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Guild Wars Articles

Guild Wars Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Anniversary Event Starting Tomorrow

Guild Wars is celebrating its 15th anniversary soon with an Anniversary Celebration beginning tomorrow.

Guild Wars Complete Collection Arrives with a Large New QoL Update

If you've a hankering for a blast from the past, ArenaNet has announced the Guild Wars Complete Collection for $39.99. This new package edition features all of the game's campaigns plus the Eye of the North expansion. In short, it is "everything the original Guild Wars has to offer in one complete package".

A Tenth Anniversary Retrospective

The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with a look back at the original Guild Wars and its decade of existence. Penned by former Guild Wars Community Manager Gaile Gray (now Forum Communications Team Lead), the article goes into depth about the founding of ArenaNet, the development and subsequent launch of Guild Wars and the later work on Guild Wars 2.

Development Ceases, Automation to Kick In

ArenaNet has announced that after eight years, active development on its flagship title, Guild Wars, has officially ended. From here on out, the Automated Tournament System will kick in, as well as an automated map rotation system.

Miku's Tale - Winds of Change Pt. 3

The Arena.Net team has announced that tomorrow will mark the release of Miku's Tale: Winds of Change Part 3. The ongoing story and content bridges the gap between the events of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. The last installment of the update will feature nine new quests, new rewards and hidden scenes that will add even more to the story.

Wintersday Costume Code Giveaway!

We love the holidays here at MMORPG.com! Lots of stuff to give away! In celebration of the Wintersday festivities, we've partnered up with NCSoft to give away 10 costume codes for Guild Wars' Tyrian gods Lyssa and Kormir.

Wintersday 2011 Arrives

Guild Wars players will want to head into the game to check out this year's version of the annual Wintersday celebration. As in the past, there are special events to be found in the major social hubs including snowball tournaments, expeditions into the Secret Lair of the Snowmen, PvP snowball fights and costume gear.

The Complete Collection  Giveaway!

Hot on the heels of our Guild Wars 2 Charr Plushie giveaway, NCsoft and MMORPG.com have partnered up to give away 20 digital copies of Guild Wars: The Complete Collection.

Winds of Change Update Now Live

Winds of Change, the second chapter of the Guild Wars Beyond trilogy is now live. The Guild Wars Beyond trilogy is the largest free content update to Guild Wars yet, and this latest chapter adds 11 new quests, 5 new respawn zones, as well as several additional hidden scenes. This is in addition to the previous 17 new quests added to the game with the first installment of the Beyond trilogy.

The Winds of Change Launches

A massive new pack of free content has just been released for players of Guild Wars. With over 40 new quests to take on, the storyline is set in Cantha and will help set the stage for the events of Guild Wars 2.

Franchise Titles Half Off on Steam

The original Guild Wars, Nightfall and Factions are collected into a nifty bundle at Steam and are on sale today only for $14.99 as part of Steam's Summer Camp promotion running from now through July 10th. As a bonus, Eye of the North is also half off and can be had for $9.99. What a great way to prepare for Guild Wars 2 by taking the original game's "refresher course"!

Party at the Shing Jea Monastery

NCSoft and the Guild Wars team are inviting all players to log in for a sixth birthday bash at the Shing Jea Monastery from now through May 6th. The team has six weeks of anniversary events scheduled for players including Facebook contests, mission pack and character slot sales, and new hi-res textures added to the game.

Embark Beach Added

Arena.Net has released new information about Embark Beach, a location in the Battle Isles that is a 'jump off' point for players to head to any location in Guild Wars (if purchased). In addition, players can now adventure with up to seven mercenary heroes. The cool part is that these heroes can be any level 20 character from a player's account.

Skill Balance Changes & Dervish Love

Arena.Net has posted the latest Guild Wars game update with a host of skill changes included. In particular, Dervish skills have received a huge amount of attention. The dev team determined that the Dervish was hampered by long cast times and skill cooldown and have made adjustments to make the character more viable.

The First Ten Years

The ArenaNet and Guild Wars teams have produced a great retrospective look back at the first 10 years of the game. The video was filmed during the ArenaNet holiday party and gave devs a chance to look back at The First 10 Years. It's fifteen minutes of great memories including the tidbit that ArenaNet worked out of an apartment at the beginning! Check it out!