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Unique Monsters, Part Two

Nikole Hines Posted:
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BeakYung The White Viper

BeakYung is like no other Unique monster in all of Silkroad Online. But wait! You can't get to Medusa unless you enter her realm and kill her Guardians.

At 0400, 1000, 1600, 2200 hours SRST (Silkroad Standard time) the Serin Gate opens at the center of the B4 level of the Qin-Shi Tomb. People generally start meeting up there in the half hour prior so it's a good place to get a party. The gate will only stay open for 10 minutes and once it closes you cannot enter the B5 level. If you disconnect while inside or teleport town town, you will respawn at the gate on B4, not even reverse returns will get you back inside.

The B5 area is like a cross and you have four choices of where to proceed. Four Guardians are at the end of each arm the cross. They are as follows: North room is JeonUk The Black Tortoise, south room is YumJae The Red Hawk, west room is TaeHo The Blue Dragon and east is SoHaow The White Tiger.

JeonjUk The Black Tortoise

At level 98 the north room "Turtle" is probably the easiest of the four rooms. His attacks are slow and cause knockback, knockdown and shortsight (decreased range). A good tactic for quick defeat is to place a tank at the front and attack the Turtle from behind and his effects will not reach you.

YumJae The Blue Hawk

The south's Guardian is level 98 and the second easiest of the four. Electric shock (reduces parry) and stun make him a bit harder than the Turtle north of him. His range is quite long and his stun can affect 5 players at once. There is no real trick to killing him, just bear with the stuns and use holy spell to reduce shock time.

TaeHo The Blue Dragon

This level 99 Guardian is in the west room and he is the easier of the two 99 Guardians. He is fast and his attacks cause electrical shock but at a low probability. There is no real trick to killing him and he is a good boss to drop those top tier 10th degree items.

SoHaow The White Tiger

This is the hardest of the four Guardians. Level 99 and in the east room, his attack are the strongest and the most annoying. His attacks are physical and his stun probability is 80% so unless you bring a warlock along to keep him slept or stunned be prepared for a long fight. Having a lock will cut the kill time in half.

Shinmoo: The Man of Flames

Once all four rooms are cleared level 100 Shinmoo spawns in the SW corner of the center room. He was a warrior who came to Medusa to kill her and take her blood to cure his lover of poison but he lost and became her minion. He appears as a 10th degree armor wearing spearman in berserk status. His attacks cause burn, stun and fear (causes you to lose target). The best tactic to kill him is to let the tank keep aggro and attack from a distance. He has a lot of hit points but there are usually a lot of people there after the four other Guardians go down. This is the first and one of only three monsters in the entire game that will drop level 100 gear so getting the kill for your party is a real boon.

Once Shinmoo dies the three blue crystal portals in the center room become operational. They are located at the southeast, northeast and northwest corners of the room. Each of them teleport you to a random room on the B6 level and contain one of three possible secondary Guardians. They are one way portals, so it's a gamble if you get something you don't like or want.

The Guardian Chamber: You can get a series of level 92 - 99 monsters with four spawning at a time. As each set dies, the next one spawns. This is the easiest and fastest of the rooms and will get you to Medusa the quickest.

The Man-viper Chamber: The four Snake Generals are your second possibility. These Uniques are also on the B3 level and are level 95. They each have one spawn of mobs and are not difficult to kill.

The Black Viper Chamber: Soso the Black Viper is the third possibility and the most sought after because she is level 100 and may drop level 100 10th degree gear. Her attacks are physical with a low probability of zombie. Having a cleric with you negates even that small threat.

Once you clear your room, the teleport where you entered becomes operational again but this time it teleports you to the center room of B6. There are four large green crystal teleports that will take you to B1 through B4 levels of the tomb. If you don't want to go for Medusa, then a nice way to cap off the raid is to teleport from the southeast corner teleport crystal (to B4) and teleport from there to B3 and kill the Snake General Unique that spawns there. If you are going to go on to kill Medusa, then go straight north for the teleport to the north room, the White Viper Chamber.<\/p>

BeakYung The White Viper

This is the highest level Unique in Silkroad Online. Affectionately known as "Medusa" or the "Snake Lady" she is level 105 and has some mean, mean attacks. She is a beautiful woman with a snake's body from the waist down and a large rattling tail. When she was just a spirit, she fell in love with a mortal man and managed to get to the mortal plane but her lover was repelled and betrayed her. So for years she has been sealed in the Qin-Shi Tomb, refining her skills and her plans to take over the mortal realm. Medusa is mostly magical with only a physical tail attack and has no summons. She gives you several status attacks such as fear, poison, and bind. Her most frustrating attack though is her petrify attack. At regular intervals, she shoots out balls of magic and then attacks with a radiating magical field that encases anyone within it in stone. Nothing can cure it or prevent it (except being attacked by a player) and it lasts a full minute. Wizards can use teleport and the Chinese skill Phantom is the best way to avoid this attack if you are aware and see it coming. Because Medusa's "center" is in front of where her snake body rests against the ground, attacking her from behind means her range of attack is shorter than the front. Medusa has 183,535,199 hit points so even with many parties there, Medusa is not a quick kill. The kill is much sought after because she is most likely to drop the level 100 10 degree gears. Once Medusa dies, the teleport is reactivated and you can return to the center of B6. You may teleport to any level of the tomb or you can log out and log back in which will put you at the Serin gate entrance on B4.

Unique killing is a great way to pass time in Silkroad Online and gain some notoriety for yourself. People who get multiple kills become well known and are regarded as pro players. It's considered bad form to kill very low level Uniques but there is no restriction on level or class, all Unique kills are granted on a damage basis only. Good luck and happy Unique hunting on the Silkroad.


Nikole Hines