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Why It's Better To Build A PC in 2019

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Have you ever been close to building your own gaming PC instead of buying a prebuilt one? Well, while building your own PC can be intimidating with the right resources and instructions, it’s drastically easier.

While the main con to building your own PC is the stress of building it (and perhaps researching parts) there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to put together the best gaming PC build. How about we actually go over some of those points, though?

It’s Cheaper to Build Your Own Gaming PC

You get cheaper price tags for each part if you choose to build your own computer. Not to mention even cheaper prices when parts are at their cheapest. On average, you can save anywhere between $50 to $100. The other side of this is that...

You Get Superior Parts At A Similar Price

Sure, you can save money buying the same parts individually, but you can also just get better parts at a similar overall price sometimes. To give you an idea, let’s compare a $500 prebuilt gaming PC and the parts you can get if you build your own.

The Intel Core i3-8100 processor has a slightly faster single-core performance compared to the Ryzen 3 2200G. Although the Gigabyte B360M DS3H is an entry-level mobo, it’s still likely that the average prebuilt gaming PC also utilizes an entry-level one, too.

Even though the prebuilt has 16GB of RAM compared to only 8GB in our example, it’s debatable as to whether or not you’d actually need that extra memory (you could also add some more later). Moreover, the custom build we featured has a significantly more powerful graphics card. Specifically, an RX 570 GPU that’s 353% faster than the integrated Vega 8 GPU on the prebuilt one. While many won’t use an APU’s integrated graphics, most still don’t have the same overall performance as the $500 build we used as an example in this article.

Moreover, building your own computer gives you the security of choosing a reliable power supply, which is something you can’t the same for with most pre-builts.

You Get Better Warranties for Each Part

If you buy a prebuilt gaming PC from Amazon or a retail store, chances are it comes with a 1-year-warranty for the entire system unit. However, if you build your own, you can get a separate warranty for each part.

So, if one part breaks or malfunctions, you can just take it out and send it back to the manufacturer. This means you won’t have to ship the unit back and forth, which can quickly become expensive, time-consuming, and risks the rest of the unit getting damaged in transit.

ZERO Bloatware

Lastly, building your own PC ensures that you get to choose which programs to install. So, you get zero bloatware and enjoy only the programs you need.

Ultimately, these are just a few reasons to build your own PC; there are still more (customization? Sorry, I can’t stop myself!). Overall, though, I think we’ve already made a strong argument why you’re better off building a computer of your own than buying a prebuilt one from a retail store.

Click the image below to see a handy infographic with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own PC!


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