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World of Warcraft: Easy Mounts To Acquire In Shadowlands

Christopher Hutton Posted:
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In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there are a variety of mounts to pursue through several means. Each covenant comes with at least three mounts, while each zone often has surprising mounts hidden by rares, chest and puzzles. While there is certainly an art to finding the ‘secret mounts’ of WoW, most players are not that dedicated. Rather, they would spend their time to get some fun and easy ones. 

So here’s MMORPG’s list of easy mounts to acquire in WoW: Shadowlands

Covenant Mounts: 

Completing Chapter 3 of your Covenant Story campaign will reward players with a covenant mount. While the renown grind may feel like it will take a while, players can get to Renown 9 through a series of weekly quests and daily callings to move fast.

These include the:

  • Phalanx of Courage (Bastion)
  • War-Bred Tauralus (Maldraxxus)
  • Dreamlight Runestag (Ardenweald)
  • Crypt Gargon (Revendreth)

 A similarly designed mount will also become available as a questline reward after completing chapter 9, or Renown 24.

  • Eternal Phalynx of Courage (Bastion)
  • Armored War-Bred Tauralus (Maldraxxus)
  • Enchanted Dreamlight Runestag (Ardenweald)
  • Battle Gargon Vrednic (Revendreth)

Spinemaw Gladechewer

Remember all those large insects that are infesting the entirety of Ardenweald? Wouldn’t you like to ride one? While bug-mounts may not be for everyone, the ability to get one is fairly easy. Head to the west side of Ardenweald, where Tirna Scythe lingers. In the mists area, where a multitude of beasts and creatures linger is where a gorm with a sprite riding the beast is named Gormtamer Tizo. Kill this rare, and there is a fairly high chance that it will drop you the Gladechewer. 

Arboreal Gulper 

While giant frogs are only a new entity added to the game, a fairly unique looking one is available to players. This creature can be harder to acquire. As players kill a number of random Ardenweald spawns, they may receive an Unusually Large Mushroom. This mushroom is on a timer, so players will need to move quickly. If they travel to the right location and plant the mushroom in the Damp Loam, they will summon Humon’gozz; a giant mushroom rare who will drop the Gulper. It is recommended that players have others help them, as the rare is fairly tough.

Wildseed Cradle

One of the unique elements of Shadowlands is that it provides one of the first few non-living mounts. The Wildseed Cradle; an item used to move spirits and seeds around Ardenweald is a fairly easy mount to find. It is contained inside of the Cache of the Moon, which is found east of Tirna Vaal. In order to open the cache, they will need to find five different tools around the area (all marked here.) These five items can then be combined into a gardening toolkit that can be delivered to the NPC Twinklestar in Tirna Vaal, who will then buff the player with Moonsight. This will allow the player to open the Cache without any issues.

Callow Flayedwing 

The undead wyvern can be acquired by players through a potential random drop of the Blight-Touched Egg. This item only drops from Chimaeras in Maldraxxus, and may require some farming. But after a few days, the egg will hatch and players will have their new mount.


This hog-looking mount of menace lingers near the House of Rituals, to the northeast. Players can kill Nerissa Heartless for a potential drop of the character. The rare typically spawns every 40 minutes, and is not an instant drop. But it can be easily farmed if desired. 


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