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Guild Wars 2: Jack of All Trades

Josh Hay Posted:
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As I’ve adventured in Tyria, made some alts, and fiddled with some builds I’ve come to realize there is really no wrong way to play Guild Wars 2. I know that is a loaded statement and let me clarify. Casual play is the best way for me to approach Guild Wars. I login, do a couple of quests and zones, do some crafting and logout. No pressure at all. Meet some great people, and genuinely enjoy myself. Not something I can say about MMORPGs lately.

Playing the game as a “Hardcore” player is possible but I can’t really enjoy myself doing it. I find the joy and fun of the game is sucked away by that aspect. Constantly trying to get the best gear, or push myself to complete more zones. It takes the fun out of the exploration part. The trend I’ve started with Guild Wars has really made me like the game that much more. I’ve had such a rocky past with the game and even though the latest expansion really hasn’t peaked my interest, it’s still new things to do since coming back and I’ve still enjoyed my time playing the game.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the game while playing in a hardcore sense. I know a lot of people do. My buddies in my guild play this game as their main MMORPG and play it for hours on end. When they gave me the explanation of “So much content, not enough time” it makes sense. They don’t have other games they want to play or their lives aren’t as busy. For the people who have their lives busy, or have other side games to play I really believe that’s where Guild Wars shines. Of course, this is my opinion, don’t shoot me for it please.

I’m curious on people who take my approach, why do you think you play the game casually? Same question goes for the Hardcore fans. What makes you enjoy the game the most? I’ve talked a lot about this in the past, the word that ArenaNet has built, the landscapes, architecture and overall Lore of the game has kept me going. You see so many beautiful sites as you adventure around. There have been so many “I need to screenshot this” moments. I’m really hoping they capitalize on this in later expansions.

Have you all experienced this as well? Have any of you gotten lost while exploring the game? I know I’ve done this a number of times. I’ve been on a quest and saw something that caught my attention and completely lost track of what I was doing or where I was going. It’s amazing. I haven’t done that in a MMO in a long time. It’s kind of sad that I have to say that you know?

At times I feel like Guild Wars 2 brings me back to the era of which I really, truly loved MMORPGs and didn’t have to continue the search for the next best thing. I’m not saying the game is perfect or without flaws. It certainly has its flaws but it really is few and far between.

With all that is happening or not happening within the MMORPG world, I’ve seen a lot of newcomers or returners to the game that have really found a home within the game. I’ve been through a ton of games lately, trying to find that unique little home, something that may not do something extremely well, but does everything well and that game is Guild Wars.

That’s what I’ve come to believe with the game. It may not do anything like extremely well for me, but it’s like the jack of all trades. I enjoy to some degree everything the game has to offer, some less than others but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. I can login and explore regions of the map and found some amazing views, I can theory craft some new builds or an alt I want to try, I can raid or do some PVP and find myself enjoying every minute of it.

There are some things like I said previously that I would change and I will dive into that in a separate column. What I would like to ask is this: What is one thing you really enjoy about Guild wars 2 and what is one thing you don’t enjoy? I’m very curious to see the different answers I will get.

 Do you all feel that Guild Wars is the jack of all trades MMORPG? And finally, what would it take for you to try Guild Wars 2 or return to the game if you have tried previously? I know for me I had to try the game countless times before it hooked me like it has now. It’s become a game that I play on the daily. I can only say that about a few games now and in all reality that is sad to me.


Josh Hay