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Guild Wars 2 Articles

The Guild Wars 2 Audio Team Remembers Stan LePard

Previously we reported the tragic passing of Guild Wars 2 composer Stan LePard, that has been remembered in the game with a memorial in his honor. Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer, and ArenaNets audio director, Drew Cady answered a few questions of ours about Stan, and how he will be remembered among their team.

Guild Wars 2 Developer Interview - Tales of the Warclaw

It’s not long since ArenaNet strode onto the battlefield, took a look across the rolling hills of the Alpine Borderlands and came to the conclusion that what we need is more cats! The newest feline additions to Tyria were, however, less Chauncey Von Snuffles and a little more Battlecat. Late in February 2019, Guild Wars 2 got the Warclaw.

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2018 Interview: Looking Back at Living World

After 6 years ArenaNet of game changing events, we got some time to sit down and talk to Mike Zadorojny, Game Director, and Elisabeth Cardy, Global Brand Manager, to talk about how Living World has changed the way ArenaNet tell stories.

Love at First Fight – How Two Gamers Fell in Love in Tyria

As part of the #GWFriendships campaign, we had the chance to interview two of the game’s bestest friends… so close in fact that they actually got married after meeting in Tyria. This is the tale of Tyler and Nicole, and how ArenaNet’s MMORPG brought them together.

We Talk Daybreak with Andrew Gray & Mike Zadorojny

This week, MMORPG.com was lucky enough to chat to Living World Season 4's developer Andrew Gray, Game Designer Jason Reynolds and new game director Mike Zadorojny, about what it takes to get an episode off the ground in light of a brand new expansion.

ArenaNet Discusses the Balance in Tyria

Balance between classes in Guild Wars is an always changing thing. We managed to take questions from popular sites like Metabattle and PVE Specialist to probe ArenaNet for their thoughts on the matter. Read on for some insight...

Interview with Path of Fire Composer Maclaine Diemer

One of the hallmarks of Guild Wars 2, aside from its visual beauty, has always been its soundscapes. For Path of Fire, the most recent expansion, ArenaNet enlisted the help of composer Maclaine Diemer. We spoke to him about his work, and the upcoming vinyl release of the soundtrack.

ArenaNet Celebrates the Griffon with a Secret Path of Fire Mount

The cat's out of the bag: ArenaNet put a secret hidden mount inside of their latest Guild Wars 2 expansion: Path of Fire. Now that everyone everywhere is getting their Griffon, we caught up with the designers to chat about how and why they decided to keep this one a secret.

Exclusive Developer Diary and Interview on Returning to Elona

Elona is a famed, revered, and beloved place in Guild Wars lore. Since the announcement of Guild Wars 2, players have been dying to make their way back to the Crystal Desert. We are happy today to share with you an exclusive look at the recreation of the iconic locations in Guild Wars 2, and how ArenaNet is approaching such a herculean task.

'Path of Fire is All About Content' - Our Interview with Mike Zadorojny

Last week, ArenaNet unveiled the next expansion to Guild Wars 2. Called Path of Fire, the expansion is "all about content". We had the opportunity to submit a number of questions to ArenaNet's Mike Zadorojny to learn more about the expansion, bringing returning players back to Tyria and much more.

EXCLUSIVE: Talking to ArenaNet About Big PvP Changes

There’s a big PVP update coming to Heart of the Mists in Guild Wars 2’s next update. To further detail the changes, we were able to interview ArenaNet’s Benjamin Phongluangtham and Grant Gertz about the new envisioning of the PVP hub and what new rewards come with excelling in the game.

Exclusive Interview About the WvW Skirmish Changes and Rewards

Today, ArenaNet announced some sweeping changes to World vs. World in Guild Wars 2. We caught up with GG (Grant Gertz – Producer) and MB (Mckenna Berdrow - Game Designer) to chat about all the new stuff coming in the update (which was blogged about here), and beyond. Read and enjoy!

Finally, We Get Legendary Armor

When Heart of Thorns was announced, one of the key selling points was the release of Legendary Armour, coming with another new feature, raiding. More than 15 months have passed since the release of the expansion, and today is the day that legendary armor finally hits the shelf, and to help players get a proper browse before they buy, we’ve put together a small preview to showcase some of the highlights of this animated armor set.

The Demons of Bastion of the Penitent

Guild Wars 2 recently expanded with the newest Living Story episode that brings a new raid wing and some exciting story elements into the game. It all comes as part of ArenaNet’s commitment to story in Guild Wars 2. We had a chance to speak with members of the team to learn more about the most recent update. See what they had to say!

A Big Shakeup is Coming to PVP Leagues with Season 5

Announced today, Guild Wars 2 is about to overhaul its PVP League system with the launch of Season 5 on December 13th. With a new way to gauge skill, a new League UI, a new rewards system, and a shakeup of the maps inside of Ranked Play. It’s a whole lot to go through, and you can read up on all of the changes here. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with PVP Gameplay Programmer Evan Lesh, who shed a bit more light on the changes.