a me thing and not a review standard. I’ve started drinking tea more lately and my pinky feels more comfortable straight out. Aside from my personal preferences, the 1More Aero’s were so comfortable, I didn’t realize they were in last week when I jumped in the shower. GHood thing they are IPX5 water resistant or I would’ve had to cut my review time short a week. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in them, but a little shower water didn’t phase them a bit. I’ve spent 8 to 10 hours a day with the Aero’s for 8 of the 12 days I’ve had them and never felt the need to adjust them or take them out because of ear fatigue. I own a lot of earbuds and these are by far the most comfortable I own or have owned.

Final Thoughts

What do you expect from a $110 set of earbuds? I expect great sound, comfort, ease of use, and great battery life. The 1More Aero’s check all those boxes and raise the bar for mid-tier earbuds. I didn’t mention much of the battery life because it is on par with the true wireless industry. It sits right in the middle with a solid 28 hours of battery life with the charging case. In my tests, their claim of 28 hours was generous. I was getting close to 30 hours. My favorite feature was that 1More slapped their high end ANC technology in these earbuds to make high noise areas like public gyms tolerable. Comfort for the Aero’s is impeccable. They are barely noticeable even after 8 hours of continuous wear. These earbuds have quickly become my daily earbuds at home, work, and out in public. They are so good, I am tempted to buy the 1More EVO’s just so I can have the same great quality and sound while having earbuds I can use with my motorcycle. As for long boom style earbuds, these are the best in class. If you are in the market for earbuds with this ascetic and don’t like overly congested controls in an app, these are the earbuds for you. The 1More Aero’s are summed up as: simple design, superb comfort, amazing sound, and ANC that will make you smile when you’re at the gym. 

The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes. 

  • Amazing ANC
  • Pillowy comfort
  • Solid sound
  • Great EQ presets and freedom to make your own
  • Stylish charging case with wireless charging
  • LDAC or AptX HD would have been better than spatial audio
  • No audible touch feedback


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