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Wizard101 - Helpful Tips For New Or Returning Players

Some helpful tidbits for any newer player looking for a head start, or a returning player looking for a refresher!

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With more teasers of Karamelle starting to come out, we can expect some flow of returning players alongside new players discovering Wizard101 for the first time! As a result, some players may find themselves behind the curve and looking for some tips or tricks to get back in the swing of wizardry. For today’s article, I thought we could go over some helpful tips to get players prepared for their return or their grand entrance into the spiral!


Gardening is a major part of building up your stock of mega snacks, which are valuable for another function which will be showing up later, but how do you start without spending all of the money? The first part is getting your gardening level up through random plants that can be dropped while you quest. To further this, my first helpful tip is investing in a Red Barn Farm! This house has a very important quality to it, in which it adds a “like” to your plants, meaning they will grow and elder quicker! This allows you to level up quicker, and get to the proper level for our next tip.

If you’ve ever gone farming for Couch Potatoes, this place will look EXTREMELY familiar to you. For those who may not know of this hot spot, these mobs (Splithoof Barbarians in Grizzleheim) drop these amazing seeds fairly often, and as a lower level area - it’s the perfect area to farm to build up your garden collection. For returning wizards, if you have access to Mirage - the Death Ghultures in Caravan are also a great mob to farm to collect Couch Potatoes!

Pet Training

Once you have your garden down, let’s move on to what gardens are used for mostly - pet training! While not as outright beneficial as the previous tips, these still can provide some help for players! Our first tip for pet training is a recent addition to the spiral, which is the Pet Game Mastery system! This system has drastically reduced the time it takes to train up a pet, and you can now train your pets up quicker! All you have to do is successfully complete twenty-five games of a specific pet game (for example: completing the Dance Game 25 times). Another less-known tip of pet training is that for every main quest you complete, you now also get 4 Pet XP! For new players, this will add up massively over time, allowing you to progress your character and your pet.

And Everything Else!

Finally, we have some tips that didn’t quite fit in a category of their own. First up, as new players progress along the worlds and level up - always make sure to spend time to complete your spell and pet quests - as the more powerful spells require these quests to be done first. The spells might not be that exciting, but you need them to get the hard hitters! Secondly, make sure to grab secondary spells that coordinate with your gameplan, for example: if solo, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the life heals and tower! Along that, when you get to Celestia and onward, pick up the sun damage enchants, they will make your hits hit just that much harder! 

Finally, and a tip I give to everyone playing not only Wizard101, but any game for that matter, is to pace yourself. This game may be on the easier side of MMORPGs, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do everything at a fast pace. Take time to enjoy the game, whether it be solo or with friends. Take time to enjoy the side activities, but don’t overstress yourself to where you burnout in a month or two. Have fun with games, that’s what they are meant for!

Whether you are an old veteran starting to play again, or a new play starting out in the spiral - I hope these tips will help you along your way. Get those wizards ready for some Karamelle action - it’s bound to be quite the treat!


Seth Koenig

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