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The Quiz: The Guild Wars 2 Edition

By Drew Wood on April 20, 2011 | Columns | 0

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this week's edition of the Drew Wood Quiz Power Hour! After a hiatus last week, we're going to dive back into things by looking at one of the most anticipated games coming down the pipes in the near future. The gameplay I've seen looks interesting, the tidbits of information they keep tossing us seem to give a lot of us shivers of anticipation! That's right, folks. I'm talking about Guild Wars 2 today! I have a feeling that those of you who have been following this game closely, and there are a lot of you as I understand it, won't have too much trouble getting near-perfect scores today. Let me know how you do in the comments!

Q: As of GDC and PAX East last month, there have been six professions for the game announced. Name them, and kindly do so in reverse alphabetical order (Z-A).


Q: What is the term used for the system that is, as per the official website, “built to be scalable and encourage impromptu group play where players are naturally cooperating together and not worried about encroaching on each other”?


Q: What is the name of the “First original Guild Wars Novel” and, for bonus points, who are the fantasy authors who penned it?


Q: The use of environmental weapons is just one of the tools that the Guild Wars 2 team is using in a bid to make combat a unique experience in the game. On the website, what is one of the two examples they use in their description of environmental weapons?


Q: Here's a softball question for you. Name the developer and publisher of the game.


Q: The five races have all been announced. Name them in alphabetical order!


Q: Guild Wars 2 was announced back in 2007, alongside one of the expansions for the original Guild Wars. What was the name of the expansion it was announced alongside?



Q: For any of you who may have been interested in purchasing any of the merchandise that is listed on the official Guild Wars 2 website, please tell me the cost of “The Art of Guild Wars 2” softcover book (You can provide this price through either the Penny Arcade Store in USD, or the NCSoft Merchandise Store in GBP, EUR or USD)


So that concludes our quiz for this week. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you all did well! Tune in next week, where I'll be sure to throw another quiz your way where maybe you can score perfect, or maybe even learn a few things (or, maybe I'll learn a few things. Sometimes, I just don't know). Until next time!


Drew Wood