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Guild Wars 2 Content Update Outlines 2020 Goals

By Poorna Shankar on February 04, 2020 | News | 0

ArenaNet Content Design Lead for Guild Wars 2, Andrew Gray, previewed what the team is building towards for 2020 in a new forum post.

The update starts by discussing a living world, specifically Visions of the Past. Gray promises more details at PAX East on this. He also discusses his desire for maps to become a more permanent part of gameplay, in addition to revisiting some content types from the past after they roll out Episode 4.

He touches on fractals and apologized for the team’s silence,

“I am personally committed to Fractals and see them as an area that deserves more focus and attention going forward. I'm happy to announce that Cameron Rich, who worked on Fractals during Season Three, will be taking the reins on a new Fractal as he rolls off his current duties. This Fractal will feature a challenge mode. Beyond that, I'm working with the Systems Design team on more plans to keep Fractals fresh and exciting. I'm excited and when everything is ready to share, we'll have more details.”

The post closes discussing raids and difficulty. He also discusses player count, strike difficulty, and finding a balance between “hardcore” and “accessible” content.


Poorna Shankar

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