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Josh Hay Posted: May 25, 2018 11:00 AM
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I can safely say after spending more time in the land of Tyria, I found myself having more and more of an enjoyable experience with Guild Wars 2. Although it is for different reasons than I thought it would be and that’s not a bad thing at all. In my all time playing MMORPGs I mainly looking for a couple of things: one of those things that play probably the most important part to me is : Community. It is one of the bigger reasons why I continue to login every day. I’ve met some very helpful communities in the past but I feel that the Guild Wars 2 community blows them out of the water. Of course, everyone’s opinion on this will vary and everyone’s mileage may vary.

The help I have received on even the silliest of things has exceeded my expectations. I’ve heard in the past that the community has been very helpful and that the trolls are very few and far between. Yes, that is a lot of praise upon the community and again this is my experience but I’m extremely pleased by how helpful the majority has been. I know for a lot of people like myself, the community can make or break the game for them. I have quit a lot of games in the past even though I’ve enjoyed the gameplay experience the community just ruined the whole experience for me.

Current and former Guild wars 2 players? How has the community experience been for you? What's the worst and best experience you've had in game or even out of game?

I've been taking my time and being a completionist with the game and really just taking it all in. I've had a blast pretty much doing everything the game has to offer. I've been exploring everything imaginable and even though I feel very overwhelmed at times with the amount of content I have yet to do but slowly and surely I am going to get there.

I am not used to the combat as much as I would like. I keep trying different things and I'm used to be a more “conventional” combat system so a small learning curve is there and I'm slowly enjoying it more and more. I've been looking up tips and tricks with my class, but I wish I could keep some skills from certain weapons but it is what it is. I'm getting used to everything involved with that. I'm enjoying my class though. It's been a blast coming back to the game with a breath of fresh air. 

As I've stated in the past I've tried this game multiple times in the past but couldn't get it to click with me and I am very glad this time around it's become a more enjoyable experience overall. My real question in all of this… If you could go back in time with the knowledge you have about GW2 now, what would you have done differently to enjoy the game? Anything?

As far as general gameplay goes, I’m really enjoying the vast world and allowing myself to be enthralled in the stories and the amount of content available. I feel like I’ve missed out in past living stories and such but I am glad I am playing the game now. Better late than never I guess, right…? I’ve been trying other classes as well in hopes I can grow out of the Revenant phase, but I keep coming back to the Revenant because I overall like the style. It’s something refreshing to me.

I’m hoping I can find some more extra things to do in Guild Wars 2 besides the whole open world adventure: quest there, fetch that, kill x y and z. I am sort of going the “completionist” route but I never know when I might burn out. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

I’m excited to get into late game content where the past two expansions kick into high gear. If you were me, would you use your two level 80 boosts? If so what class would you use them on? I am tempted to use them but I do not want to skip the content I am working on, what would you all do in my shoes? I need some help on this one! Anyways… as I continue onward in my journey I am excited to share the positive and the negative experiences that I encounter. I hope you will follow me along as I enjoy the vast world of Tyria.


Josh Hay