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Guild Wars 2 Articles

Five Things I Wish I Knew When Starting Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a massive game. Like, really massive. As a result, it can be daunting for new players. Here are five things that Lowry wished he knew before starting in Guild Wars 2.

Breaking Down Guild Wars 2's Recent Balance Stream: The Quick And Dirty

Lowry breaks down the recent Guild Wars 2 balance stream from last week, giving players the quick and dirty on the update from the team.

A Rant on Guild Wars 2's (Perceived) Meta

Lowry talks about the current meta in Guild Wars 2, specifically the perceived meta, and how it is one of the worst they have ever seen in their 20 years.

The Top 10 Guild Wars 2 PVP Classes That You Need to Use

Want to check out PvP in Guild Wars 2 and want to make sure you've got the best build to take it on? Here are ten of the best PvP builds in ArenaNet's MMORPG to try out the next time you charge the battlefield.

Guild Wars 2: What We Hope To See Out Of Its Fourth Expansion

Guild Wars 2 is taking some bold steps this year and we couldn't be more excited. Kanishka breaks down what we're hoping to see out of the next expansion in ArenaNet's epic MMORPG.

MMO Reroll - Guild Wars 2

Mitch is back with another MMO Reroll article, this time taking Guild Wars 2 through its paces.

Rediscovering My Love For Guild Wars 2

Throughout 2020 one of the things Robin struggled with was my waning desire to play Guild Wars 2. However, it seems that lull might be over, as Robin has rediscovered her love for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Brings Me Back

Join Robin as she breaks down her thoughts on the Wintersday content in Guild Wars 2 this year, and thoughts on her appetite for Guild Wars 2 as a whole.

Hitting A Wall With Guild Wars 2

Robin's been playing Guild Wars 2 since it launched in 2012, but is noticing her drive to play, especially recently, has cratered. Robin explains why she feels this happened in her latest Guild Wars 2 blog.

Guild Wars 2 - Is It Worth Playing On GeForce Now?

Cloud gaming has been a hot button topic for Steven in recent weeks, so naturally as he plays his MMOs, seeing how well they stream via the cloud is something he was going to research. This time, it's Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 - Don't Let Aurene See You Bashing Dragons

Join Robin as she breaks down the Dragon Bash event in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 - InsurMOUNTable Aesthetics

After the multi-day rollback Guild Wars 2 went through this past weekend, ArenaNet has vowed to make things right by giving away mount selection licenses and a communal boost bonfire. With aesthetics being arguably the pinnacle of the end game experience, this week, we're taking a look at some of the coolest mount skins available in the game currently.

Guild Wars 2: Get Your Platforming On

It's April, which means it's Super Adventure Box (SAB) time again! For anyone new in Guild Wars 2, or just simply hasn't come across it in-game before, SAB is quite simply a completely different game within GW2. Robin checks out the game mode in her latest Guild Wars 2 column.

Guild Wars 2: Is Future Content Now The Past?

If you were surprised by the revelation that Guild Wars 2’s new content, Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire, plans to drop as early as March 17th, you are not alone. In a move that had many scratching their heads, ArenaNet has decided to take players back to season one, with new perspectives, and some old content, spit-shined and brought to the forefront to be played again. Could this be a signal of what we may expect in future updates, and if so, is this really what players want?

Guild Wars 2 - End of the Beginning Part 7

It’s time once again to pick back up on my replay of the story of Guild Wars 2. Last time I had just finished with the first expansion Heart of Thorns story. Mordremoth had been vanquished but at the cost of also killing Trahearne to prevent the Elder Dragon from taking over his mind. Additionally, during the cutscene at the end of the HoT storyline, we also saw what looked like an explosion of ley magic come out of Mordremoth and spread out into many directions. One of these directions was righ