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World of Warcraft: How To Max Out Your Anima Acquisition

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When it comes to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Anima is life. The story’s key flow of energy is also the game’s primary currency (besides gold) for Shadowland-specific items, upgrades, mounts, and etcetera. But it is also an item that feels exceptionally difficult to grind for. When the game asks for players to acquire at least 1000 anima a week to complete a quest, as well as spending at least 65,000 anima on a variety of covenant sanctum upgrades, it can be quite overwhelming.

So here’s MMORPG.com’s guide to increasing your anima acquisition.

What Anima is for

Anima is the lifeblood of the Shadowlands and is used for a variety of purchases. The primary use of it will be the upgrading of the Sanctum; the central base for the player’s choice of covenant. Anima can be used to upgrade one of four functions:

  • Transport Network: This allows players quicker access to the various areas within their covenant’s assigned zone
  • Anima Conductor: This allows players to invest anima into a particular area in order to acquire additional dailies, rares, chests and more.
  • Command Table: Which allows players to send allies from their covenant on missions to defeat special foes and gain amazing rewards
  • The Special function: Each covenant comes with their own unique Sanctum ‘function’, whether it be the Path of Ascension for the Kyrians, or the Ember Court for the Venthyr. Each of these events offer unique opportunities to experience the Shadowlands differently, as well as unique aesthetic items.

Players can also use anima to upgrade their covenant armor, as well as purchase additional aesthetic items from special vendors across the Shadowlands. The items can value between 1,000 and 10,000 in cost.

Shadowlands Anima World of Warcraft

How to get Anima:

Anima can come from a variety of sources. It comes in three different quantity types:

  1. Common Tokens, which is often valued at 5 anima per stack
  2. Uncommon Tokens, which is valued at 35 anima per stack
  3. Epic Tokens, which are valued at 250 anima per stack

Most of these stacks can be found in a variety of quantities, depending on the difficulty of a quest. For example, a quest to ride an umbrella may provide 1-3 Uncommon tokens (35-105 anima), while a much harder quest will give the player 3-5 uncommon tokens. These values will shift around significantly day-by-day.

But there are specific quests and enemy types that are always worth pursuing:

  1. World bosses: Each world boss will provide the player at least 1-2 Epic tokens, which is valued at 250-500 anima per weekly kill. They will also provide renown, which is required to earn one’s way up the ranks through the covenant in question
  2. Epic World quests: These quests often have 1-2 epic tokens attached, and will appear once or twice a week depending on the period. These will take a group, as many of the enemies are elites and much stronger.
  3. Broker Quests: If players travel into the quarters below the inn within Oribos, there are typically two weekly quests that will allow players to earn 500 reputation toward their faction of choice, as well as 175 anima for a singular, specific dungeon run. These are fairly simple and can be completed on normal, heroic or mythic.
  4. Dungeon-specific quests: Many of the dungeon specific questlines for those unlocked after level 60 provide massive amounts of anima, at around 750 anima a quest. These are one-time questlines, but such a massive quantity cannot be ignored

Doing these three questlines every week will guarantee 1000+ anima a week.

Players can also earn anima by killing rares, looting chests, completing side quests and world quests.

What doesn’t provide anima:

While there are plenty of tools to provide resources, it should be stated that there are a lot of things in-game that are not worth pursuing anima. It doesn’t mean they should not be considered

  1. Callings: The equivalent to the world-quest quotients that came about in Legion, Callings encourage players to pursue specific zones or acts in exchange for chests full of goodies. These will include additional powers for soulbinds, occasional toys and lots of gold. But they do not typically contain anima
  2. Dungeons: While a dungeon run will typically provide 35 mana per dungeon, this method is sloppy and slow, and is not recommended as a method for collecting anima. And the amount does not increase if the player does a heroic dungeon instead.
  3. Torghost: While the endless dungeons are certainly enjoyable, they’re only good for gathering Soul Ash, which allows the player to upgrade their legendary gear.
  4. Renown upgrades: While Renown is certainly beneficial for upgrading content and strengthening player gear, it does not improve the flow of anima as you play.


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