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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - 5 Cool Additions You May Not Have Known About

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 With every expansion of World of Warcraft come a variety of smaller content updates and additions that expand the way you play. While everyone anticipates things like new zones, new powers, pets and mounts; there are other things added that deserve your attention in every expansion. So here are some things to consider looking into!

Undead Pets

For an expansion centered on death, it only makes sense for undead pets to come into play. Hunters now have the ability to tame undead themed pets whenever they like. These include the undead devilsaurs in Zandalar, the rotting birds of prey in Icecrown and the skeletal raptors that linger in the Wetlands. All that players need to get is the Simple Tome of Bonebinding, which will allow them to immediately tame most pets. The tome typically drops from Maldraxxus mobs, and will appear at an entirely random rate.

You can play a bard!

Well, sort of. WoW players have asked for a chance to play a bard-esque class, akin to the traditional musically oriented class in Dungeons and Dragons. While the game has never alluded to such a class, the occasional toy or weapon offers the appearance of such. The latest addition was the Fae Harp to Ardenweald. The Harp is located in a locked Harmonic Chest in the Spirit Glen, on the east side of the Ardenweald zone map. If two players team up to play the drum and harp that exist near the chest at the same time, it will unlock the chest and give the players their own Fae Harp as well as a level 155 off-hand. The harp will actually have the player play the harp!

The Fae Pipes are a similar item looted in Ardenweald that allow the player to play up to three melodies, albeit with no additional animation. It can be looted from an Elusive Faerie Cache. Players will have to acquire a Faerie lamp nearby and rush back to the Cache within two minutes to get it open.

Mounting up in the Maw

One of the Maw’s biggest limitations is the player’s ability to use a mount there. Players are required to traverse on foot across the deadly parts of the world. However, there are ways for players to cheat the system. Non-mount based travel are not blocked. That means that Worgen can use their racial Running Wild to get the mount-speed bonus. So can druids, whose travel form is still accessible in the Maw.

Players can also acquire one of two mounts that are able to travel through the Maw. The first is the Corridor Creeper, which can be acquired through the completion of the eighth layer of the Twisting Corridors within Torghast. The other mount is the Mawsworn Soulhunter, which is dropped from an Elite Gorged Shadehound. This creature will only appear during the ‘Hunt: Shadehounds’ event, which occurs every two weeks. 

I’m Mary Poppins, Ya’ll!

For many players, the image of Julie Andrews floating down to take care of the Banks children in Mary Poppins is iconic. Now they can do their own interpretation. Revendreth added the Stylish Black Parasol, which allows players to jump from a high fall and float down with grace. The Parasol can be acquired by moving to the top of the wall north of the Charred Ramparts flight path, where a Stylish Parasol treasure lingers.

Get a new Murloc pet

Murlocs have been a central monster of Warcraft since its’ earliest years. But Blizzard has also added more than their fair share of secret quests and hidden gems that will provide players with their own pet companion. Specifically, players reported that a new quest was added in Shadowlands to the Grizzly Hills region. There, players can find a scale on a small iceberg east of Venture Bay in Grizzy H ills. There, a Glimmerfin Scout mob will appear. If it is scared off, it may drop a Glimmerfin Scale, which will offer a quest. Follow the chain of quests, and at the end players are rewarded with a purple Murloc named Glimr.


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