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Guild Wars 2 Articles

Secrets of the Obscure Launches for Guild Wars 2, With New Story, Maps, New Build Options, and More

Secrets of the Obscure, the latest Guild Wars 2 expansion, adds new story, new threats, a way to get the skyscale mount and explore new floating destinations. There are also new build customization options, and more.

Guild Wars 2 Details 'Streamlined' Way to Get and Train the Skyscale Mount in Secrets of the Obscure

Secrets of the Obscure arrives in Guild Wars 2 on August 22nd. ArenaNet is sharing details on how you'll be able to get your hands on the Skyscale mount, which is important to the journey ahead.

ArenaNet Is Hosting A Guild Wars 2 Community Meetup During PAX West Weekend

Seattle-based ArenaNet is planning a community meetup event during the weekend of PAX West to celebrate the launch of Guild Wars 2's latest expansion.

Guild Wars 2 Devs Talk Felicia Day Returning as Zojja in Secrets of the Obscure, With Behind the Scenes Video

In a new interview, members of the Guild Wars 2 team talk about the upcoming expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, and the recently revealed return of the character of Zojja, played by actress Felicia Day. 

Guild Wars 2 Reveals More About Secrets of the Obscure's Origins and Mysteries, including Zojja's Return

The Guild Wars 2 team dives into deciding what comes after the 10-year dragon cycle, and telling a new story taking place over 1,000 years--featuring a character unseen for years--in Secrets of the Obscure

Guild Wars 2 Breaks Down Secrets Of The Obscure's New Relic System

In a post on the Guild Wars 2 website, ArenaNet broke down what players can expect from the new relic system coming with the next expansion, Secrets of the Obscure.

Guild Wars 2's Festival of the Four Winds Kicks Off Today

Guild Wars 2 kicked off its Festival of the Four Winds event today, bringing activities to players new and old from now through August 8th.

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Expansion Coming in August

Secrets of the Obscure is the next Guild Wars 2 expansion. Coming in August, expect a new story, new combat systems, new zones, a skyscale mount, and much more.

Guild Wars 2 Looks Back At Canthan History With New Silent Surf Fractal June 27th

The Guild Wars 2 team teased the upcoming summer fractal, Silent Surf, in a new trailer yesterday. Launching alongside the balance patch on June 27th, the new fractal seems poised to showcase more of Canthan history.

The Next Guild Wars 2 WvW Restructuring Beta Begins Today, With a New System Being Tested

ArenaNet is starting a new Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Restructuring beta today, featuring the debut of a new system to help minimize disruption from population fluctuations.

Guild Wars 2 Is Giving Away A Colorful Free Macaw Wing Glider Combo To Celebrate Pride Month

Guild Wars 2 is celebrating Pride Month by giving players a colorful free Macaw Wing Glider Combo. These colorful wings are free for anyone who logs into the MMO during the month.

Guild Wars 2's Next Content Update, What Lies Within, Coming May 23rd

Guild Wars 2's latest content drop for its well-received End of Dragons expansion, What Lies Within, is coming next week. ArenaNet announced this morning that players will be able to check out the new story update on May 23rd.

Guild Wars 2 Updates Spring and Summer Roadmap, Teases Features, and Sheds Light on New Content Model

An updated spring/summer roadmap for Guild Wars 2 is out, along with a community Q&A on the new content model, and some big teases for what's down the line.

Guild Wars 2 Explains the Chromium Embedded Framework Update and What to Expect

The Guild Wars 2 team explains the Chromium Embedded Framework update, why it's happening,and what to expect.

Guild Wars 2 Previews the May 2 Smaller Professions Balance Update

Guild Wars 2's next profession balance change is coming on May 2nd, and ArenaNet has shared the first round of notes to preview the changes and get community feedback.