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Path of Fire is the Next Expansion, Coming September 22nd!

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Today's a big day for Guild Wars 2 with the announcement of the game's next expansion, Path of Fire. It will begin right where Season 3 ended without breaks with Season 4 starting immediately. 

Balthazar is after the Elder Dragons, something that could doom all of Tyria if he is successful. He wants to be the ONLY god. When he returns, he is not benevolent and he has his own goals, not caring who is hurt in his process. Everyone wonders why the gods are walking among them.

The adventure will take place in the Crystal Desert, not seen in the game world since Guild Wars 1 during the Nightfall expansion. Much will be familiar, but lore is being built to introduce new players to the game and location. It has five new open world zones, each bigger than any other before. Mounts will be included. There are four different types, each with its own mounted abilities. 

Players are asked to "Come do the hero thing!"

Old friends and new will be present, each with a different perspective on the action.

Five big maps, larger than any others seen before. Different biomes work together -- tall, wide, and everything in between. Exploration is coming back to the game. Bounties will have players hunting creatures and there will be world events to engage players. 

We want to get back to the roots of what makes Guild Wars 2 so special.


Mounts are more than traveling fast. "Joy of movement". Each has its own movement ability and can help players access certain locations. Mounts are allies and companions. They are for movement as well as with a single combat ability

  • Raptor - an enormous leap
  • Springer - a super charged "jackalope"
  • Skimmer - undulating wings, hovers over things that stop motion
  • Jackal - living dust and blinks forward though can change direction in mid-air

Elite Specializations & a New Guild Hall:

Nine new elite specializations to further customize your playstyle. They offer new ways to play. Play the professions you love in new ways.

  • Guardian - Firebrand - burning enemies and conjuring magical tomes - using an axe
  • Necromancer - Scourge - there to help protect souls by giving up death shroud - more battlefield control and movement options - uses a torch to protect their allies
  • Thief - Deadeye - using a rifle so they can attack from a distance -
  • Mesmer - Mirage - blend into surroundings and strike from near invisibility 
  • Warrior - Spellbreaker - specializes in fighting magic users - using daggers - strip boons, stop magic working
  • Elementalist - Weaver - using multiple attunements simultaneously - creating hybrid magic - using sword and can imbue blades
  • Ranger - Soulbeast - combine spirits with pets - become the bear, the wolf, etc. - using dagger to come into close range. New pets coming too.
  • Revenant - Renegade - the ability to ambush opponents to bring forth Charr allies 
  • Engineer - Holosmith - a "clean look at energy" to enhance strikes and build up heat enough to potentially explode if not careful

Purchase Information & Release Date:

Path of Fire can be purchased as a stand alone or as part of a package:

  • Ultimate Version $79.99
  • Deluxe Version $54.99
  • Standard $29.99

Path of Fire preview will be coming out next weekend that is open to everyone. After the preview event, Path of Fire opens on September 22nd.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom