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Guild Wars 2 Articles

Weekly Watercooler - Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire Tests

Many of us sat down with Guild Wars 2’s Path of Flame tests over the past two weekends, and this weekend we got together to hammer out how we felt about the expansion’s early content and elite specs. In short, we’re hopeful. Path of Flame seems like a huge improvement over Heart of Thorns, and in-step with the progress the Living World Season 3 made towards making open world content fun again.

Lion's Arch is Under Attack! ...Everyone Go About Your Business

Yesterday I wrote a piece loosely arguing the importance of narrative to an MMO experience. With that in mind, I thought today I'd talk about the successes (and failures) of Guild Wars 2's latest Living World episode, Escape From Lion's Arch.

Is There a Better Way to Enjoy an MMO?

They say opposites attract, and that's definitely true of my husband and me, especially in regard to the way we play MMOs. He's the power-leveler; I'm the explorer. Our natural opposition has caused a lot of contention as we attempt to push our individual play styles onto one another. Try as we might, we continue to wrangle over the question: who's got the better approach to MMOs?

A Guild Wars 2 Expansion Wish List

Is it happening, or isn't it? Whether ArenaNet will admit it or not, we're hard-pressed to believe that a boxed expansion to Guild Wars 2 isn't coming in the next year or so. So today, we're listing out five things the staff of MMORPG.com want to see in an expansion. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Review in Progress – Dungeons

In the final installment of our Guild Wars 2 Review in Progress, we take a look at dungeons. We offer our honest opinion about rough spots as well as the good stuff. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Review in Progress Part 4 - WvW

In the fourth in our ongoing Review in Progress, we take a look at Guild Wars 2 and its unique concept for massive scale PvP. Is it as unique as it purports to be? Is it functioning as it should? Find out in our latest Review in Progress. Leave us your WvW thoughts in the comments.

Review in Progress - Part Three

This week, fresh off vacation, Bill brings us the third part in his Review in Progress for Guild Wars 2. He dives into the crafting, the UI, the Trading Post, and other general bits and pieces. Take a look!

Final Thoughts Before Launch

Guild Wars 2 is now less than 24 hours until the head start program begins and just a few days before its worldwide release. So many hopes hang on its success. Before all the craziness begins, we want to offer our thoughts about the game. See what you think and then add your ideas to the comments.

A New Breed of MMORPG?

Most of us here have been around the MMORPG block a few times starting with Ultima Online and continuing through Star Wars: The Old Republic. We have seen it all...or have we? In a new column, we take a look at Guild Wars 2 and what just may be a groundbreaking new MMO. Check it out!

PVP Is Revealed!

ArenaNet has pulled back the curtain on PVP in Guild Wars 2 and our own Garrett Fuller has some thoughts on the way the game's going to let players bash each other's heads in.

Kicking Combat Up a Notch

In this week's Guild Wars 2 column, David North takes a peek at the combat in one of gaming's most hotly anticipated titles. There a whole lot of different factors that make combat in an MMO either special or forgettable, and David thinks he has a grasp on which is which.

Silence is Deafening

MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller takes a look at Guild Wars 2 and the recent ArenaNet announcement that it will be released "when it is ready". While that statement might cause some to weep, wail and gnash their teeth, Garrett is content knowing that the team is focused on releasing a game that is complete, especially one that has the potential to set the MMO development bar for the next decade.