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What is a Nightingale Biome Card?

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As you step through a Fae Portal for the first time, you’ll note a serene forest with a handful of deer traipsing past a group of berry bushes. It’s peaceful and quiet. But not every realm is this calm, and it all depends on the Biome Card you play at the Portal. But what is a Biome Card in Nightingale?

What Are Biome Cards in Nightingale?

The core gameplay mechanics in Nightingale revolve around pairing together various Portal Cards, namely Biome and Major Cards, to create a Fae Realm worth exploring. Depending on the combination, you may wind up with a peaceful realm with a few points of interest to explore. Or, you might fight for your life every step of the way as you frantically race to the next Portal. 

A determining factor in how your next realm appears relies on the Biome Card you select. The current selection includes:

  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Desert

Just the three for right now. As Early Access progresses, additional Biome Cards will become available. But for now, you can choose your realm based on one of these three biomes and alter it further using Major and Minor Cards.

How to Get More Biome Cards in Nightingale

Your first Biome Card in Nightingale becomes available upon finishing the tutorial for Puck. He’ll ask you a simple question. The Fae wants to know what type of land you see yourself in, and then you may choose from the Forest, Swamp, and Desert. Your choice determines your first Biome Card.

After that, however, you must craft additional cards at the Enchanter’s Focus, the first workbench you’ll unlock and construct in the game. You can purchase the crafting blueprint from the Essence Trader, though if you wait long enough, Puck will give you one, too.

Once you have the blueprint, place down a Cairn to claim a piece of land for your base, then put together the necessary resources for the Enchanter’s Focus:

  • 1x Lumber (Saw Table)
  • 2x Ingots (Smelter)
  • 5x Glass (Smelter)

Personally, I think crafting this table is the first actual test of your survival abilities in the Fae Realms. But with the table built, you must now progress through the storyline a bit further to unlock the additional Biome Cards.

Before long, you’ll have a growing deck of Biome, Major, and Minor Cards, making you the ultimate Realmwalker in Nightingale!


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